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I've added this page as of March 27, 2012, to provide a place for people to read updates on Silver Legion news and for announcements. Please note this blog uses an 'invisible scroll bar', so if it appears cut off, click on the blog portion and scroll down. I'm sorry, I didn't develop the tool, it's a widget provided by Homestead. I am limited in how I can modify it. And yes, the Captcha sucks, again, I don't have the ability to modify that.

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Silver Legion Announcements

Corey Taylor Talks Show June 18, 2015

by Tanaath on 06/13/15

I'll be on the Corey Taylor Talks show on Vegas Allnet Radio on June 18, 2015, from 6-7 pm PST. The show is geared towards a younger audience (teens and young adults), and as such the conversation will be more in line with matters of personal empowerment rather than current events. Feel free to tune in to listen.

Additionally, I'm working on a rather large series of posts regarding a great many different topics. This is going to be roughly the size of a small book and will take a few months for me to put together, because I won't start posting until I've had a chance to finish all or most of them, edit for clarity and sense, and proofread, as befits any large work. I cannot give an ETA right now.

Overcoming Divisiveness

by Tanaath on 02/06/15

Alfred Lambremont Webre has asked me to pass along the following to the folks at the CV Facebook. Not having an account there, I asked Tif Fontenot to post this on my behalf. It was deleted (though that may have been rectified), so I'm posting this important message from my blog. (And no, I am not Tiffany Fontenot, but I am friends with her. Please don't speculate about my identity. I guarantee I'm no one you've ever seen on Youtube or television, nor have I published any books. I am not a celebrity personality.)

Alfred's messages is as follows:

Hi! This is what I posted in former CV today.

Could you post it in CV for me as my plea to the parties to let go of the conflict and move into cosmic mission?

Thank you,

Alfred ;-)


Hi Folks! The insights I have come to is that most conflicts on social media are triggered and churned by parties and forces other than those directly involved, for other agendas. This reality applies, however uncomfortable, IMHO to the "conflict" between CV and former CV.
Whatever the 3 D details are, they can be detached from and let go, because they are based ultimately on virtual realities that are not real IMHO
If there are details that involve true violations of crime, we'll let the authorities deal with it. That is what they get paid for. It is a deviation of cosmic energy to become private enforcers of the criminal law. Get on with your larger planetary mission.

Did you know that Drake may be an incarnate dragon? You could always step back and just observe nonjudgmentally and learn about incarnate dragons, which is what I am doing.

I say let go of this CV vs CV conflict and move into your/our individual and collective higher selves and destinies

We are needed to create an expanded level of awareness among our fellow human beings so as to save all that is important to us.

Let go! Let go! You have nothing to lose but your arguments, hurts, and re-sentiments.

That is what I did with this today: I let go -

Hit Piece on the Positive Timeline ignores Webre role as whistleblower exposing SRI, Tavistock, Skull & Bones! ;-)
The NWO and the New Age Mind-Screw: Part 1 – Alfred Lambremont Webre |

I have to agree with Alfred. There is a lot of attempts to create divisiveness and cause well-meaning and well-intending, passionate people to argue and fight. These attempts have taken the form of co-opted or shill individuals pushing agendas, but they have also taken the form of mood disruption and manipulation using electronic and other means. What that means is that you're being manipulated into hearing certain things in certain ways and you are being manipulated to react poorly and with anger. Bury the hatchet.

Many of the people involved are well meaning and have the best intentions for humanity. This includes people such as Drake Bailey, Thomas Williams, Jean Haines, Alfred Webre, David Wilcock, Neil Keenan, myself, and many others - people who are, to the best of my knowledge, sincere in their drive to help humanity. Of the people I just mentioned, the only ones I can say who have never said something negative about another commentator is David. David in particular has remained very true in that he refuses to contribute to the shit storm. I have to give great kudos to David. I don't expect that any of us should ever be perfect, but it doesn't do us or the cause any favours to continue slinging mud around. People can get part of the story right without being required to get all of the story right. No one has all of the story - not any ET group, not any ground group, no one. No one has a monopoly on truth. And sometimes, these horribly incriminating-seeming things that spring up are the result of mistaken perceptions and misunderstandings and not actual intentional sabotage or wrong-doing.

Please note: The name of an individual was included above in error, that individual should not be included in this post. Chloe has nothing to do with any of this.

Here's another thing: using resources that should be devoted to securing humanity's freedom in order to harass or punish individuals for dissent is wrong. FULL STOP! Everyone is entitled to their thoughts and conscience. Everyone is entitled to agree or disagree with something as they see fit. Disagreeing is not a crime. No one is going to the 'hoosegow' for saying things someone else doesn't agree with, nor should they, and individuals who push such an agenda should be called out on it. Critical thought is not yet a crime, no matter how badly the cabal wants to make it one - and trying to make it a crime ourselves puts us on the road to becoming them.

If someone is taking deliberate actions that are illegal or that cause actual damage to us, then yeah, deal with it. But disagreeing, even vocally disagreeing, is not a crime and should never be punished. It's ok to require that they go disagree and dissent in their own space, you're not required to leave them in your chatroom or let them post on your blog or in your Facebook page. But under no circumstances should we be trying to silence them by arresting them or shutting down their websites, blogs, Facebook pages, blogtalk channels, what have you. They're entitled to their opinion, whether we agree with it or not. Where things skirt the line is when they are exhorting others to take immoral or illegal actions, or publishing threats (real threats, not stuff that can merely be interpreted in a threatening manner by the paranoid and stupid).

I believe many of the commentators and many of the people who call themselves the followers of these commentators are sincere in their good will and intent. If this is the case, all the sincere ones have an obligation to step up and act like it. Focus on the good, where you can. Refused to be manipulated and played, refuse to let someone jerk your chain and push your buttons and send you off to do exactly what the cabal wants. Wallowing in outrage doesn't solve any problems. Letting your hatred and anger fester and seethe doesn't solve any problems. Letting yourself be manipulated by lies and half-truths into hating your own friends and your best allies does not solve any problems!

If something gets posted and you get hot under the collar over it, take a step back and consider that it's probably being used to provoke you into a highly charged negative emotional state and then capitalize on that. I've seen a few things go by on CV in particular that were provoking massive outrage and also patently false - it's like people want to be lied to and want to believe lies in order to justify anger and outrage. Wake up. We are supposed to be 'awake and aware', and instead we're being manipulated into stupid shit. The only one who can stop this is each of us, as individuals.

Important meditation

by Tanaath on 12/27/14

Our meditation writer has come through with a new meditation, you can find it here, it's called Transition of the Planet Terra and its population on the vibration of 5D.odt

Please note, English is not the first language of this meditation writer. She is not talking about transitioning to 5D, but using 5D vibrations in order to aid transition of the planet.

The best time to do this would be about 18:00 Greenwich time on December 31, but if you can do it before that it will still be good.

Once again, if this doesn't appeal to you, you do not have to do this. If you wish to meditate another way, you're welcome to do so. If it resonates with you, feel free to join us.

Gareth Who? Also, apparently someone saw a Silver Legion ship.

by Tanaath on 10/14/14

It's come to my attention that someone using the name 'Gareth Hawley' is claiming to be a 'General of Trollface Division' in the Silver Legion, and attempting to use this status in order to harass and 'ban' people from the Silver Legion.

Gareth Hawley, to the best of my knowledge, is not a member of the Silver Legion and is not entitled to speak for us, or ban people now, or ever, from the Silver Legion. I don't know who this person is, and he appears to be an internet troll intent on stirring up trouble.

To edify and clarify, here are some of the things that can get you banned from the Silver Legion:
  • Deliberately (or falsely claiming an accident in) killing or harming, or attempting to kill or harm a fellow Legionnaire, ally, civilian, or person under our protection.
  • Deliberately providing intelligence about Silver Legion or allied operations to an enemy. 
  • Deliberately sabotaging missions, equipment, or other aspects of an operation.
  • Utilizing Silver Legion personnel, equipment, or other resources for the purpose of giving oneself power over others for personal gain. (Please note, this would include utilizing Silver Legion resources to harass people who don't agree with you on the internet - the Silver Legion does not consider a person's internet commentary to be worth that kind of effort in most circumstances, as we have far more important things to spend our efforts on.)
Here's some things that won't get you banned from the Silver Legion (in fact we even encourage these):
  • Questioning or refusing a mission or 'order' on ethical, moral, or other similar grounds.
  • Questioning the decisions of the administration when they don't make sense or are stupid.
  • Exercising critical thought and judgement in all circumstances.
  • 'Insulting' administration and 'command' (ok, we don't encourage this, but you're still allowed to do it. In some cases it's even appropriate - hey, we make mistakes too, and it's occasionally good for us to get called out on that).
So as you can see, Gareth Hawley, by his own actions, isn't a Silver Legionnaire, and if he ever was on any level, wouldn't remain one after attempting to use us to abuse people who disagreed with him. 

Furthermore, there are still reptilians left in the universe. The Silver Legion is fully aware that the reptoids, aggressive as they are, are not the entire causative factor in this whole mess, though they're greatly involved. Nor are they all 100% culpable - many have 'quit', so far, and we expect this behaviour to continue. A genocide on the reptilians, as viscerally satisfying as that might be for those of us on Earth who have been suffering their depredations, would still not address the factions that used the reptilians as a tool here, nor would it undo the damage. It would simply kill a lot of beings indiscriminately. There are more constructive ways to deal with the problem than simple genocide. Same thing with 'demons', a classification of which is generally not made clear (are we talking people that look monstrous to us? Members of the demonic species types? People demonized to us by the monotheistic three? Hostile ETs/EDs?). There's no 'demon hell', and Thomas Williams doesn't exactly have to worry about being banned from the Silver Legion, considering he's already pretty deeply involved with us. 

So if you run into Gareth Hawley, feel free to tell him what you think about him. It's not going to affect your chances with the Silver Legion in any way. As I've said before, membership in the Silver Legion is not contingent upon any form of internet or online participation. This is not an e-group you can join on the internet. If you want to join the Silver Legion, find some way to meet us with your consciousness. Whether that's astral projection, bilocation, sleep visitation, or something else entirely - you do it with your consciousness and your mind, not with your keyboard and your internet connection. 

In further news, apparently someone sighted what appears to be a Silver Legion small craft off the coast of Florida. I've viewed the footage, and it's either the real thing, or it's a very clever CGI that somehow manages to look exactly like a particular and specific type of Silver Legion point operational craft - which would in turn imply that the CGI creator had some kind of knowledge about the craft to begin with. Another Silver Legionnaire that I'm in close contact with agrees with that assessment. 

Does this imply that our problems with landing are over? Well, not likely yet, I'm afraid. It didn't land, after all. It just flew around there, presumably carrying out whatever its particular mission was. (And before you ask, no, I don't have that information. For me to have specific information on the missions and locations of our craft at any given time would not only be a hell of a lot of not so relevant data for me to carry, but it would also be a liability if I were to be intercepted.) But it does have positive implications - at the very least, if we're able to get a low altitude sighting, probably some of our tech can work as intended, even if we're not yet capable of getting boots on the ground. 

This kind of craft is not the kind of craft we'd use for landing; as I mentioned it's a point operational craft, which means it typically performs very specific missions (point operations) - and these don't usually involve interacting with Terrans directly. Some of the people on those missions have permission to try to make the ships seen to the general public if the opportunity arises. Others are required to conceal themselves. The kind of mission this craft would be on would be the former. 

A friend of mine, Tifvision, also posted about this event. Feel free to give it a read.

Alright, time for a post

by Tanaath on 09/16/14

Some of you may have seen some emails purported as being sent by me, circulated on various social media such as Facebook. Judging from some of the commentary that's been passed my way, it seems there's more than one of these. I can talk about one, the one I actually sent, to a fellow named Eddie (I'll leave his last name out). He posted it to Facebook. I do recall him asking for permission to post parts of it and I had granted that. Here is the email, in italics. 

Our ships are technically non dimensional. They go into whatever density is needed for the work. Much of the time, they hang around at the 4-5-6 layer because it makes it easier to work with most of our allies.

You need to recall that we started out as a spirit-realm based organization. We weren't TRYING to manifest on earth until 2012 when we got our first dimensional ships. We got the ships and started our space program because of the fact that we would need to be able to manifest and interact in the dimensions in order to complete our mission here. As far as I know, there is no technique to manifest from spirit realms. You must come from the dimensional system in order to manifest. This requires ships and the technology capable of making a dimensional translation. We developed these using our own expertise and help from several of the groups involved here, including the Andromeda Council. Our first flight in April 2012 worked. After that none of them did.

We made our dimensional allies when we started to become active in 2012. Those allies had a history of interacting with the surface prior to contact with us. The last time they had sent someone to Earth or physically interacted with anyone outside of Russia was in 2010 when they DID meet some of their incarnate contacts on earth. That didn't include me, because they didn't know about my existence until the Silver Legion publicly emerged on the scene in 2012. By that time it was too late to visit me, they were already locked out.

As I have mentioned before, earth is a lynchpin planet. The situation is such that if the enemy wins here, this universe loses, no matter what victories we've had on other planets. So it's a high priority target for the bad guys. That means they are doing more to keep us out here, because here is ultimately the only planet that MATTERS in terms of strategic importance.

Why here? It has to do with a very complex circumstance which has been very carefully groomed into place over many aeons. This includes the stranding of a number of key individuals on this planet after the right alterations were made to make this a prison planet with very specific placement in the universe, and very specific effects come into play if these stranded individuals are killed on the surface of this planet. In the normal course of things a person killed on a prison planet would simply reincarnate again on that planet until someone came and ended the sentence by removing them from the surface. However if these individuals are killed in the 'correct' fashion, we lose. Period. The only way for our side to win is to remove them from the surface and end the sentence. The rest of the war has been a distraction to hide this one little detail. It took a lot of digging before we even discovered this critical fact, it had been so effectively disguised by all the other goings on. If we should succeed in manifestation long enough to pull this off, we win. The rest is just mopping up, which is an immense endeavor in its own right, but we win.

We know this is deliberate blocking out because the moment we take any steps to rescue these people or even merely improve their situation on the planet in any way, that measure automatically fails. It doesn't matter what it is or who does it, it fails. Even if people who can come and go freely try to help us with this one thing, whatever they try does not work. They can go on to do anything else they want, but they can't do that. Even captured or converted enemy ships or hired negatives and neutrals who can otherwise act can't do this.

Not everyone up there knows about this. In fact even most of the enemy doesn't know about this. Most of them think this planet is just another 'routine' battle in a war that has gone on for a very long time. They don't realize that earth is a critical end game planet. Or if they do, they misattribute this to some other factor. We have discovered the real reason, and to prevent us from silently winning the war in a decisive fashion, we have been shut out, and anyone else who discovers the real reason gets shut out.

Waiting until the manifestation problem fixes itself somehow isn't a good idea either. I can guarantee it will only 'fix itself' after these individuals have died in the required manner. Because by then blocking us out won't matter so the enemy will lose nothing by letting anyone that wants to play around on terra have free run. We will have already lost, and most won't even know it. This is the reason the real cause of the manifestation issue is so carefully hidden in things that look unfixable like the 'collective consciousness' (which is a pretty meaningless catch-all that doesn't even really exist but has been a popular 'explanation' for anything any ET group does that doesn't work as intended).

The Silver Legion doesn't have to stick around and help. We have ways to evacuate our people from this universe to get to safety if this happens and the universe loses. Instead of getting the hell out of here and leaving the rest of this universe to suffer their inevitable fate, we have chosen to stay and try to help save it. This is probably a mistake, since it seems the denizens of this universe are so determined to do everything they can to ensure their own defeat. Even the negatives in this universe who have set the stage for this don't understand the actual consequences if they 'win'. If we lose here, this universe is severed from the 'universe tree', our source dies, and everything in this universe becomes food/raw materials and slaves for the hostile extra-universal organization that had been manipulating this universe and it's negatives since it's birth, FOR PRECISELY THIS SCENARIO. Far from getting a chance to rule unopposed, those groups and beings that have aided and abetted the agenda will be sacrificed by this organization in order to maximize their 'profit' in taking this universe. Anything shared or given to the tin pot dictators and wannabe gods who helped them win is less for them to use - and since their existence is sustained by cannibalizing the scraps of dead universes and cannot be self-sustaining on its own, they do everything within their power to maximize their gains. THIS is the real reason behind everything that has happened in this universe as part of this war. The whole universe was manipulated from the moment it was born to grow it to a harvestable size, and then to produce a situation that would permit a 'one hit kill' using a single lynchpin planet, thus ensuring the maximum harvest. These guys are professional universe killers and have done this many times already. We are merely the latest bite.

Unfortunately most natives of this universe have a real hard time understanding what's REALLY going on. They don't realize the scope of this. Most aren't used to thinking in terms of the multiverse other than acknowledging that yes, other universes exist and there is limited movement between them. Most don't realize that this war is anything but a homegrown run of the mill war like every other homegrown run of the mill war in this universe. Some have enough canny to realize that earth is critical but not the full reason why. We stumbled upon the real reason by 'accident' and synchronicity. There is not a lot Source can do to push the gun at its head away, but Source did that much, it helped us discover what was really going on.

I guess you'd better cross your fingers and hope for a miracle, because if Treb is right, we will have already lost by that point. The situation on the earth is such that the critical individuals will die in one of the required ways long before 12 years is up, or even 4.7. We have been intervening in every way we could to keep them alive so far, including having 'ass-pulled' some of them back to life from physical death using spiritual means, several times already. As in, they were clinically dead, but we managed to goose them back to life from the spirit realm. There's only so much of that you can do before the body won't cooperate anymore and we are reaching that limit.

Now, some people have interpreted this email in various ways, many of which are not quite accurate. Before anyone starts freaking out over this email, it would make sense to understand the context in which it was written. 

1. Eddie had been seeking answers from a channeled reptilian by the name of 'Treb'. Treb and others have previously given timelines for any kind of contact as variously 4 years or even 32 years from now. So this email addresses parts of that, including the fact that Treb is either misinformed or deliberately obscuring the actual situation as many of us up there have come to know it.

2. Eddie also has a history of being quite verbally abusive and combative, which does affect my tone. The first comments in the final paragraphs are reflections of that, and also reflection of Eddie coming to me with a bunch of 'well Treb says!!!' which is not exactly the most diplomatic move, particularly when I don't consider Treb a valid source of information on that particular subject. 

3. I in no way think we've already lost or that this is hopeless. If that were the case, the Silver Legion would not be here right now. We do believe success is possible and worth working for.

4. Some commentators (including this 'Treb') have insisted that the reason that no one can come and go as they please is due to 'collective consciousness' which is about as bullshit a catch-all non-explanation as you can get. The information about the timing of previous comings and goings should make it clear that it's not likely to be a 'collective consciousness' issue. The notion of a 'collective consciousness' blocking things is a convenient fall-back argument that many people who aren't interested in success make, because there's no way to really refute it or change it, and because there's no evidence for or against it. It also happens to be false. 

5. Yes, I'm serious when I'm talking about this being a lynchpin planet, and furthermore, the existence of lynchpin people whose deaths can make us lose. They didn't ask for that; they didn't set out to be made into hostages with their energies and life-forces tied to entire universes. They were forced into this position and they're suffering horribly for it. This situation confers no power or special privileges or rank or status to them, but it does introduce a hell of a lot of risk and has made their lives a living hell. And we're damn well going to do something about it. If not for the planet and the mission and all that, then at the very least because it's the fucking right thing to do and no one deserves to live in that kind hell.

6. I want to make this abundantly clear. We do not think we will lose. We accept that those are the stakes, but we are not setting out into this thinking 'we're all going to diiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!'. That would be counter-productive. We still think we can succeed with this, we still think we can pull this off. However, we are intensely annoyed at those who continue to block our efforts because they're too busy stroking their giant bureaucratic organs and flexing their supposed authority. Or otherwise being obstructionist. We take a very dim view to those who value exercising their egos and 'power and authority' complexes above their own survival. We especially take a dim view to those who choose these things over other people's survival. 

Now, from the commentary I've seen, it appears that there is another email circulating (or people have poor reading comprehension about this one; which I won't entirely rule out as not everyone takes the time to read what was actually written, and instead prefers to go into full freak out mode) in which it is claiming all kinds of predictions of disaster and channelings done by me. I do not channel. I avoid setting timelines, though I will acknowledge that we appear to be working under some deadlines here. I also try to avoid predicting the future, because I don't know the future and I am actively involved in attempting to make it go a certain way - not the way the various tyrants and universe killers want to take it

Important Hawaiian Meditation on June 26, 2014

by Tanaath on 06/22/14

As I mentioned in the previous post, the reinstatement of the Kingdom of Hawai'i is an important marker event for human success. This seems to have something to do, as well, with the opening of the Hawai'i Star Visitors Sanctuary. I confess that I don't fully understand the reasons at this point, but I am confident that these will unfold as time goes along.

Our friend CaptainX CS has prepared another meditation for the Hawai'i Star Visitors Sanctuary, which is set to open on June 27, 2014. The meditation will be open from June 26 through June 27, if you wish to join in. Once again, it can be found here, as well as on the Cosmic Voice facebook page in a link from Chloe. The name of the file is "We_are_all_can_make_a_New_time_of_Freedom_real.odt". If you should feel called to join in, please be very welcome.

Appearance on Drake's show on Thursday June 19

by Tanaath on 06/17/14

As I mentioned earlier, I will be on Drake's show - yeah, we finally found a date that will work for me, it's Thursday June 19th. Once again, this is not a show where I will be discussing ET topics. I have no news on that front and I won't be doing any regular or irregular ET-themed shows until I do. My appearance on Drake's show will deal solely with psionic personal protection. I'm doing this because Tommy pretty much wheedled and begged until I said 'oh, ok' - because a lot of people associated with the movement have been experiencing attacks of various sorts and those who haven't had a chance to learn how to protect themselves might need a few tips.

In other news, CaptainX CS posted (via Chloe on the facebook) a new meditation last week. I wasn't able to get it up on this site as I was away from home and didn't have access to a computer through which I could actually post anything. The back end of this site is not mobile-friendly, not even a little. I'll be getting it up on this site after I post, and anyone who wishes to use this meditation as a framework or starting point for their own work is welcome to do so. CaptainX CS's date has passed, but you can still do this or a variation of it on your own. This might happen again this summer, because I'm going to be traveling a lot.

Once again, when it comes to other people's meditations, remember that you don't have to do them unless you feel like you should. If you feel comfortable with it, and you feel that it empowers you, feel free. If you don't feel comfortable with it (not everyone likes Kundalini Reiki, for instance - I'm not much for Reiki myself, I acknowledge that it's a valid tool for some but I don't feel particularly called to make use of it), don't do it. A lot of people have a hard time getting started because they don't have a basis from which to begin. Posting these meditations can help some people build a basis and start innovating their own techniques. You can find a link to that meditation over here, it's called "Your Inner Light".

I mentioned on the show a man by the name of Anthony Kane. I've worked with him directly and I know he's able to have an effect in some circumstances. If you're one of the people who has had the 'special treatment', or has energetic attacks that just won't go away no matter what you do, it might be worthwhile to contact Anthony. You can reach his site here. As I mentioned on the show, he takes donations. This is his sole source of income, as the circumstances of his life mean that he can't have anything remotely close to what most of us think of as a 'normal life'. He had the 'special treatment' himself, you see, and he is not able to 'just get a job' or anything like that. And, when he does his work, it's actual work. It takes actual energy on his part and sometimes runs very cogent risk for him. While I do not believe in charging money for basic information, if someone is offering you a service and in offering this service it incurs a cost for them, it's entirely appropriate to provide compensation. If you aren't able to afford his rates, contact him and perhaps you can come to an arrangement.

There's one more thing I wanted to talk about, that I didn't talk about on the show. The Kingdom of Hawaii has been reinstated. While to some this is ho-hum news, I would argue that it is anything but. From what we've been able to tell, the reinstatement of the Kingdom of Hawai'i is one of those 'keystone marker events' of humanity's success. We do not always know why a keystone marker event is significant when it happens. The truth of its significance often unfolds over time, as the synchronistic underpinnings of the even become visible to everyone, and even to the participants. But we know that they are indubitably important. Keystone marker events are often preconditions for other forms of success, sometimes even success that doesn't seem to logically connect to them. So let's all celebrate with Hawai'i, with King Edmund K. Silva Jr., and with the people of Hawai'i, in this glorious event. Take some time to check out their site and read their history, read how Hawai'i was stolen from her people by acts of cabal treachery and lies. Read how they managed to restore themselves as a nation. It's exciting stuff. It's something that might even serve as a template for others trying to do the same thing. And show that link to others - spread the word. We don't need to be oppressed by the 'one world government'. We can, in fact, free ourselves from their political, financial, religious, and other forms of slavery.

Freeing Yourself from the God Matrix

by Tanaath on 05/28/14

One of my associates, the Silver Legionnaire who has written several kundalini reiki meditations which have been posted to the Facebook, made a very interesting, and important, discovery. There are a number of matrices involved in suppressing this planet (not just one); however, she discovered one in particular that is definitely contributing to the reinforcement of some of the more vicious jailing techniques.

Everyone here has heard of some or another mythological god. All cultures have them, or had them, before various conversions took place to other faiths. I'm talking about gods like the pantheons of the Greeks, Celts, Chinese, etc., all the gods of the world (and there are thousands of names). Additionally, there were legendary figures, like demigods, angels, manitous, saints, etc., all these famous personalities whose legends filtered through our history into our stories and myths and legends. This is, I should think, a basic fact to anyone following my material - these beings are real and many of them have histories on this planet.

Here's where the fun part begins. Many of these beings incarnated here. Some of these famous names are running around, living human lives - and some of them know who they are. Many don't discuss it, because no one wants to be made fun of or be accused of being delusional or having a runaway ego because they honestly remember being a god or hero of legend, or have to deal with the unrealistic expectations of others - and it's pretty damn obvious that being one of those people doesn't confer any special powers or privileges in this time and place. Others aren't sure whether to believe their own memories and feelings on the matter. And in an even more confusing-for-Terrans twist, some of these entities have incarnated into multiple separate Terran lives simultaneously - some of whom are aware that there are others, and some of whom are not.

So yes, there are incarnated gods, heroes, angels, saints, demi-gods, etc., people represented to us in myth and legend. Yes, they're here, no, they don't get any special powers... and their identities are being used to chain both them and every other human being to this planet. One very tricky thing that has been set up is an identity trap for gods and legendary figures, tied to one of the matrices which keep us bound here. The more attached an individual gets to their own identity, the more that tie tightens around them, and the more it in turn reinforces the matrix it's attached to. And since so many of these gods and legendary people have multiple names, any one of those identities can be used to bind that entity. Many of these 'goddess portals' and other events calling upon the identities of heroes, gods, and legendary people have only served to reinforce these chains by tying those entities even more to this planet.

There is a way to break this. One must consciously reject all ties to one's identity, break all contracts associated with one's identity, and make a conscious determination to reject anything attempting to bind or enslave one. This does not mean rejecting the identity itself. But all the things attached to it have to be severed and discarded in order to break these chains.

It's not necessary for these individuals to out themselves. This severing and breaking of contracts can be done without informing the world of who you are, if you happen to be a famous name.

I'm posting a meditation (it'll be on the Downloaded Transcripts tab of this website), and it will also be available on the Cosmic Voice facebook. This meditation is designed to help individuals free themselves from identity-based chaining. If you feel called to do this meditation, please do it. It's not mandatory; individuals can devise their own ways to sever these attachments and connections in their own way. However, some people find it easier with something to work with or to help guide them. This meditation was developed by the Silver Legionnaire who has previously developed kundalini reiki meditations, which some people have used and found to be helpful. She was also the one who discovered this matrix of chains based on god and hero identities.

While there is nothing wrong with embracing one's identity, make sure you do so as a free and sovereign being, and accept no ties based on other people's expectations, or supposed contracts that were made (many of which were falsified).

Now, a little housekeeping: Comments have been disabled. The ones that have already been posted are saved, but apparently disabling comments also removes from view those which have already been posted. Yes, I did this, and yes, it was deliberate. I'm starting to feel too much like a recess lady in a boisterous school yard on the first nice day after a long snow. Additionally, there's no way in hell I can answer all the questions flung my way, particularly with the network of assumptions underpinning some of them. Comments will remain disabled for the time being. Unfortunately, there's enough problematic content that permitting completely unmoderated comments is not an option. This blog was never meant to be a forum and I can't keep up with you guys.

I may be appearing on Cosmic Voice Radio with Thomas Williams and Drake. This will not be a show to discuss ET issues, or deliver news, etc.; Thomas Williams has asked me to discuss the topic of psychic attack and protection. The date has not been set yet, I'll post a show date when we have one.

The name the meditation writer uses is CaptainX CS. If you are using the kundalini reiki technique, feel free to focus in on that. This will help prevent some other entity from using your energy against you.

The last channeled show ever?

by Tanaath on 04/06/14

Well, I listened to the broadcast linked by Ray. Interesting, to say the least.

When you're listening to these things, it's a good idea to centre yourself and keep yourself centred. There's a lot of attempts to pull at your identity and a lot of attempts to hijack your thought. Every now and then something good slips through, but it's a good idea to go into this stuff with your critical thought engaged. Don't be a passive listener, actively think about the implications and other meanings of what these channeled entities are saying. When you're done listening, ground and centre and intentionally clear yourself of anything not you, or anything you didn't authorize.

Let's examine some of the highlights, shall we?

1. According to the channeled beings, 'ascension' will occur on April 15, 2014.
I really doubt this for a lot of reasons, but one of the primary reasons is that we received intel in December suggesting that there would be an attempt to falsify ascension in April using projected frequencies from HAARP and satellites, paired with holographic projections. The intention was to artificially propagate a feeling of euphoria or ecstasy across the globe in order to convince everyone that the 'gods had returned' and 'we have ascended', when in actuality nothing at all has actually changed.

I would like to remind people that ascension is not just a happy feeling. It will involve drastic changes that you will be able to see, and will involve the automatic repair of all damage to your form. If 'ascension' occurs and I've still got my crown and all those fillings, you can bet it wasn't really ascension. You will never need a 'healing chamber' or anything of the sort if true transition to the next dimension has occurred. The transition itself would obviate the need for that.

2. They want you to do meditations on Facebook in the next two days, especially.
If you really feel called to do this, I'm not going to stop you. I don't agree that Facebook is or should be a necessary thing for ascension. These channeled entities had no problems with pushing everyone to get a Facebook account. I don't know about you, but I would rather NOT give everything I do directly to the CIA. Sure there might be some good guys in the CIA, that doesn't necessarily mean that they won't misuse that data.

I would recommend instead that you meditate in your own way or take part of group meditations that don't buy into spiritual hierarchies and mandalas and other forms of enslavement and imprisonment.

3. They think they're going to come in their ships on April 25, 2014.
As mentioned above, we know about plans to utilize holographic projectors to fake an alien invasion. There's also been attempts to recruit RC helicopter owners to cover their helicopters in LED lights and precipitate a massive 'UFO hoax' to prank the world.

If anyone does actually show up (as more than just lights in the sky or 'I saw shiiiiiips'), proceed with all caution. We're back to the Interstellar Candy Vans – don't go off with anyone you don't know really well and haven’t arranged things ahead of time with. And if you feel uncomfortable about any being, tell them to leave you alone. If they don't, use the force of your will to push them away and don't let them near you. Don't go getting into strange space craft and don't go into strange 'chambers' no matter what they say they're for.

4. Apparently G.H.W. Bush is one of their incarnates.

Specifically, they're claiming he's the incarnate of the 'Archangel Michael'. It's worth remembering that both sides used incarnation and that not all incarnates are automatically incarnates of the good guys, or even the neutrals. There's reptilian incarnates, there's a heck of a lot of Ashtar Command incarnates, and there's plenty of others from the Demiurge side of things. It's not inconceivable that G.H.W. Bush is one of those.

Of course a statement like this opens up a public door for high-ranking assholes in the Cabal to suddenly have a 'change of heart' to start portraying themselves as having been tormented good guys all along. Don't buy into it. Being an incarnate isn't a pass on bad behaviour. Planet Earth and all her people are entitled to justice. And yes, this justice will need to be carried out by Terrans, in full view of all on this planet. It would definitely be best if this was not mob justice but something involving due process, however tempting it might be to just hang them all without a trial.

Additionally, with the 'revelation' that G.H.W. Bush is an incarnate, these channeled entities refer back to the notion that all this suffering and evil was somehow 'necessary for our spiritual advancement'. This is not the case. Suffering and oppression are not required for ascension or spiritual advancement. We never asked for this, it was not necessary, it's not somehow secretly good for us, and it's wrong no matter how you try to cut it. Just because we react to the oppression by waking up and advancing ourselves does not in any way mean that the oppression and enslavement were somehow good for us. It just means that the universe has evolved a defence mechanism against this kind of attack.

5. Revaluations?
Everyone loves talking about revaluations. NESARA, Dinars, Dongs, and 'we're all going to be stinking rich!'. Don't let your greed run away with you just yet. While we're all tired of debt slavery, wage slavery, taxation, and all the other ways in which this hideous Orion-based system of economic fleecing harms us, anything promising you instant gratification and riches is going to be false. We can't permit a situation to take place where the Cabal just re-wealths itself up right away. There's not going to be any kind of solution that will render the 'faithful' really wealthy really quickly, since anything like that would be too ripe for abuse.

I should think that global priorities should take precedence over individuals getting a chance to play fat cat. I know I'd personally rather see money go into infrastructure; planetary cleanup; the development and distribution (not sale) of healing and medical tech, replicators, and over-unity energy devices; and things that benefit all people, before I got a fat cheque that I could use to buy the latest gadget or fancy house. Getting everyone to a comfortable subsistence, yes. Turning the 'faithful' into overnight playboys? No.

6. Enjoy your healthy dose of hypnotism and Neuro-Linguistic Programming!
This broadcast was rife with hypnotic repetition, particularly when our little Underdark friend Zor-something or other started talking. The constant use of the phrase 'it is termed' is not an innocuous verbal tic from some guy who doesn't speak English, it's hypnotic repetition. Please note how it is used very heavily at the beginning of his speech, and then abandoned while he speaks almost normally for a large stretch (thus demonstrating that he does indeed know how to speak English) and only resurrected at specific points of his speech. All of the speakers used some form of hypnotic repetition – particularly common is the use of terms that are established in earlier channeled messages, such as 'dear ones', and 'we long to be united with you'.

Pay very close attention to the use of ambiguous terms and phrases. At one point they flat out tell you that if you do what they say, 'you will become another person'. That's not a euphemism for being a better person or personal growth. They're literally telling you that they're going to hijack you, kick your soul out of your body, and replace it with something else. Don't do it. Bad idea.

Never assume these guys are just using euphemism and colloquialism. They're often telling you the absolute truth about their oppressive intentions, couched in pretty phrases that sound like really positive things. Nope!

7. And now, a word from our sponsor
At one point the channel channeled 'Prime Creator'. I would like to once again remind people that you cannot channel Source. This is not the creator of the universe, though he would certainly like you to think he is, and he's trying to bandwagon as many followers as he can by adding artificial inclusivity (mother/father god etc.). If you want a better idea of what entity this might be, you should go re-read my last post...

Edit: If you want to talk to Source, do it by seeking within yourself, not stretching outside yourself. As all of us are part of Source and Source is within all of us, you can go within yourself to speak to Source. It might not be a conversation with words that you can hear in your ears, but you can ask there for help and guidance if you feel lost or scared or any of those things. The answer may not come right away, but when it comes, you'll know it. It'll be synchronistic.

With all those beings that want to convince you that they're 'God', it can be dangerous to reach for Source by going outside yourself. Going within yourself is safe. You can't accidentally get a bad guy trying to trick you. Go into your centre to find Source - not out into the cosmos.

8. Please don't spread fear porn.
This is the only part of the broadcast I can really get behind, to the point where I'm wondering whether someone else might have jacked into the broadcast for a bit, possibly the real Mikey. It really doesn't do us any good to dwell on the terrifying, or speak as though the evil things that are planned can't be stopped or must happen. Instead, view, read or listen to these things if you must but don't let the fear touch you. Instead, plan to stop whatever it is you don't like.

Tom Sims - stop trying to post on this blog. You have, through your own actions, demonstrated yourself to be extremely unethical and self-serving. You are not welcome to post here.

Some thoughts on the recent claims that 'Andromedans' will be taking people on biospheres without their knowledge and consent to another planet in order to repeat the 'experiment'...

(This is in reference to material from Thomas Hughes claiming that the Andromedans intend to take a portion of 3D humans that are felt to be unready to ascend and transfer them to a biosphere in which they will live in a holograph that mimics this reality until they are delivered to a new planet. This transfer is supposed to be seamless and imperceptible to the one being transferred.)

I have no idea if this is true or not. What I do know is that anyone who is proposing doing anything to any Terran human without their full conscious knowledge and consent is really out of line. No matter what they may claim about the agreement of the soul in this matter, the conscious knowledge and consent of the embodied Terran is required for this to be anything but yet more tyranny. The circumstances that exist on this planet are such that many things have been falsified to look as though souls have agreed to things they have not in fact agreed to. If even one individual were to be taken in such a way, in error, where they truly did not wish or did not agree to this, it would be a crime of interstellar proportions.

ALL TERRANS have a right to know - consciously - the truth of what has been done on this planet. Only when they have been informed and are able to make an informed, conscious decision, as an embodied Terran (not simply a 'soul decision', which cannot be validated or verified and could be interpreted in error by a third party) and as a soul, can any offer to return to the 3D to continue the experiment be made. If people should choose to return, then yes, they can be offered the opportunity to do so. But absolutely, under no circumstances, should this be done without full knowledge and consent by all parts of that being - including their Terran-embodied parts.

There has already been too much abuse to permit something like this to take place. Given that soul agreements on this planet were often falsified to begin with, any purported agreement of the soul to this kind of action can not be trusted. Blanket actions performed without the knowledge and consent of the people these actions are being performed on should not be tolerated. Embodied Terrans are not toys for 'higher dimensionals' to play with. Despite our current lifespans and situations, we on Earth are not incidental things whose decisions are irrelevant and need not be honoured. The value of any given Terran life is as infinite as any non-Terran. Our choices also matter.

Neither the Andromeda Council nor any other group has the authority or right to migrate people from planet Earth without their knowledge or consent, especially not in the massive numbers such as proposed in this scheme. If you also feel you have a right to choose, and that others should have a right to choose with full knowledge of what that choice entails, hold that intention in your core and project it outwards like a radio broadcast. Let the universe know in no uncertain terms that you do not consent to having your friends and family stolen without their knowledge, by a third party that has not proven its own trustworthyness. Let the Andromedans - or any others - know that the legacy of lies and illusions must not continue with even more lies and illusions.

Nothing will suffice but absolute Terran freedom. No beings have the right to 'do' anything to us. They never had that right in the first place, and the answer to that crime is not to continue it elsewhere.

Chrishek: Please refrain from proselytizing on my blog. Robert Morning Sky's representation of the history of the universe is not accurate - the Lyrian wars did not occur in this universe, let alone this galaxy, and did not occur between the groups mentioned in his 'history'. We are not creations of the Annunaki (or Enki) - they were merely opportunists who arrived at the right time to take advantage of an already downcast human population in the wake of the destruction of the Atlantean civilization. We are not anyone's slaves, toys, property, or anything like that. Anyone making that claim is wrong, and should be considered highly suspect. For one, we rebelled and evicted the Annunaki, and their civilization has since fallen. They're definitely not all-powerful.

Alright, seriously, Chrishek... at this point all you are doing is posting other people's incorrect information without citation or source. That's got to stop, man. Interact, communicate, but don't just regurgitate other people's shit.

I had no problems with Ray. I'm not sure what problems everyone had with Ray, and people sure went out of their way to drive him out of here, which I don't think is appropriate. I deleted the worst of it. Yes, there were a few outright ad-hominem attacks which didn't contribute in any way and got deleted. Ray likes one channeler. Ok. I don't promote any channelers here, just like I don't corroborate or promote Chrishek's steady stream of Annunaki-loving spam and pseudo-religious bullshit. Commenter's opinions here are their own. Ray never attacked any of you guys and some of you took it upon yourselves to accuse him of being a shill. In fact, he never did most of what he was accused of. Ray, I hope you'll post again, because I enjoyed your comments. Maybe just keep it to a rational amount per day.

On the Kundalini Reiki meditation Thomas Williams posted to the facebook. Yes I endorse it. This was prepared by a Silver Legion mage who happens to be a Kundalini Reiki Master and a very gifted intuitive. I can personally vouch for this person's work. This person is one of my most trusted friends, and I know from working with them that they have nothing but Light in their soul - true Light. If you do not feel comfortable doing this exercise, you don't need to. If it appeals to you at all, I would recommend it. I intend to, myself.

The Demiurge, the 'Light' and the Silver Legion

by Tanaath on 03/27/14

I saw Cameron Day's article 'Why I Am No Longer A Lightworker' shortly after it came out, and loved it. I also really loved his article 'Tell the “Lords” of Karma That You Are Sovereign – No Longer a Lightworker Part 2'. If you haven't yet read them, I suggest you go do that now. They're great. They echo some of the things that I and others have been saying all along about hierarchy and control.

The dichotomy between 'Light' and 'Dark' as presented in the pageantry of the Demiurge is a false construct. This planet has had a paradigm of hierarchy and control shoved upon it. We've been given two false choices between being hierarchical 'bad guys', or being hierarchical 'good guys'. Both are ultimately bad guys, because they are predicated on the notion that there is always someone above you who must be obeyed. Often, this ultimate figure which 'must be obeyed' is represented to you as 'god'. Sometimes the adherents to the paradigm try to claim it's actually Source. WRONG.

The fact that this duality is a false construct does not mean that there aren't objectively bad beings and the Demiurge and its forces shouldn't be opposed. All parts of the Demiurge are bad, and definitely should be opposed. Even their false 'Light' side.

Various spiritual and extra-dimensional actors have been a part of this system of control. This includes a lot of ETs that have presented themselves to you as saviours and figures of power. This includes 'archangels' operating within spiritual hierarchies of angels, 'ascended masters', or anything else that claims to be part of any hierarchy. This includes a lot of the critters that are channeled, and pretty much anything out of any religious institution ever – with a few exceptions. There's been a lot of power and effort invested in building, maintaining, growing, and expanding this system of control, and there's a lot of beings involved in the project. None of them are your friends. None of them want anything good for you. What they want is your obedience and for you to feed their machine. Don't do it.

If anything should come to you claiming to be your saviour, tell it to get lost. There are no saviours, because the act of being a 'saviour' presupposes the loss of agency and sovereignty of the 'saved'. We are obligated to act on our own behalf and not to wait around for someone else to do it for us.

If anything should come to you claiming to be set above you in any way, tell it to get lost. This includes beings claiming to be relatives or servants of 'God' or claiming to be 'God'; beings claiming to be divinely ordained, assigned, ordered, mandated, and the like as an authority figure; or beings claiming to be more intelligent, powerful, wiser, more 'evolved', and the like.

If anything should come to you demanding your obedience, tell it to get lost. The only things that demand obedience are things in service to the Demiurge. Even Source does not demand obedience.

If anything should come to you claiming that it is higher dimensional and therefor has a right to do anything to you, tell it to get lost. Nothing has that right. And you have a right to defend yourself against anything that tries.

If anything should come to you and tell or demand you to follow an alleged contract or previous agreement, tell it to get lost (after you tear up/rescind the contract). Many of these supposed contracts were done under false pretences, for the purposes of enslaving you. You have the right to reject them and to refuse to be held to any of them.

If anything should come to you and attempt to dictate your identity to you, tell it to get lost. Your identity is your business and nothing and no one has the right to define it for you. You are the only arbiter of your identity. You, and you alone get to decide who and what you are. Likewise, you don't get to decide someone else's identity for them.

Source requires nothing of you other than your best attempt to live according to your free will. Source will never issue edicts, demand obedience, put someone else above you, order you or anyone else around, or send 'special servants' to rule over you and tell you what to do. Anyone making that claim is not coming from Source but from the paradigm of control. From the Demiurge.

Source does not speak like a voice in your head. Source communicates to us through synchronicity and that 'aha moment' when we have a sudden awareness or realization of something that we didn't realize before, even if all the pieces were there. Source uses 'coincidence' to provide to us the information we need to succeed or to become involved. Sometimes we're aware of the touch of Source, sometimes we aren't. It's a really cool feeling when you become aware of it.

Additionally, Source does not act directly upon creation, as if it did, it would become partisan and thus cease to be all things and thus cease to be Source. Source cannot personify without that personification ceasing to be Source. A Source is defined as all things and thus cannot be only one thing.

Source interacts with creation through actors. That is, us. Any given one of us can be made aware of a need through synchronicity or coincidence and can choose to answer that 'invitation from Source' to act. It's a free will choice, and if we refuse, the choice will be offered to someone else who can do the work until it gets done. We are all Source inasmuch as we are part of all things, and Source can act through us, but that does not give us authority, or dominance over any other aspect of creation.

Yes, there are beings with a great deal of personal power. This still doesn't give them any right to put themselves above any other being. There are gods (note the small 'g'). Beings like Thor, Odin, Apollo, Athena, Shiva, Pele, etc., exist. They're very powerful beings and some of the oldest in creation. But they are not part of a hierarchy above you and they do not deserve your worship. They deserve the same consideration you would give any other living thing, and as intelligent actors deserve respect according to their actions (which might be no respect at all in some cases). There are also angels, of various kinds. Consider the gods to be the 'firstborn of the universe' and angels to be the 'secondborn of the universe' – just like an older sibling, they might be a bit bigger and stronger than you, but it does not mean they are better than you (and some of you might very well be one of them – yes, they incarnate too). Nor do they deserve automatic obedience or worship. Yes, some have gone rogue and joined into the paradigm of domination and control, but many gods and angels are still free and are anarchic – without rulers. If you should encounter one of these, treat them as an equal. They have no more right to rule over you than a pile of gravel does. Reject any god or angel which tries to place itself above you.

Yes, dimensions exist and they are layered. They are also not a hierarchy. Just because we here might be 3D doesn't mean someone who is 4D or 6D or 12D is better than us. They might have more personal power, will almost certainly be older than our current body, and maybe have retained a bit of wisdom from memories that are denied us... but they are not better than us. They are not above us in terms of controlling us or having any right to decide our fate or future. Dimensions are densities of existence, not hierarchies of achievement and power. Think of it this way, if you have several coloured liquids of different densities and you pour them into a clear glass, they will settle into a nice little rainbow. The top slice is not smarter, better, more deserving, more evolved, or naturally deserving of rulership over the slices below it. It's just a slice of a different density. Nor are the slices at the bottom stupid, weak, or deserving of any kind of slavery or hardship because of their position within densities.

Yes, we are all one, inasmuch as we are all part of creation and creation is Source. However, this is not a race to dissolution. It's possible to be one with everything and retain your personal identity, personality, and perceptions. That's the whole point of existing as a separate entity. Don't be in a rush to become nothing. Evolution does not mean the dissolution of self. It means learning more things and having different experiences. Nor are you required to like all of your fellow creations. You're still welcome to disagree with others. What you are not allowed to do is attempt to force others to do what you think is best regardless of their will. Those who attempt to remove or curtail the free will of other beings en masse, lose the right to existence themselves; and they are fair game for all the beings who want to remove them.

Laws are creations of societies. Some are more closely aligned with naturally living than others, but they are all creations of societies. That means they can be changed, and that means that they can be chosen. Source does not make laws. Those things claimed to be “God's Laws” don't come from Source. Yeah, they include some good ideas, but they're still not from Source. We will likely require some form of law in our society yet; until sociopathy no longer exists and people no longer feel the need to commit crimes against one another to attain an advantage over each other, we'll need some codified system of reparation and restoration. However, we need to divorce the notion of justice from the notion of obedience to an external entity. The two are not synonymous. These varying sets of laws handed to us by various “God” figures will always contain reasonable things like 'don't steal, don't rape, don't lie, don't murder'. There's no problems with that. The problems arise when they try to sneak in stuff that isn't related, that reinforces the system of control and rule. The fact that they have some good ideas doesn't mean they have any other validity. Nor does any religion have a monopoly on the good ideas. All human societies have come up with variations of the good stuff. We don't get our morality from 'God'. We get it from understanding that some actions harm others and realizing that we're not ok with that as a society and as individuals.

The Silver Legion is not part of the Demiurge's false dichotomy. We are actually anarchists. Anarchy doesn't mean destructive chaos or every-man-for-himself. It means 'without rule'. We do not have rulers. Every Silver Legionnaire, regardless of rank or position within our organization, is equal. There's gods and angels in the Silver Legion, and you'll find them chumming around with everyone else; telling stories, playing pranks, enjoying food and drink; and socializing just like everyone else. They don't get any special placement or special consideration. They're just as quick to lend a hand and help out as anyone else. Our 'ranks' are only indication of the level of responsibility of an individual, not of their authority to make demands of others. Most people in the Legion want to be part of the 'rank and file', because that's where all the actual fun happens – all the action. The joke about 'promotions' is that the promoted individuals didn't step back fast enough when the call came. The leadership is largely involved in coordination and administration (not ruling), though they're certainly not averse to personally kicking some ass when required.

Because we are not part of the false dichotomy, we don't classify ourselves personally as 'Light' or 'Dark'. I've largely used the term 'Lightwarrior' to describe us as it's easily understood, and because 'warrior' alone has too many connotations that don't fit what we are. In actuality we don't subscribe to the dichotomy. About 95% of our people are people who prefer to do things that help others – Service to Others. Not 'good', not 'Light', just folk who are motivated to help others rather than seeking to satisfy their own desires (or whose desires primarily include helping others). About 4% are 'neutrals', they just don't care one way or another. And about 1% are Service to Self. Not 'Dark', not 'evil', just motivated by self-interest. They're all welcome and they all have a place. The Service to Self guys can sometimes get places and do things that the Service to Others guys can't, mostly because they'd stick out like a sore thumb. We're able to offer the Service to Self types something they consider to be fair in exchange. Most of them would stick with us simply because they get treated with respect and they can do what they want as long as it doesn't hurt someone else. We don't judge them. They're welcome with us as long as they agree to follow the codes of behaviour and ethics that we require of all our Legionnaires.

We actually have a kind of 'idiot test' for new recruits. There's a few people in our ranks who are from 'evil' species. They're pretty typically selfish for their race. They're also highly visible. New recruits are told not to harm other Silver Legionnaires. The ones who fixate on these supposed 'evil' races and attempt to harm them fail our test. The first time they try it, they get a lecture in the infirmary (after being healed or brought back to life as necessary) on not judging others despite whatever preconceived notions they may have of the goodness or evilness of that person. They get a lecture on tolerance and how there's not only room but need for many types of people in the Silver Legion. If they try it again, we kick them out. The same goes for Service to Self recruits that decide to try to abuse others in the Legion or outside of it. They get the lecture first, and if they persist after that, they're out.

The people I work with in the Silver Legion, and the ETs I work with, have in their actions demonstrated themselves to be honest, committed, respectful, and ethical. Incarnates and other Terrans are considered to be equal to anyone else; we may have a more limited perspective and be suffering under a lot of adverse programming, but we're still considered people deserving of basic respect. They don't claim to be better than me, wiser than me, smarter than me, more deserving than me, or of anyone else. They make no bones about the fact that they're fallible and able to make mistakes. When they make mistakes, when they find out, they take actions to rectify the situation and they own up to their errors.

No one ever 'orders' me to do anything, nor do they ever do anything to me, with or without my consent. If they want to help me, they'll wait for me to ask them for help, then they'll tell me what they want to do and why; and if I choose to accept it, I can unchoose it if I am not comfortable, and if I don't accept it they won't argue with me. They give advice when asked, but don't try to force me to take it. They also ask my advice sometimes. It's an equal partnership. It is not a relationship predicated on notions of superiority/inferiority, or control, or obedience, etc., it's a relationship predicated on love, respect, and equality. They don't judge me or others, even if they don't agree. And they have a sense of humour. They're able to laugh at themselves, to laugh at the absurdity of life, tell jokes, and tease and prank each other without harming one another. They're quite capable of finding the same things funny that we do. And they never get insulted or assume the position of the superior.

When I do my work at night, I assign myself missions. I've often woken up energized and buzzing, unless I've gotten myself into trouble, or unless I've had a bad night due to physical reasons (I suffer from sleep apnea and have been an insomniac all my life, and as has been mentioned before, I have a thyroid problem which directly affects my energy levels). No one orders me to do stuff. I choose myself what I'm going to do, according to what I feel needs to be done. I usually do the ass kicking, but I have on occasion had my ass kicked as well, which can lead to me waking up feeling like warmed over roadkill. These episodes happen less and less as I get more adept at knowing when to stir the shit and when to back off.

I often have doubts. Doubts are healthy. Doubts indicate that someone is capable of thinking critically and examining something; demonstrating that they don't take information for granted or as automatically true just because it comes from a source they like. I am extremely leery of someone who never questions, because they are ripe for control. I have found that my people have, time and time again, demonstrated their integrity and ethics in their dealings with me and other people. I don't know everything and I still question everything, but I truly feel that I can rely on my people to the very end. If we should fail, it won't be because we did not make the effort.

Note: No, this is not aimed at Drake, or anyone in particular. It's a set of tools for you to be able to utilize in determining what kind of information supports freedom and what supports oppression; and it's an illustration of what the Silver Legion in particular is. Drake's not always good with words (he tends to loquacious and often ends up wandering so far off topic that he fails to answer the question), but after working with the guy for two years I can definitely vouch for him. He's trying to do the right thing. And his book - Me, Myself and I, is actually a very empowering book. Though, I will say that the editing is non existent - however, it suffers from no editorial control by a third party, so that's something.

JHC: I'm with you on the 'forgiveness' aspect. If someone's done something and it was done out of an honest mistake or out of some kind of sickness from within that can be healed to prevent them from acting out again, then yeah, forgiveness might have a role. But these groups use 'forgiveness' as a stand-in for 'suck it, bitch, take it like the little bitch we think you are, and be grateful for the experience'. Forgiveness can have no role where abuses continue. If you really feel you have to forgive, do it when you've reached a place where they can't continue to hurt you, or others you love. Whether that place comes from you eliminating them from existence or whether you've chosen to simply remove yourself from their grasp - just make sure you're beyond their reach. Then you can forgive them if you feel it necessary.

Note: It came to my attention that people were having trouble posting comments. I had noticed that the blog was strangely quiet. However, a few people got through, which had me puzzled. People reported that they were unable to click on the button to submit a comment.

I investigated the issue and discovered an invisible box had somehow found its way over top the comments link. This has been removed, so commenting should be possible again.

Also, a personal request. Please stop giving me medical advice on my thyroid. I appreciate that you care, but I don't have the money, time, or other resources to pursue all these panaceas.

'Wantstobelieve' and anyone else who feels this blog is a good place to proselytize... It's not. This is not your soap box. Please refrain from proselytizing or otherwise supporting spiritual heirarchies and the Demiurge in your comments on this blog. This is your only warning. Anything deemed to be proselytization will be deleted henceforth.

There is nothing wrong with the teachings of Christ, the notions upheld are good ones. The problem comes in demanding that others acknowledge any being as an authority over them, let alone the authority over them. The men whose stories contributed to the narrative of Christ never demanded authority or intended to do so. This was an addition added on by the Romans, particularly Paul.

Smoknhalo, and all others, I would like to remind you that I have absolutely no editorial control over your posts other than 'accept' or 'delete'. So if you wish to post a private message to me that you don't want published, do it inside a separate post from one you DO want published. I cannot edit your posts in any way at all.

New Post

by Tanaath on 03/11/14

So someone commented that we were getting pretty high up on the comment numbers in the other thread, so here's a new thread, with a little bit of information.

First of all, yes, I am retired from radio speaking at this time. This retirement will last until I can 'put my money where my mouth is', as they say over here. I've seen a lot of people on the internet complain that people like me should put out or shut up, so I don't see the problem with actually taking that advice, and shutting up until I can put out. I won't make things up in a vain attempt to keep myself relevant. I won't knowingly release something I don't believe is true. I've already released what I know, so until I have something new, I'll keep my peace.

This also means I won't be releasing a lot of comments on other things that are going on, for the most part. I've been reading your comments and discussions here over the last little while, and I don't think you need me to tell you Ukraine is a Cabal operation with multiple objectives, some obvious and some not so obvious. You've already figured that out really well. People have already figured out that the snipers were Blackwater/Academi mercenaries, that the protests were funded by the Cabal (masquerading as the USA), that there's a pyramid in Crimea, and that Russia has not actually invaded Crimea and the worldwide news is distinctly partisan to whatever the Cabal wants us to believe - which is usually opposite of the actual truth.

Nor do you need me to tell you that the mysterious vanishing plane is not exactly a run-of-the-mill aviation incident. The only thing I can release about that situation at this time is that there was ET action involved and that it was by positives, and no one was killed. That's what I've been told by Admiral Mander. I can't verify this in the real world for kind of obvious reasons. I don't have any other details, such as which specific group was involved, how it was done, why it was done, or why they could do that yet we're still getting bombarded by chemtrails. If dawn comes tomorrow with news stories of wreckage found, I've either been told wrong/heard wrong/am crazy or that stuff was planted to assist the downed-plane narrative to prevent this from becoming a form of soft disclosure.

Alex Collier's post has some factual information but a lot of stuff that doesn't appear to be accurate according to my sources. Please feel free to use your own discernment rather than relying on mine to sort out what's real and what's not. I will state this... if any group tries to abandon their incarnates, there will be repercussions. Also, the situation at hand does not support the pulling out of the positive ET forces at this time or in the foreseeable future. Maybe whoever Alex Collier is talking to thinks that ETs should pull out. However, they're going to have to make the Silver Legion leave, because we don't abandon our people. Trying to force us would be enough cause for us to remove anyone attempting to force us to abandon our people. Trying to force us to abandon our people would be a dick move of epic proportions, and we don't expect they'd survive the attempt.

This suggestion to use discernment goes also for Cobra's post, or anything anyone says including myself. I will state that we have noticed that Cobra posts more that seems to be actually beneficial these days. Yes, the situation he is describing with weapons capable of destroying the entire universe (and possibly others that get caught in the back-blast) is real. He's able to talk about it because it is no longer the threat it was (though there is still much work to be done). We've long been saying that the situation on Terra affects far more than this planet. That's why. Those demanding ET just go fuck off and leave you alone... no. Not when you're harbouring that. Once that situation has been diffused entirely and is no longer a risk in any way, shape, or form, and we have retrieved our personnel... then we'll discuss it.

In other news, I'm currently really enjoying this youtube channel. Please feel free to take a listen and pass it along to others if you feel inclined to do so. The speakers give good information and concise analysis without assuming that we're going to lose, and while providing advice on how to move forward. I don't make endorsements often. After watching several of these clips, I feel fully comfortable in endorsing these guys.

Clarification on the situation in Ukraine: I don't believe Putin is a good guy in this. Putin's interests are for Russia, not for the world, and he has definitely done his share of dirty deeds. However, the Ukrainian colour revolution was co-opted and funded by the Cabal, directly. What might have started as a movement of the people has become a triumph of Cabal-backed nazis. Yes, nazis. Please remember, if you have a revolution and the Cabal helps you, you didn't win. The Cabal won.

This is mostly being used as an opportunity for the Cabal to fabricate a premise to start world war III against Russia. At least publicly. Ukraine was chosen for this because it was something Russia can't ignore and can't back down from, strategically. The intent is to goad Russia. They weren't able to get their world war over Iran or Syria because of Russia. So now they will try to get it by making a provocation Russia cannot ignore, and the Cabal media is working overtime to make sure there is nothing that Russia can do to defuse the situation as it did with Syria. The anti-Russian propaganda machine has been going overtime trying to 'other' the Russians. I am not saying the Russians are perfect. They are no more perfect than any other group on this planet. But there is a clear attempt to paint them as categorically evil in the media right now. Don't believe Cabal propaganda. Even when they give you true information, it's only enough for the purpose of convincing you to believe a bigger lie.

Not being Ukranian, my opinions on what should be done are irrelevant, but I would prefer to see Ukraine as a free nation, not as a puppet-state of Russia or the EU. However, Ukraine has not been given the choice of being an independent free nation. The Cabal offers them the choice of being a puppet-state of the EU, and Putin offers them the choice of being a puppet-state of Russia. Neither are acceptable in my mind.

The pyramid in Crimea is very important, and all apologies to the Tatars and other Crimean people who don't want Russia there and whose lives are at risk by this, but that pyramid must be kept out of the hands of the Cabal. Putin is not actually Cabal. Putin is for Russia. That might be a little bit short sighted when the world is at stake, but he's still not Cabal. The nature of powerful sites means that someone would be there after it. Until Crimea can defend that pyramid from all comers, settle for just keeping it away from the Cabal.

Jiyu: What I meant was simply an acknowledgement that Putin is no angel and has done his share of dirty deeds. Unlike some people, I don't think that Putin and Russia can do no wrong. That is all.


by Tanaath on 02/07/14


There seems to be some confusion about why it is I'm here. Believe it or not, I am not here to:
1. Be a news reporter;
2. Be an encyclopedia or Q&A officer;
3. Provide a YouTube video clearinghouse for everyone else's stuff;
4. Provide a gossip/water cooler station; or
5. Prove that I or anyone else exists.

I am here to help win this war any way I can help win it. Currently that does not seem to include actual physical interaction on the part of my troops. If that ever changes, I'll let you know what I can, when I can let you know without endangering operations or myself.

In the meantime, barring the more efficacious action that we all crave, I will do the next best thing that I can. I will do what I can to support those who can do what I can't. If that means doing laundry, washing pots, or making meals (you'd probably prefer the latter, I'm a pretty decent cook) for freedom fighters, hey, I'll do that. If that means getting trained in first aid and knowing what to do if someone gets hurt, hey, I'll do that.

Trev. I don't know what kind of psychological satisfaction you get out of clinging to the notion that there is no possible help from trained professionals. Maybe you just really really get off on the idea of jack boots on your face and FEMA camps or something. Whatever the reason is, don't be so quick to discard the efforts of other people unless you have first hand knowledge demonstrating absolutely that this is the case. Don't let fear or pessimism let you fall into the trap of assuming that everyone else is against freedom. If that was the case there wouldn't even be the illusion of a fight for freedom - there would be no need. There's people out there who want to help. Don't knock efforts to get them organized and actually doing something.

Unless of course you'd prefer to masturbate to dystopian fear porn. In which case, go ahead, but don't do it on my blog. You can stay in your room behind your bolted doors and wait for the goons to kick in your door if you really want, but I would suggest instead finding some way to contribute in a productive manner. That doesn't include tearing down everyone who is attempting to fix the problem with your fears and venom.

For those of you who missed it, Drake's show yesterday was a call to action. If you want to be free, if you want to see your kids and grandkids grow up free of oppression, if you want to be able to wake up in the morning without hating your own existence, it's time to take some action. There is no more time for people to sit around waiting for others to solve the problem and speculate about whether this is real or not. It's real.

If you're in a position to assist Drake, I suggest you use your channels of communication to get in touch and find out what you can do. If you're a regular person and still want to help, I suggest you start figuring out ways to be productive. Learn first aid. Get some supplies, not only for yourself, but for others. Find out where you can volunteer your time and effort, and make a list of your useful skills and training so that you know where your strengths are and what you can do. If you've got computer skills, for instance, you might want to use some of those for protecting others. If you work at the water treatment plant, have a plan in place for what to do if someone tries to sabotage it. Don't assume you're not able to contribute, and don't sit there and do nothing, and certainly don't be in a hurry to tear down anyone who takes action.

Final note of housekeeping. I hate YouTube videos. I especially hate YouTube videos over 15 minutes. If you're posting a YouTube video without a synopsis of what the video is about, I'm going to start deleting it. Posting a random link to some 3 hour monstrosity full of over-dramatic music, scrolling text, and endless repetition of basic information is not helpful, especially when you've given us absolutely no information about what it is about or what its creator is trying to convince us of. Like I said above, this is not a clearinghouse for all your YouTube videos. I don't care if you want to make something viral. This isn't your soapbox. It's actually mine. I'm going to start requiring an essay on each YouTube link provided - 100 words per every 10 minutes - if I don't see some improvement in posting context with links. Maybe I'll even grade you. (Actually that's way more work than I actually want to go through, but it's a good threat.)

I'd like to share one of my favourite songs, by one of my favourite bands - Metric. This one encapsulates a lot of my feelings about all of this.

Marlo, this one is for you.

Edwin: I'm going to start deleting your posts whenever I see them - including those that you might try to sneak in under another name with your characteristic venom. I have to delete more than half of them as it is, because you can't seem to keep away from the ad hominem attacks, and you're really not accomplishing anything with your mindless rage. Pitching at fit at me is not going to change the situation.

No. I did not come to be a first aid specialist. I wouldn't call myself a specialist, but I can keep someone from dying long enough for a real medical professional to get there. It's more useful to know what to do in that situation than to not know what to do. I came here to do a job, and I have largely been blocked from being able to do it. That's not my fault. And I'm going to do the next best thing I can do, given that I can't do what I'm here to do.

You seem to be suffering under the delusion (you're not the only one, but you're possibly the one whose vomiting hatred about this the most on this blog) that people from offplanet can do whatever they want, whenever they want, and be successful at it. Or that beneficial people on planet can do this too. You don't seem to realize that the situation that existed on Earth when we came into it was one in which the other side - the tyrants - were winning. They had enough control over the situation down here that we weren't able to dictate our positions and abilities and social and financial situations to place ourselves in the ways that would reap the most good. They had control of that, we didn't. They also had ways of preventing our support from being able to reach us effectively. There were a lot of hardships and adversarial conditions that we weren't able to prepare for and haven't been able to counteract. That we have been able to do as much as we can with what we have is a testament to our ability to keep going and our drive to succeed under even very difficult conditions.

I am hardly 'just going to hide', but at the same time I'm not going to expose myself unduly to more risk when there is no benefit in doing so. There is no need to be stupid here. In fact, there's a great need to be smart and to do this the right way. If that means keeping quiet and staying in the shadows, then so be it.

Yes, there may be other people doing more than I am. There's also a lot of people doing less, and I would point to you as one of them, since it seems your task is to spread hate, mindlessly criticize, and agitate in any way you can when given a voice. I would dare say that you're not helpful in your online comments, in fact, you are harmful. If you want to help, I'd suggest you stuff your hatred and rage down a dark hole and look for some productive action to take rather than destructive lashing out at the people you have decided you do not like for whatever reason.

We can't all be Snowden. We can't all be big flashy public heroes. But we can damn well do what we can, even if that's not always what Edwin wants.

Open comment to anyone who wants me to pass along their contact information to someone else... Please provide your contact information. I will not post a post with an email address or personal contact information unless that person has made it obvious that they are trying to get contact from the public (as in the case with Blettersandnumbersguy).

Chrishek: Please consider linking to an external source as opposed to copypasting huge amounts of material. I'll give you the day to link to an external source (if it's your own material, then find some way to host it, if it's someone else's, then find some way to link it, please), and then I'll start deleting these long comments. They're too big for the blog and they are hard to read. Remember to include a brief synopsis (a paragraph or two, in this case, because we already have problems with length) with the links.

Sorry, time is up. I've had to delete these posts, they're just too damn huge and the reverse-sequential post order of blog comments make them confusing to read. Please post a link to the full text of the material with a brief discussion (very brief, you've already proven to us that you can write/and or copypasta immense treatises on the subject).

Holy shit, people

by Tanaath on 01/07/14

I come home from my long day at work to discover my comments section on fire. First off, there were a LOT of duplicate posts. People, please, remember an error does not mean your comment did NOT GO THROUGH, the only comments that don't go through are those that fail the robot check, so ignore the blather about length of the comment... even if you think your comment did not go through, please don't re-post it more than three times, the moderation of the comments is not easy because the page only displays five at a time and once I delete a comment I have to navigate all the way back to where it was to delete any other duplicates or approve comments. This makes it very frustrating and time consuming, and is only feasible on a very very large screen. So not my ancient obsolete old iPhone and my laptop, which is all I will have for the next week as I won't have access to a real computer and may not have internet access at all. That's the other thing - all comments must be approved, by me, which means that you have to wait until I approve them before you will see them. So don't keep posting if you don't see your comment. I'm going to be unavailable for a week or two, so the comments section will likely be unattended. Don't freak out. Please. No, it's nothing UFO related. I'm going fishing. In the Pacific. I, too, like to live dangerously.

Second point of discussion - I do not endorse any commenter on this blog, all comments are the property and opinion of the people leaving the comment. I delete the obvious trolls and the dude I will call Mister Angry Face who seems incapable of anything but frothing abuse, but that's about it. I currently don't endorse any third party other than maybe Drake, and with that, as with all things, use your own discernment. I happen to work closely with him on a number of missions that aren't physical-world, and we've watched each others' backs more than once. I trust him with my life, but that's mine to risk. You need to use your discernment with all sources.

Andrew Bartzis has been in contact with me, so you can stop telling me he's trying to get into contact with me. The train made it to the station. Once again, I don't endorse him. I have my own concerns about him and his material.

Tolec and the Andromeda Council are not something I will be speaking of right now. As I have made it clear in the past, we don't ascribe to special dates. We have been assured that the ascension process is a natural one and cannot be stopped, and our own explorations indicate that this is mostly true. I won't say it's an unqualified truth, because there's always the 'what if possibility'. If there's any way we can reduce that to 'not gonna happen in this timeline' we will. Additionally, we no longer feel comfortable associating with the Andromeda Council, or the other Andromedans who came running into the mess to start interfering and getting involved.

I can't vouch for the identity of this supposed 'Andromedan Representative', but I still would take anything he says with a grain of salt. For one thing, the Liberation Forces higher dimensionals who are involved here in Terra in any role that involves communication with Terrans all get what is called 'the English package'. Anyone who gets this learns English fluently, with excellent spelling and grammar, in about 3 days. They also get other packages, depending on who they're expected to come into contact with, but the English package is one of the non-optional ones. So 'Andromedan Representative', from his terrible grammar and spelling and misuse of words, is not a representative of any group currently associated with the Liberation Forces, or he would have got the package. Again, use your discernment. I don't know who he is with, if he's not just a random person attempting to pass himself off as someone else on the internet (that's never happened before, nope, not ever...), but he's not with the Liberation Forces. If he wants to make comments, he can, as long as he keeps it polite, and as long as everyone remembers that just because I let someone post a comment does not mean I endorse it, agree with it, or anything like that. It is solely the opinion of the person making the posting.

Third - I would like everyone who is going around saying 'they' are 'going to' do anything to take a pause, and rephrase that in your own mind and in your writing into 'they want to'. Don't talk as though the cabal or anyone who wishes humanity ill will succeed, you feed their success. Assume they can fail, not that they can't fail. They're not going to have a hostile alien invasion, fake or otherwise. They're not going to kill off a third of the planet with radiation. They're not going to pull off martial law (it's martial, as in having to do with the military, not marshall, as in having to do with a dude named Marshall, just a little pet peeve of mine). They're not going to pull off any or all of the nefarious schemes they have planned. Don't just put your 'belief' in that, do what you can to make sure of it.

Whatever you feel called to do, find a way to do it. Please refrain from complaining about the lack of action until you have done what you can to contribute to making that action possible. I get it. You're frustrated. We're all frustrated. None of us likes waiting in a big mystery not knowing if this damn illusion will continue on indefinitely or if we'll get a chance to really live these lives we've been stuck with. Believe me, I'm just as frustrated as you. But I'm doing what I can to make the good stuff possible. If it doesn't happen, it won't be for my lack of trying.

And if I and the Silver Legion have bet on the wrong horse here, at least we did so honestly, with the best information we had available. If we find out we have, we won't be shy about rectifying it. And whatever we can't do that we want to do, we will at least try to do what we can, even if that's no more than snatching things that were planned to be used against you, or stopping hostiles ETs from making things more complex so that the Terrans on the ground can take care of Terran matters without worrying about a hostile alien invasion (faked or otherwise).

Trev: The problem with that line of logic is that it is not logic. It's a framework of assumptions, which all fall apart if some of them are disproven, since your 'logic' is all or nothing.

Number one, you are categorically assuming that because Tolec is getting/putting out information that looks incorrect now, that he has always been. That's a very large assumption, and one with evidence against it. In the beginning, Tolec was putting out highly accurate information including exact locations and dates within a few days of 'geological events'. He did at some point have access to accurate, good information. So your logic fails on that point.

Number two, just because Tolec now does not seem to have accurate information does not mean that anyone associated with him in the past is likewise implicated. This is not a matter of contagion. If falsity could spread simply by being associated with someone who is no longer accurate, then you would be just as full of shit for even having come into contact with the material at some point. It doesn't work that way. As has been noted, we are no longer associated with the Andromeda Council, and have publicly noted that Tolec's information is no longer accurate.

Number three, your logic assumes that any of us are knowingly spreading falsities, assumes that there can be no situation where a person could be mistaken or deceived, and assumes that a person's ability to provide accurate information cannot be changed over time. Those three assumptions are pretty big, and pretty false. Both Tolec and myself, and anyone else doing this work for that matter, are capable of being tricked, though some of us have various safeguards to validate the information in other ways (or at least, I try to, I can't speak for everyone else). These assumptions also ignore the possibility of interception or hijacking of signals and messages, something which I have detected going on not only in my interactions with my people but observed among others. 'Tolec is wrong and was always wrong and everyone who ever listened to him is wrong' is not the only logical conclusion or explanation when you consider that there have been attempts to scramble any kind of messages coming through, and that there have been attempts to either discredit people like us or force us to discredit ourselves in some artificially induced fashion.

Finally, your logic is an all-or-nothing proposition, as mentioned before. By that logic, nobody in the world can ever be right about anything, since all of us have no doubt made mistakes at some point in time, been fooled, or gotten some aspect of something wrong. It is possible to have part of the story right and still get other things very very wrong. This is why we stress the need for discernment. Nobody, not even me, knows the whole story. None of us are omniscient. Being wrong on one thing does not invalidate everything we say, think, or do. Consider that the Russians believed in Lysenkoism during the Cold War - that's the notion that heritable traits can be acquired during the lifetime of the organism (think, you lose your foot so your children are born without a foot). Despite the fact that it's utter bunk, the Russians were still very able to develop a large number of arms and armaments, and had very sound science in other spheres. Being dead wrong on one thing doesn't make you dead wrong on everything. And again, it's not contagious. Person A might get information XYZ right, and Person B might also put across XYZ correctly, but if Person A starts announcing that the moon is made of green cheese, it doesn't mean XYZ is wrong or that Person B is automatically wrong on everything they've ever said.

Finally, some things masquerade as publicity stunts or entertainment that may be genuinely passed off as such but may have other, more sinister purposes. If you don't believe me, start watching the Cabal pageantry and ritual in any major public event (like the Olympics opening and closing ceremony, Superbowl halftime shows, the entertainment on awards shows...). Sure, NVIDIA takes responsibility for a crop circle that looks a lot like an NVIDIA chip and probably is an actual man-made crop circle to advertise NVIDIA chips. However, that doesn't mean that there isn't a hidden layer of meaning or symbolism, or additional uses of power at work here. That doesn't mean the only intent of the crop circle was to sell and promote NVIDIA chips. Crop circles are used to affect large fields of energy (not just crops). They often make use of aspects of sacred geometry that are intended to have a much larger effect than simply advertising or causing a stir. It is possible for the crop circle to be both a simple NVIDIA advertisement and something more sinister at the same time. Tommy guns in violin cases, anyone?

Ben_R: I'm actually not defending Tolec. I agree that the NVIDIA crop circle is likely manmade. For one, it has that roughness at all the edges and in the trampled grain that I've come to associate with manmade crop-circles. I consider Tolec to be a bad source of information right now, though he wasn't always. There was more truth to what he was saying when he first started coming out. I was pointing out to Trev the fallacy in assuming that everyone who ever agreed with anything Tolec said at any time was necessarily a liar.

Corey Taylor Talks - January 16, 2014

by Tanaath on 12/18/13

Since our last show was cut short due to a lot of 'technical difficulties', I'll be on the Corey Taylor Talks show once more, on January 16, 2014. The show is at the same time slot as last time - 6 pm PST on Thursday the 16th. Yes, that is two days after Tolec's special day... like I said I don't buy into timelines and dates. If anything should actually happen that day, we'll play it by ear.

A few things on other subjects... on the Locus of Control. It's not just about gaining control of your own personal life, but continually expanding your 'area of influence' in order to make progress in many areas. You can't do that if you are living in fear. If you don't like something, don't just sit there and fear it, find a way to change it. Even if that means taking an indirect route. I had a person (comment not approved) basically declare me evil because I said we shouldn't sit here in terror over Fukushima and ISON and other things we can't control directly. That person is welcome to his terror, but I would suggest he focuses on productive action first, before throwing all his energy and time and emotionality into something he can't yet change.

Another thing, I note we have someone promoting silver in the comments. I'll approve these comments, but I want people to be very clear that I do not promote or endorse any particular financial strategy. Anything to do with finances requires that you do your homework, and I am not willing to do it for you. I choose not to comment on finances. With any wealth generation or preservation scheme, remember caveat emptor - buyer beware. Wherever money is involved, there will be someone trying to take yours, so be careful, people.

Why, oh why, aren't the good ETs here yet? Well, in the case of the Silver Legion, every time they try it, they can't seem to lock into whatever shared reality that we flesh and blood 3D humans occupy. The ship's telemetry reports them as being 'there', our people can see us, but here on Earth we can't see them. Or interact with them. This restriction does not seem to be a universal thing in that high altitude sightings and certain military actions are still possible, but it appears that actually meeting us face to face is currently right out. And this is a wall we have been banging our heads against for about two years. There should be no physical reason why this should happen.

I can't speak for why the rest of the supposed good ETs aren't showing their faces, but with the Silver Legion, we are still troubleshooting the little detail of we can't get into the same context as flesh and blood people. And honestly, that's the whole point of landing and being on the surface - to interact with people. Whatever is causing this effect is artificial, because there is apparently no such restriction on beings that want to hurt you. The Greys are still around, and there have been other hostile ET races that appear to be able to come and go and interact with Terran humanity as they please.

Those who believe that 'teh ETs can do whatever they want no matter what' are maybe thinking about some other ETs that exist in some universe that isn't here. Because they most certainly can't just 'do whatever they want'. There have been absolutely puzzling, mind-boggling restrictions to actions that a lot upstairs just can't figure out. And it's not for lack of trying. There's been a definite and deliberate effort to keep out anyone who might be here to help, while unrestrained access by assholes has been apparently encouraged. Who or what set this up, we don't yet know. All we know is that it involved tech and activity way beyond the level of the Cabal. There's some high level shit involved here, and we're still picking it apart.

You'll know when we've succeeded when we start actually doing real things on the planet that you can perceive and interact with. Until then, please don't assume that anyone up there is just free to do whatever they want concerning this planet and its people. It's clearly not the case.

Trev - I said that this is the case for the Silver Legion. Other groups may be able to act more freely; they may have less frustrating 'magical nonsense opposition' against them. But I don't speak for them and if you want them to land, you'll have to talk to them.

We down here think this is bullshit, the Silver Legion thinks this is bullshit... guess what, it's a bullshit situation, but we still can't land. For whatever reason, this is what happens when we try. I have alluded to difficulties with manifestation before, this is the first time I have laid out what those difficulties currently consist of. We thought we were close to cracking this earlier, we were wrong, clearly.

Also, believe it or not, we've already considered all the easy answers like the collective consciousness and chemtrails, smart metres, etc. Don't think we haven't been looking into this in the last two years. We still don't know what the true cause is, because none of the things people brought up can really adequately explain the inability to manifest in our reality. All I really have to say, is that if it is the collective consciousness of humanity... people have lost all right to complain about why the good guys don't show themselves until they make the effort to enable to good guys to show themselves and start limiting and eliminating the ability of the bad guys to be here.

Self-Actualization and Regaining your Locus of Control

by Tanaath on 12/12/13

The Corey Taylor Talks show was very interesting, especially since we had such a monster of a time actually connecting me to the show and staying connected. I wish we had more than an hour to talk, because there's a limit to how much ground you can cover in an hour, and when technical difficulties eat half an hour of it, it's even more limited. So I will be coming back on that show, I'll have to set up a date with them.

It was interesting to notice that my disconnects occurred when discussing a particular topic - that of self-actualization and regaining your locus of control. I had no idea one's locus of control was such a verboten subject, but apparently it is. So I promised to discuss it a bit in a blog post.

Simply put, your locus of control is how much you feel you are personally in control of your own life. If your locus of control is entirely outside of yourself, the typical consequence is depression, misery, anger, frustration, and a lot of negativity about everything. I know pretty well how it is, because I battle with this myself. A lot of us do. If you feel like there's nothing at all in your life that you have control over, it sucks. Conversely, the more you feel like you are in control of your own life, the happier you are, and the more you are able to put your effort to effectively achieving what it is you are working for.

Regaining your locus of control is one part a perceptual game and one part taking command of the parts of life you can actually control.

First off, the perceptual thing. Anyone who has driven a car and who has also been a passenger will understand this concept - you usually feel safer when it's you in control of the vehicle. That's a perception thing. You may not actually be safer (especially if you drive like my sister), but you feel in control. And that means you are more confident, and better able to handle the unexpected without fear.

When it comes to the self, how you perceive yourself is a really big thing. Unlike my sister's driving skills, it will have a large and noticeable impact on the rest of your life. Your mental toolbox will be full of tools, the car of your mind will be fueled up, well maintained, and ready to race a Ferrari. You won't be caught flat-footed feeling helpless.

The mind trick in this is in understanding and recognizing that some things will always be outside of your control, and choosing instead to only let the things you can actually control impact your mental state.

For instance - last week, my area had an incredible dumping of snow. We nearly broke a record for this time of the year. It was followed by very very cold temperatures, in the -20 to -30C range (-4 to -22F), and seriously icy conditions. The roads were a mess. My morning drive to work (I have given up the bus for the winter, as the snow makes service unreliable and I have no desire to freeze to death) went from 30 minutes to over an hour. Traffic was bad and there was over 2,000 accidents in a 10-day period. Even driving in a straight line could be difficult due to the snow and ice.

I had no control over the weather. I had no control over the number of other drivers on the road. I had no control over whether my route had an accident or whether an accident somewhere else had more people than usual using my particular route. I had no control over what the people around me were doing. It was a recipe for frustration and rage, especially when combined with the fact that I really hate being late for anything.

But there were aspects of this I could control. I could control my own reaction to all of this. And I could take steps to minimize my risk of an accident, and help make it so that even if I lost control of my vehicle, I wouldn't end up in trouble or hurt anyone else. I left early. I drove real slow. I mean, real slow - idling speed a lot of the time. I left a lot of distance between me and other cars. I watched where the cars in front of me slid around and which way their skids went, so I would be prepared when I hit that spot. I gave myself a lot of distance for stopping, and I kept my feet off the gas on any sludgy or uneven ground. As a result, I got to and from my destinations safely, and I felt less angry about all the delays, because I knew I was doing what I could.

There will always be things in your life that are outside your control. How well you deal with it is a mental game. If you focus on all the things that you can't control, you will be miserable. Your locus of control is outside yourself. But if you focus on the things you can control, you bring that locus of control back into yourself. Don't sweat the petty things. And if you have a major problem, start by looking for the things you can fix before thinking too much about the things you can't fix.

Unfortunately, this whole world has been designed to systematically erode our locus of control and shift it to someone or something other than ourselves. Yes, I fully realize that this world has a lot of outside pressures that we don't have direct control over - I live here too. I, too, have to find some way to feed myself and clothe myself and shelter myself, etc., and I fully realize that gaining control over my life will always be incomplete. That's why I'm not aiming for 100%, just 'as much as I possibly can'. Psychologically speaking, I give the stuff I can control much, much more 'weight' than the stuff I can't.

So, if your locus of control has slipped away from you, how do you get it back? Start by taking a step back from your situation. Pretend it's happening to someone else, and make an inventory of what can and can't be changed. You want three boxes:

1. Really, truly, honestly outside your control. This is things like the weather, which you would literally need a super power to change. These are things that are either totally unchangeable, or effectively unchangeable.

2. Things that can be changed but not with your current situation or resources - these might feel like they can't be changed by you, but they are something that can be changed.

3.Things you can have direct control over. This is all the things you know you can choose or alter.
Analyze the underlying assumptions in anything that you decide can't be changed, so you can really be sure that it can't be changed. Then shove it in the 'can't do anything about it' box, and go back to the stuff you can affect... and the stuff that you can affect if other things happen to allow it (box 2).

Your energy and your focus should go into the things you can affect, instead of pooling around all the things you can't affect. Be aware of the things you can't change, but don't cling to them.

Take ownership of everything in box 3. Understand that it's yours, and that you can do something about it. It's your responsibility and no one else's.

Regaining your locus of control is all about moving the things from box 2 into box 3 as much as possible. Take it slow. You don't have to get it all at once. Take each piece of Box 2 stuff and analyze it piece by piece. Pick it apart as much as you can, always asking the question of 'what would it take to change this'. Not 'what should I do to change this', but 'what would it take'. Once you have that listed out, then ask yourself, of each point 'how can I work to achieve that'. Focus on what you can do, not what you can't do. If something is genuinely impossible, move on to the next thing, or the next best solution.

We humans tend to have an all or nothing way of thinking. But understanding that there are gradations and a spectrum involved, usually, is a big benefit. If you can't achieve outcome #1, what is outcome #2? Can you achieve that? Or #3, or #4, and so on, until you have the very best that you can get under the circumstances. If you can't get the best solution, try to figure out what the next best is and go for that. Go for the maximum bang for your effort.

In this community we freak out a lot about things outside our control. Interstellar flying rocks, volcanoes and earthquakes, political situations in other countries, natural disasters, manmade disasters, radiation, etc... these are things that most of us can't directly influence. It doesn't help us much to focus on them. Instead, focus on what you can do. In my own household, it's been a focus on sensible preparedness for a natural disaster or other interruption of services. We can't realistically be prepared for 5 years of interrupted services, but we can be prepared for a month or two, so we are.

In my non-physical life, I've been using what I do have access to - the Silver Legion, my own non-physical form and abilities - to effect what changes I can. They haven't trickled down here into the physical plane in a way that I can perceive, at least not yet. But I keep trying, because the payoff is worth it for myself and for humanity if we can succeed with this.

Geiger Counter - the Fukushima situation is a real great example of Box 1 material. If it's as bad as people are trying to tell us, there's not a whole lot we as individual human beings on Terra can do about it. Our fear accomplishes nothing but hobbling us and crippling us mentally and leaving us unable to deal with other situations in our lives that are more acute and pressing. We can't even reliably find out how bad the situation actually is, because the information sources are all completely unreliable and unverifiable unless you literally own a Geiger counter and live near Fukushima - in which case, you'll know one way or another, but the quality of information degrades rapidly the further it gets from you. Move on from the fear and start focusing on what you can do. In this case, ISON, Fukushima, and things of that nature are not things you can affect directly. Spare these things your fear and panic - be aware of them to the extent that you can be aware of them, but focus on the things in your life that you can change.

This is why fear-mongering is so very, very damaging. It's part of the general process of removing our locus of control from ourselves and placing it among externalities. Every iota of energy we spend on fear is energy we can't spend on something productive that actually benefits us. All the time we spend puzzling over whether or not ISON will smack us in the face is time we don't put to productive use. The time we spend complaining about how crappy everything is, is time we don't spend trying to make things a little less crappy.

Take control of as much of your life as you possibly can. Spend your time and energy trying to shove Box 2 stuff into Box 3. Even if it's only a little bit each day, make a pact with yourself to have no non-productive days and start working on how to improve things from where you stand. And if you have a zero-day, forgive yourself and don't let the next day become a zero-day.

It's an ongoing process, and even with this knowledge I still struggle with it. But I don't give up and I keep trying. There's a lot I can't do anything about, but I'm choosing to focus on what I can do things about. Even if my 'sphere of influence' is the size of an orange, that's one more orange in the world that's helping people than there was before.

Corey Taylor Talks - December 12, 2013 show

by Tanaath on 11/22/13

Hello all. I've agreed to go on the Corey Taylor Talks show with Corey Taylor, of Vegas All-Net Radio. This is the same radio station that hosts Vince of the Talk With Vince Show, a show I've spoken on a few times, now.

Corey's show is Thursday nights from 6-7 PM PST. Yes, I know this conflicts with Drake's show, but both are archived, and I'm not on Drake's show right now. I usually listen when I can, but I'll need to take a pass on the 12th.

The call in number for the show is +1-702-483-4444. Corey has a Facebook page (for anyone who still does Facebook).

Corey's shows often deal with youth topics, so I really have no idea what kinds of questions she's looking to ask. There might be some opportunities for listeners to call and ask questions. Try to keep them PG-13, since I think this show has a lot of youth listeners.

Alright, alright, enough about ISON. It is a spacecraft. It is a spacecraft made from a hollowed-out asteroid, mostly using a ballistic trajectory in order to save energy on travel, because the people who made it still suffer from things like shortage and lack because they have not mastered (or lost the mastery of) above-unity energy generation. It was sent by an enemy, but I'm informed by my people that it is no longer under enemy control. However, there was some usefulness to the damn thing, so it wasn't just blown up before it entered the system. What usefulness? Apparently this is still operational information.

So those who are saying 'it's a comet' and those who say 'it's a spaceship' are both partially right. It's a comet that also happens to be a spaceship. And it is not a 'biosphere' from anyone friendly, although the people who made it may have very well named it 'Xanterexx'.

And honestly right now, 'nothing obvious happened' is about the best we could hope to see from this flying piece of turd. The alternative was not much fun at all.

There'll be another comet next year, which will no doubt evoke another round of 'end of the world' idiocy, only to fly harmlessly by or get disintegrated somehow. (Assuming nothing else changes down here, anyway). And then there'll be one again at some time in the future... we will never run out of flying space rocks that people will seize upon to start crying doom over. Just like they've been screaming doom about every other flying space rock ever to cross our sights.

Don't play that game, people. These rocks are a non-issue. Regardless of whether they are ships or rocks or both, or who sent them, as long as anyone up there remains alive and working for the 'let's not kill and/or enslave Terrans' side, they're not going to do any damage to us. Period. And in the meantime, I'm going to keep on working on that 'assuming nothing changes' part, because I want to see this planet liberated, not continuing in an endless cycle of oppression and slavery.

That is the last I care to say about Ison. Freak out elsewhere.

Corey Taylor Talks Show - at the moment of this writing I am currently attempting to get on the show. None of my plug ins works so I can't listen to the show to find out what's already going on.

Talk with Vince, November 16, 2013

by Tanaath on 10/12/13

So, in an effort to not let too much time go by between Talk With Vince shows, we have set up November 16, 2013 as our next date. Again, these shows are at 11:00 PST (Vegas time) on Vegas All Net Radio on Saturdays.

They take questions and call ins so feel free to submit questions to them ahead of time.

Update: The show went on as scheduled, but we heard from almost everyone that it could not be listened to live from the web, which is unfortunate. Vince will be putting it up on YouTube as soon as he can and the archives should be available as normal. Tantarum will also be posting it when he can.

Trev: You misheard. We anticipate it will be decades to a few hundred years before we can leave.

De Nada: Intimidation tactics occur on both sides, as does all kinds of psychological warfare. If you can convince your enemy that it's in his own best interests to stop actions against you, you can often win with fewer losses on either side.

What happened to the Truth Frequency Radio show of October 4? Simple answer - I got my times wrong.

by Tanaath on 10/04/13

I now have a paid job. This means I am out of the house for most of the day on weekdays, and it means I have a lot less free time than I used to, but the upside is I can afford to pay rent and to eat. I like eating, maybe a little too much.

However, this also means that when Chris and Sheree switched times for their show, I wasn't paying attention and for some reason thought it would be on a Saturday as opposed to today. So as a result, when Chris called me at the appointed time, and I was at work, I felt like a complete idiot and had to say 'sorry, I can't do it, I'm at work'. So we're making arrangements for the show now. It will either occur at the top of the hour (5 PM PST) or be pre-recorded at that time and aired at a later date (most likely tomorrow).

Update: It'll be at the top of the hour!

So yes. I am indeed a fallible human being prone to brain farts, miscommunication, and getting my dates and times mixed up, even with the helpful assistance of the calendar app on my phone. It would be even more helpful if I managed to remember to use it.

I will post a link when I receive one, until then, feel free to make requests to Chris Geo for links.

I'm told you can find it here.

A note to the angry, angry person who is leaving very harassing messages in my blog comments:

Guess what? I'm an incarnate. That means I'm a human being, just like you. And I have never hidden this fact, in fact I have been very upfront about it. I'm a real person, not an automaton, perfect being, or carefully crafted and polished image.

Being human means that I do indeed suffer from miscommunication, distraction, fatigue, brain farts, and occasionally make mistakes. I'm sorry if this bothers you, but your anger at this is not going to change this. Nor is my human fallibility an invalidation of my work, no matter how much you might wish it to be.

You have also asked, 'why should we trust [Drake, Tanaath, and Sunfire]?'

My return question to you would be 'when have I ever asked you to?' In fact, I haven't. I have never said you should trust or believe me; instead I have emphasized that you should be following your own inner guidance and discernment. It is up to you to decide whether this information is right for you or not. Here's an amazing thing - you can even pick and choose which parts of it you want to take into yourself and make a part of your reality, and which you do not. I give what I experience and know to be true. It might be different from your truth, but that will not stop me from continuing to speak if I feel this is productive or what I should be doing.

Your rage at me for not being what you want serves absolutely no constructive purpose. It wastes my time in deleting your abusive comments and your time in writing them. What is it that you want? Try to make constructive steps towards actually achieving that, instead of lashing out to tear down someone else because it somehow doesn't match what you think should be happening.

Hey, I really like this. Ok, maybe I'm not a fan of Clif High, but hey, I really like this. Let's make a little bit of magic every day.

Jason: Go ahead, ask us to leave. We're not going to leave until we have retrieved all our personnel from the surface, removed all other non-terrestrial enemy and neutral personnel, and seen to it that this planet poses no threat to its surroundings. After that, then yes, quarantine is still an option. Certain choices you make can still result in that, but only after all the other interference has been removed.

Right now this is like a house in the neighbourhood with a pool that has gone neglected. All the neighbours have noticed an increase in mosquitos, and their pets are starting to disappear at night. They trace the problem back to your house, and find you with your filthy pool churning out problems faster than they can swat them down, and furthermore, a gator has taken up residence there. And you're telling them to 'mind their own business'. Well guess what, once your problem started flying out to bite them, it became their business.

Understand that no world is an island. You might think it is, and you could be excused of this, since you've been tricked from birth to think there's nothing else out there and you're floating alone through space, and they've done everything they possibly could to suppress anyone who said otherwise. But what happens on this planet affects others. We're all interconnected. And when one system starts going so terribly bad, the rest of the place has to do something to save their own selves. Now, we have a few choices. We can destroy this planet and its people as defective (NOT a good choice!), we can leave you alone and hope you clean up on your own and take the risk that this presents to us (also, NOT a good choice!), we can clean up what we can and then leave you to your own devices after putting a block on you to make sure you can never, ever affect anyone else (if you really wish to be isolated on Earth for billions of years, we can do this, again, we don't think it's ideal). Or... we can come, help clean up as best we can, and help you become a galactic citizen so that you stop unmindfully making trouble for everyone else. Personally, I think this is the best solution. But it requires being here and investing at least some kind of effort. We're not here to tell you how to run your household, but we're not going to let you keep a filthy pool with a gator in it.

Show cancelled September 25, 2013 due to unforseen circumstances

by Tanaath on 09/24/13

So we got a bit of bad news today. Our show host, Thomas Williams, was forcibly detained by the authorities today, due to a private, civil matter. He was not charged with a crime and this is not related to freedom movement stuff as far as we can tell (so we probably don't need to indulge in conspiracy theory at this point). It's a private family matter and we expect the matter to be cleared up in time for next Wednesday's show, at the very latest.

Here are my well wishes for Thomas and his loved ones, get out soon and good luck!

Update: Thomas is back safely, but I haven't heard whether today's show is a 'go' or not, or if it's being rescheduled. I probably won't know until I get home from work, which is just a little bit before the show. My apologies.

Yes, Drake had discussed earlier in the week postponing the show to another day, but I hadn't heard the final word on it (we keep missing each other online).

Another friend of ours, Øyvind Meling, in Bryne, Norway, has been imprisoned against his will in a clinic under the guise of 'medical treatment'. He's asked me to release this information on the blog (including his name and where he is). We're none of us very happy right now, what with Thomas going through crap and now Mr. Meling. We'd like to see him out soon, no one should be imprisoned for their beliefs.

Update: Mr. Meling is now out and home with his family. We're just happy to see him safe.

New comments policy

by Tanaath on 09/17/13

In light of the recent furor that has erupted on this blog, I am instituting a new comments policy and reiterating the old one. This blog is Silver Legion space, and subject to our rules and preferences.

1. No ad-hominem attacks. If your post only serves to slam someone, it's not contributing to anything. Even if your post has other discussion value, if I deem the primary purpose of your post to be launching an attack on someone else, I'll delete it.

2. a. Please do not post personal information - yours or others. I have no way to edit individual comments for content, so if it has an email address, a private mailing address, a phone number, or other personal information, it will be deleted in its entirety.

2. b. Please do not post excerpts of private conversations with others - whether email, IM, telephone or through another mode of communication. This is considered rude in general, and borders on unethical.

3. a. I consider the subject of Tolec to have been addressed sufficiently. At this point everyone has enough information to do their own footwork on the matter. Please stop posting everything that comes out of Tolec's fingers - this is publicly available elsewhere, like his own site. There's a link to the Andromeda Council website on the front page, and Tolec has his own youtube channel. You might also want to consider downloading all his previous shows and articles before he finishes editing them all to remove any references to Tau Ceti and the GFP.

3. b. This also goes for links without discussion or context. Please don't just link stuff with no discussion.

Remember, the comments posted are the sole opinion of the people posting them. If I post them, it doesn't mean that I agree with them or the Silver Legion agrees with them. I post dissenting opinions and counter arguments as well as supporting comments, provided they do not exist solely to attack someone.

I actually have a far more permissive comments policy than many doing this line of work. I'd rather be able to leave discussion intact and dissenting opinions intact, but I'm not going to permit this blog to become a soap box for someone else's agenda. This is still Silver Legion space, and we are here with a mission.

If this comments policy is not to your taste, the alternative is for me to disable comments altogether.