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Two New Meditations For Those Interested in Atlantis

by Tanaath on 12/09/15

Hello all, it's been a while. Contrary to rumours I am both still alive and still writing, just very very busy with physical life. I have a ways to go before I'm ready to post my writings yet, but I do have a meditation to post. 

Those familiar with my blog might remember that one of our Silver Legionnaires occasionally writes meditations. We have another one coming up - it's actually a two-part meditation. The first part, "Cleaning, Healing Atlantis Crystals", is set for December 17, 2015, at 20:00 GMT, or 15:00 EST. The second part, "Connection to the Atlantis Gate" is set for December 21, 2015, at 20:00 GMT, or 15:00 EST. Both meditations can be found on my meditations and downloads page

These two meditations are specifically centred around Atlantis. Many people who are alive now were part of the Atlantean civilization (it's part of the reason Atlantis is such a draw for so many of us). As most of us are aware, that civilization perished, largely due to sabotage by hostile ET subterfuge. Some of us who believe we were alive in Atlantis (and I am one of those) also believe that we are here in part to prevent the mistakes that were made then from being repeated. We are on the verge of repeating some of those very mistakes right now, with the use of high energy colliders like the LHC, and technologies like HAARP. 

Atlantis was legendary for its use of crystal-based technologies. Part of the intent of these meditations is to connect with that crystal energy from the past and use it to help cleanse the present and counteract the effects of things like the LHC and related colliders, HAARP, and chemtrails. The other part is to cleanse the crystal energies themselves of the sabotage that were introduced by hostile actors.

We would like to invite anyone who feels a kinship or resonance with Atlantis to participate in this meditation. Even if you don't feel you were in Atlantis, if you feel interested in this meditation and want to participate, please feel free. If you feel drawn to this, it suggests that you can make a contribution. 

If you can't make it on the time and days posted, please feel free to connect to this meditation when you can - as we are dealing with something that is time related, this will be open to participants in a timeless state.

Update: A message from the Silver Legion meditation writer

Some Explanations About Meditations Of The Kundalini Reiki For All, Who Are Not Initiated.

 Kundalini Reiki is a sort of the energy and like every energy have own protectors. Higher Beings, teachers, call it, how you like it. This energy can never conduct bad, magic, negative thoughts or feels or ideas what others can try to send. In the meditations can participate all, who are initiated and not initiated. All will enjoy this stream and get positive experiences.

The "Gasse" position of the hands is on the picture 1

The Balance Reiki on the picture 2 

To connect to the KR energy stream for the uninitiated is very simple, just make a strong intention, but you don’t need to push yourself very hard, relaxation and peace are very important for the individual, and saying the affirmation, which is posted in each meditation. It means, that everyone will enjoy the common stream of the KR energy and the meditation with all the rest.


If you feel your own Kundalini in your body, it is very good, especially if you don’t feel good. When someone asks you to use your own, personal energy or chakras in the meditations or sessions for some purpose, be very careful, if you are not a real Master and don’t know fully what is happening and how this all works, or if you can’t see or feel with your inner eyes or in other Ds, etc. It can be a trick and can bring damage, even if the goals sound very nice. Trust your inner voice, if you feel called, trust that you have to participate in some activity. Do this then only if you feel comfortable doing it. But let your consciousness decide, rather than your ego and your mind, in a fully conscious state decide to listen to your inner voice which is deep inside of you, like your Inner Light. Then you’ll make the right steps. We are all multi D beings, with a lot of parts in the higher dimensions and these parts of us are our own Higher Teachers, Ascended Masters. Our own parts help this incarnated part to learn what we must here on Terra. [Tanaath note: The only Ascended Masters you should consider are those that are made up of yourself, not other beings attempting to gain control over you. That is what our meditation writer is saying.]

I hope this small explanation will help everyone understand better.

Thank you.

love you all