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Show August 7, 2013, and updates

by Tanaath on 08/05/13

We will be having a show again August 7, and this time I will be able to make it. I'll be out of town, but I'll have my laptop and headset so I'll be able to call in. The URL is Questions can be submitted at Facebook at the page - we still are working on an apparatus for chats. We have been prioritizing getting the shows on the air, and all the other infrastructure is lagging behind some. Viedoklis, we will take questions via private email once we get it set up, so you don't have to spoon-feed your information to the CIA.

Update: The new email for questions is If you are sending in multiple questions, please number them and separate them with a few enter buttons to make things easier for the hosts to read.

Yes, we are planning to address the comments of Gramy J and Denise on the show. I will say now, that some things have been exaggerated and put out of context. Sometimes when people break with one another, they feel the need to justify the parting, and will look for post-hoc justifications as to why this is the right thing to do. I certainly bare them no animosity, though I wish they had not engaged in mudslinging. It would have been enough for them to just go their own way.

Post-show discussion: Thank you for the kind words and comments, even the huge giant post (especially the huge giant post) by TwoCables. I'm sorry, my thing doesn't permit any kind of formatting by me - what you write is exactly what gets posted and I don't have any editing or formatting powers. Yeah, Homestead's comments and blog widget is a bit... interesting.

As Nicholas Fowler stated, there is no need to keep redoing the autopsy. Denise and Gramy J have said their piece. We've said ours. I don't see any point in having an endless festival of recrimination and accusation. I don't bear any malice towards either Gramy J or Denise. I am very very sad to lose two friends who I care about greatly; especially to lose them in such a fashion. All I can really do is wish them the best and hope that they come out of all of this intact, so that when Terra's long nightmare is all over, I can give them a hug and tell them I love them.

Comments (79)

1. UniversalSage12 said on 8/5/13 - 12:04PM
Can't wait to listen to the new show! Looking forward to it.
2. Viedoklis said on 8/5/13 - 12:18PM
How to send questions for those who doesn't want to share their data with CIA in Facebook?
3. Beatejoe said on 8/5/13 - 03:39PM
United We stand divided We Fall...... I can see Denise has been under a lot of stress I think she took on a lot more than she could handle must have sent her over the Edge ?. says her work load has been up to 20 hours a day Ive learned in psychology class REM sleep is very important for you're Mental health I hope she gets plenty rest... also if she was paying out of pocket for the radio spot on a fixed income it may have been part of the reason to End it all
4. Messenger said on 8/5/13 - 03:49PM
Sorry Tanaath ! But i don't think anymore that Drake and you have really good things planned for mankind. I followed the hint of Gramy J and researched Jack Pruett and i must say that you have never got into that point in any detailed way in all of your shows - it even does not exist in any of your comments. That seems very fishy for me in retrospective, and a Drake who shoots his rifle in anger for someone like Gramy J shouldn't be trusted anymore ! You all have such an important role to play that you cannot afford it to be so uncontrolled and ego driven (like Drake who sees himself on a god level looking down on his good friends). I have followed you a long way til then, but i cannot trust Drake anymore...
5. Fred said on 8/5/13 - 04:48PM
Tanaath, Tolec has mentioned that the whole solar system is entering an area in space that vibrates in a higher frequency which transforms matter from 3d to 4d as it enters it. You have said that ONLY the earth was going through this change. I have gotten a bit confused. Could you please address this matter again after you have a chance to check what Tolec said. Thank you very much for all your wonderful work. Kindest regards, Fred
6. harry said on 8/5/13 - 04:51PM
well, when grammy said and claim he change his attitude and suddenly starting to behave with this and that attitude than is legitim quest to be asked who controls drake than? if you guys want real nice departing with each other in my humble opinion they need to be heard complitly one show needed ? than do it compleet show one whole show they arguments and drakes and fireofthe sun and tananaaath than is only nice...not just writing this and that ...speak arguments both sides and than is solwed than you are able to see trough inner vision whoes voice was cosmic positive voice and which is exagerateing cosmic voice I do belive drake is fake not just becouse of his disco fake lights last year but simple period due to his way of presenting things; to much talks complicate one in sted simple saying the same thing sometime not understandig at all what he is up to, than no explanation when lights were there he just when on and on He told grammy NOT TO SPEAK at all about dipparting controverse? I don by that that confirms my doubt hope you gonna do it as explained above thnx God Bless
7. Wood Legionaire said on 8/5/13 - 05:32PM
8. Jan said on 8/5/13 - 07:43PM
This is not a comment about the show, this is a question about something on Cosmic right now. This has been posted on Cosmic just a little bit ago and is quite disturbing. Was wondering if you could say if you think this is more fear porn or a real concern, please. Thank you.
9. Viedoklis said on 8/5/13 - 10:47PM
Jan, that is low level fear porn. Very low at all. Very old out-dated information. Soup that Cabal try to warm again and again.
10. J said on 8/5/13 - 11:09PM
I only ever listened to Universal Voice once Tanaath & Sunfire were on, however Denise seemed lovely to me and a great part of the show - so am sending her lots of blessings, loving thoughts, thanks and healing - if this could be passed on, I would really appreciate it. For Fred in comments: As I understand it, all the other planets, beings & life in our solar system are now transforming from 4D to 5D. We had a special dispensation from the Elohim here on beautiful Mother Earth, when, 26,000 years ago, at the demise of Atlantis, we couldn't make that shift up to 4D with the rest of them. This hasn't ever been done in any of the manifested Universes ever before (I don't think anyway), so was a very special gift. Our shift now is focused to 4D, but its hoped that we will all be able to move through that to 5D before the end of the next cycle - which we can't really gauge in 3D time! This is why some say we are moving from 3D to 5D, which has never been done before. They believe we are worth it . . .
11. Jeremy said on 8/6/13 - 12:04AM
Why do you hate me?
12. Paul said on 8/6/13 - 04:00AM
I think you are so right Tanaath it is all about balance, not rest, not holidays but balance. So take care of yourself and that balance. mnay blessings Paul.
13. truthseeker said on 8/6/13 - 06:24AM
I hope to God you and Drake address the departing with Universal Voice and all the points made from the last show. What a bad time for this kind of junk to go on. The doubts now of Drake and your Hearts and trust are in very serious question. You were one of the main driving sources for people seeking what's really going on. "Just go their own way" rings loud of not caring and that is the prime basis of people originally tuning in. I really dont know if we can trust any of you. How you treat this situation with the public will determine the future of this show and the cohesiveness it generates. Jeez - this hurts....
14. steve said on 8/6/13 - 09:03AM
im really pissed off, I've listened to everyone of your shows and really believed what you were saying, you say you and tolec are on the same side but you say he lies about the pole shift and anything dire thats going to happen and the same with alex collier. if sunfire is a diplomat how come she passes on 90% of the questions and how come drake suddenly thinks hes a god? i really hope the next show is going to bring me back on board with you guys and you clear up why everyone else is wrong and your right. many thanks
15. J said on 8/6/13 - 09:57AM
This' been very funny...
16. Jon said on 8/6/13 - 11:54AM
You would expect something like this should be resolved within the group in a more mature fashion. I agree with Rick Light in last Drake's show saying that we should focus on freedom and growth and ignore the drama. But when things get out like this, you just cannot ignore because it makes you wonder. What led to the situation like this? Denise and Grammy J seemed like caring people. But when they were crying and saying that Drake scolded at Grammy J and said he was a God, and then the shotgun and stuff, and not showing any appreciation for the work that Denise had been doing, what does this say about Drake if this was true? Although things should have stayed within the group, and yet now it makes the outside people wonder as it came out like this.
17. TausAmmer said on 8/6/13 - 12:38PM
What would I do without the drama. There would be no one to observe fighting with each other. Without fighting each other there would not be resolutions and understanding of peace. Sometimes I wonder. Thank you Lady for whatever you are doing.
18. Kati said on 8/6/13 - 02:19PM
Hi I am now second guessing this information more. Everyone has an agenda. I do wonder what payoffs each individual receives from having the many followers here and elsewhere and does that corrupt? I question the integrity of the players involved. I realise we are all human (Dragons) or god or whatever, but it seems that ego is simply taking over, especially in regard to Drake making himself higher than others if that is his orgininal intention. We are all a part of God so technically we can all say that.I agree the next talk will depend on the integrity of the hosts, including that of Sunfire, Tanaath and Drake. Truth shall set us free.
19. Reathion said on 8/6/13 - 05:42PM
Nice, to hear that there will be more shows soon! As soon as the 4th dimension comes around. I might join Silver legion.
20. Fred said on 8/6/13 - 06:18PM
To J in " comments " : Thanks J. What you have said makes sense. I have just never heard such info before from Tolec I believe. Then again, one should do his own research. Anyways, I look forward to the next interview. Best regards, Fred
21. Tmac said on 8/6/13 - 06:28PM
I've been listening to the show for a couple of months now, and at first the information seemed to be fairly reasonable, but then the show started to become a bit goofy; Sunfire always passing the buck, drake seems condescending, this show "for me" gave some hope for humanity for those willing to listen.Now it seems a stretch at best. I hope all this can be cleared up so the truth can be spread again, or is this just another way of false info? I really mean no disrespect when I say this, but with some of the seriousness of what is being discussed on the show,and with world, certain members on the show should approach these matters with a bit more maturity and less giggling with a more solid answer. I apologize if my comments have offended. Peace, Love.
22. Brasco said on 8/6/13 - 06:43PM
Advice...someone ask a question three times as to there intentions or if they have our best interests at heart.
23. Viedoklis said on 8/6/13 - 11:02PM
Brasco, There is no logic in your advice. If you don't believe of what Tanaath is saying, why do you think that 3 time saying will work? It's their information that you have to ask 3 times for answer.
24. T said on 8/7/13 - 12:10AM
Wow..... How easily we turn!
25. Bill said on 8/7/13 - 08:05AM
@Brasco: They're the ones that said about the 'say three times' stuff, do you really think that if they really were 'not of the light', they give you the means to expose them like that?
26. Bill said on 8/7/13 - 08:06AM
@Brasco:, someone did that already.
27. barb said on 8/7/13 - 08:43AM
Just want to send you love and light. Let you knew how much we in joy the show. Been with Drake from the beginning. Didn't bat a eye to this last curve ball the cabal through at you all easy to see though much love all of you.
28. Drake said on 8/7/13 - 11:27AM
Too bad people don't know the truth, so here goes. Most of the closing of Universal Voice are manufactured lies. And yes My wife was listening... So Grammy, how does shooting at a squirrel qualify as my enraged emptying of my gun? The comment by Denise that I 'never' offered to pay for things is similar, I offered many times but was refused. As far as the bad guy ET greys, I use them for target practice... ALL of the entities I deal with are 'vetted' in such a way that they can NOT hide their intentions. All the people I work with are Clean. AND No, there is no plan of any kind of control for mankind. Everything is oriented to setting the people of planet earth FREE. I do hope this clears the air a bit.
29. nicholas fowler said on 8/7/13 - 11:49AM
it seems to me, a great deal of emotion was raised, by dense and Grammy. thus has clouded their judgement, and I suspect a lot has been taken out if context. what we are missing or I am missing, please enlighten me, is the primary cause of the splitting up. this we should be clear about first. I wonder if somewhere the martyr syndrome is playing out, which is largely based on self pity... let's have none of that. I support Drake and the team, and have great compassion and respect for Denise and Grammy. how sad no one had a clear head without undue emotion so maybe thus whole, debacle would not have taken place . well, judging by the last two shows and Drakes excellent facebook page, the excellent presentation by Thomas who I deeply commend, all I can see is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel no, not a train as that has already gone by. I mean the end of the tunnel and into broad daylight. see you all in 4D!!!!!
30. Patty said on 8/7/13 - 12:48PM
I think you (Tanaath) Sunfire & Drake need to get together and work out what went wrong. Drake has a habit of internet Radio Hopping and leave a wake of disaster behind him. If you get involved with this how do you know you wont be dropped in a few months time by Drake? Also If Drake claims he's a god like being& we are to listen to him? Like he's giving the orders? What's this about? Why should we listen to him when he tells other people to not listen to GoodIntent AlwaysWins who claime not to be born on this earth yet. TYou and Sunfire are not exactly ETS in the true sense as you aree human incarnates. Why does Drake not like GoodIntent AlwaysWin. Is it because hes real alien born on another planet unlike yourself and Sunfire being human incarnates only? Also why cant Galactic Federation of planets and the Silver legion land on earth? You give an excuse why you cant... What is the problem and can anyone of the public try to solve it for you. I think GoodIntent AlwaysWin should be on a show with you and Drake and lets find out what the ET problem really is!
31. Viedoklis said on 8/7/13 - 01:16PM
Why would any rational and/or spiritual human would wanted to kill squirrel?
32. Alsey said on 8/7/13 - 01:23PM
What's done is done and perhaps best we didn't know about it.However I still have good thoughts for all parties.You just know the fanclub would love these kind of internal issues. We have a major job to do, let's get back on track.
33. idiit said on 8/7/13 - 01:51PM
we need the tanaath interviews available in "text search" format for easy access to her answers on specific topics. same goes for drake and sunfire. these could be offered under $pay or $donation delivery system via emails. tanaath's followers alone would make this idea economically viable. sign me up! not via nsa's facebook, pleaaaaase!
34. baconsexfight said on 8/7/13 - 01:57PM
PLEASE don't spend an hour on this drama. That would be lame.
35. Sartt said on 8/7/13 - 02:41PM
Why do people worry about earth being controlled? As long as ilm on this planet, all of our enemies will be burned to ash. I will consume entire stars, I will send asteroids into our enemies planets, I will ... I will... :D < Insane :D
36. ScumBag said on 8/7/13 - 02:52PM
I've heard stories of the ET's preventing nuclear missals from working in order to prevent humans from destroying the earth. What about the leaking nuclear plant in Japan? Japan has finally admitted that it's much worse than originally reported and apparently they don't know what to do to fix it. Wouldn't you say that this would be the perfect opportunity for them to come down and reveal themselves and show them how to clean up the mess? That way they could show that they are real and friendly as well? Sort of kill two birds with one stone so to speak.
37. JAZ said on 8/7/13 - 04:28PM
I agree with Nicolas Fowler and let's move on, please. Things are getting much too close for gigantic things to happen here on Earth. This is exactly what the Cabal would love to see happen here. It is unfortunate, and it could've been done in a much more professional way...emotions got in the way. I wish the best for all and offer unconditional love to ALL.
38. TwoCables said on 8/7/13 - 07:55PM
Jan: that's fear porn. Laugh it off and say "I'm not buying it". Next month, they'll say "Oh, we were wrong. Here's the new date that it'll happen". lol Truthseeker: I would say that Tanaath is just trying to express a desire to respect their free will instead of trying to convince them to do something that they really can't do anymore due to complete and utter exhaustion. When someone is clearly done with something, the worst thing to do is to keep after them - even if you're being very gentle and loving. I've been there: it's like, "omg just leave me alone!" Steve: I don't recall them EVER saying that Tolec lied about ANYTHING. Their only response for things like that have been, "I don't know. You would have to ask Tolec." They have never said "he lied". Ever. Also, Gramy J said that Drake said, "I'm on a god level". Go back and listen. ;) It's at 21:13 in the archive. Jon: She didn't say that Drake said he is a God. She said that he said that he's on a "god level". This is at 21:13 in the archive. Regardless, I agree with you and I'm at a point now where I'm still listening but I'm questioning EVERYTHING which is exactly what has been advised all along anyway by saying, "use your discernment". It's a nice because now I'm no longer just believing everything they're saying simply because THEY are saying it! I'm also paying attention to a LOT more than just what's being said. Like I said, I'm questioning everything now and so I'm also cautiously suspicious of them - or perhaps cautiously skeptical. TausAmmer: Damn, good point. Very good point. Thank you! Tmac: Drake has been condescending (and rude and arrogant) for several months now. It's just that it's getting more and more pronounced, especially now with the fact that he starts nearly every answer with something rude like, "Uh, yeah?" or, "Uh, no", or just "Uh". It's like he is saying the person is stupid for asking. HOWEVER, I think that he's just EXTREEEMELY frustrated with waiting and doing nothing but answering questions! I would probably end up answering questions like that too because a person can only take so much of this waiting and doing nothing before they begin losing their patience. So while I hate the way he answers questions now, I think I understand why. Put yourself in his shoes for a while. I mean, really meditate on it once. It's very unpleasant. So Drake, don't take offense ok? It's just an honest observation. I have heard you speak about how frustrating this is numerous times, ESPECIALLY with having tons of knowledge that you can't tell ANYone. I experienced this myself recently and it drove me nuts (it's still driving me nuts, actually). Not only that, but there's the "wait club" aspect. I can tell that you're bursting at the seams! Still, the way you're answering questions is like you're always saying, "omg, aren't you paying any attention? How stupid or ignorant can you be? We've covered this a hundred times already!" The problem is, not everyone can sit and listen to every second of a show that lasts 3-4 hours - especially people who are working 40+ hours a week and have to do work around the house on the weekends! To make it worse, you tell people to go back and listen to the archive to find their answer. That's rude! I mean again, that's not plausible for someone who's working 40+ hours per week who also has a house to take care of and maybe even a family to manage! Instead, it would be much better to just give them a brief version of the answer they are seeking and then move on to the next question. How many people are going to go back and listen to a 3 or 4-hour radio show just to find the one little moment where their question was answered? Good grief! That's almost like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Instead of telling them to go find their needle, just give them a new one as quickly as you can and be done with it! Tmac: getting back to the rest of what you said: I agree. I'm still catching up on the archives and I'm currently in the middle of the last Tanaath and Sunfire show on Universal Voice, but most of the shows prior to this one have been lacking reverence for the situation at times. Although, I admit that I do get a kick out of some things like when Drake belches (that's just my opinion - I'm weird like that). He even farted quite loudly on the air in July. I don't remember which show it was or what part of the show it was, but all I remember was, "The crux of it is this: <fart>" and then he continued to explain what the crux of it is. LOL I almost fell over! I loved it, but at the same time, it's unprofessional. Still, I loved it. I'm so torn. lol Hey, farts amuse me ok? :) Yes, I played it back a few times to laugh at it some more. However, when I listened back to it after hearing the final show from Denise and Gramy J, I stopped laughing. So, I'm confused now, but I am definitely using my discernment quite well for the first time. Drake: If they were manufactured lies, then why did they get so emotional? That would be some extremely good acting. I've never been able to get emotional over something that I didn't believe was 100% true. I'm not saying that it's all true, but they clearly believe it to be. They wouldn't have been able to get emotional if they were making that stuff up. Why were you shooting at a squirrel while you were on the phone? Don't get me wrong, I know you don't aim to shoot animals like squirrels but instead you just need to scare them away at times by shooting the ground next to them, but still: you could have explained to Gramy J why you were shooting your gun while you were on the phone. I mean, can you understand now why she thought you were shooting your gun to express your anger? I mean, especially considering what she thought you said, which I'm going to address next. If you had stopped to explain what you were doing and had apologized for all of that noise, then it would have made a HUGE difference! Can you agree with this? Why does she believe that you screamed, "Stick your head where the sun don't shine! I am on a god level, and you will shut the 'F' up and listen to me! You and Denise and Pat are making a mistake leaving the E.T. group when we're about to be healed!" (and what's that about? They're not going to be healed now? It sounds to me like there's something you're not telling us). If you said what she claims you said, then why did you say it? The only thing that I can think of is like I said earlier: a person can only take so much, and you've been at this for a VERY long time. I mean, you still said "I love you girl", almost like you were horrified by what you said to her. I've said some things that horrified me and I'm sure we all have, so is that what happened to you? Why did you say that (if you even said it)? If you offered to pay but were refused, then why does Denise feel that you never offered to pay? Why would she lie about that? I mean damn, this is Denise we're talking about here, not some member of the cabal! I had a 3½ hour conversation with her on the phone back in March, and the only impression I got from her is that she is the most honest and sweetest person I've ever had the pleasure of talking with so far in my 34 years in this life on this planet. Maybe she forgot that you offered, Drake. I mean, look at how hard she pushed herself and consider the condition of her health and her constant lack of sleep! Maybe she forgot, especially with how something like that compares to everything else (for her). I know, I know, the question becomes, "So then why did she mention it?" Yeah, well, she was upset and was just naming all the things that seem to add up to the conclusion she arrived at for herself. So yeah, I think there were a ton of huge misunderstandings here. However, and this is huge: Denise deserves (and needs) a long vacation at the very least. So, it's not like I think you guys should attempt to get back together anytime soon, but I would love to see you guys work this out and to clear up any confusions and misunderstandings that exist presently. Wouldn't you? Or, have you never cared about Denise and Gramy J and the rest of the former team of Universal Voice? Patty: Drake did not claim that he's a god-like being. Gramy J said that he said, "I am on a god level". This is at 21:13 in the archive. When she said that he said, "you will listen to me", he was talking to HER, not US. It was a private conversation, but of course it's also her word against Drake's. So without a recording of that conversation, there's no way to prove what he really said. Tanaath and Sunfire haven't really fully explained the reason why they can't land anymore, but they did say that this is a very recent change and it is something that they are working diligently on to fix. It sounds to me that this is something that only THEY can fix. Viedoklis: Drake explained in one of the shows in July that he doesn't actually try to kill squirrels and other animals. He's simply shooting the ground next to them in order to scare them away from things that he doesn't want them to be around. It's like a granny going out with her broom and swatting at the squirrels who are getting into her flowers, y'know? There's no intention to kill, just to "shoo" them away. The way Drake does it ensures that THAT PARTICULAR ANIMAL will never come back. Sure, maybe one of its relatives will, but THAT ONE won't! lol Would you?! lol He has good aim, so I'm not worried that he'll accidentally harm one of them. ScumBag: I've heard them explain before that they can't do this until it's safe to do it openly. If they were to do that right now OPENLY, then millions of people (if not billions) would panic and think that we're being invaded by the same hostile aliens that they have seen in certain movies. So what needs to happen first is exactly what they're beginning to do now. It's like Drake explained: this is the very beginning of the introductory process. At some point, the rest of the world will get their introductions. Then after our friendly E.T.'s know that it's safe to land without being shot at, they'll do things like this openly. Until then, they can't for their own safety. It's like Drake said: it's kind of hard to help someone if they're shooting at you (or if they think you're trying to kill them). So until then, they have to keep doing things secretly so that no one sees them. I apologize posting this because I know it's practically the longest post in history, but I just felt that it was necessary to clear these things up.
39. arctourist said on 8/8/13 - 06:15AM
yeah hey-- i'd like to hear more about the arcturians who are 'not considered friendly' --did anyone else hear that? just what do you know about them-and why wouldn't you want to share that? right?
40. Viedoklis said on 8/8/13 - 06:47AM
who read what TwoCables wrote? :) Anyone?
41. TwoCables said on 8/8/13 - 08:46AM
Aw, I apologize for the giant wall of text! I didn't know that all of my hard returns would be removed. Still, I tried to answer most of the questions, so please find your name (the one that you used in your comment) by pressing Ctrl+F and typing your name. Then begin reading my reply. :)
42. JAZ said on 8/8/13 - 09:44AM
TwoCables: You are right about it being the longest post in history, however, you said it very well and brought up some very good and real questions and possibilities. thank you for your post. It is a perspective from all points of view.
43. nicholas fowler said on 8/8/13 - 10:17AM
one final comment and a question... when a postmortems performed, answer this. how many tines is the autopsy dine in order tk find out out the cause etc. of the patients demise? I would answer only once. so, why not move on? can we not find some really nice, pleasant and positive comment to make, Tanaath must be worn out by all this. lets bring some sunlight in for a change shall we? I say talk about the Transition and what it means to all of us here...
44. Alsey said on 8/8/13 - 01:11PM
Yes I am always grateful for each show and interviews. You guys are a wealth of information and I feel privileged to be part of the transition, and of course so want it to be real. I use to work in the world of finance but gave it all up yrs ago, no regrets and certainly have no issues with all of us becoming equal, after all that was the way it was supposed to be. It pains me to see all the struggling in all of it's forms that goes on here on Terra. I've often thought how far ahead we would be if each individual was given the opportunity to reach their full potential. Instead the biggest resource on the planet that could contribute so much is actually wasted but hopefully not for long. So a big thanks to you guys and the positive benevolent ET's that are taking part in making this happen.
45. Martin said on 8/8/13 - 02:31PM
I feel quite handicapped at this time. That will probably only change when some conditions in my life do change. So I didn't manage to listen to the whole show yet and I didn't dare to try reading TwoCables large post - in spite of the fact, that I discovered an easier way to go about that.
46. Martin said on 8/8/13 - 02:40PM
I'm trying to get my text displayed more readably by spreading it through multiple small posts now. - But there is another way the reader can try to take. Homestead has a similar approach than I took, when I created a simple feed back page for my site. Basically the text you enter in the input form is stored in the database as you typed it. It is later displayed as the content of an html element - in a table data cell in the current case of Homestead.
47. Martin said on 8/8/13 - 02:50PM
The browser does not care about extra spaces or normal line breaks when displaying the text content of a normal html element (except for the 'pre' element). It will display the text in a compact manor, like you've seen above. Yet the (extra) line breaks... are still there. You can regain (most of) the original structure of the text by viewing the source code of the page.
48. Martin said on 8/8/13 - 02:57PM
To find the original structure of TwoCables text f.e., select the text with the mouse and select "View Selection Source" in the (right click) context menu. - Firefox allows that. - Otherwise, you may need to find the text within the (whole) page source code yourself.
49. Martin said on 8/8/13 - 03:03PM
It is possible, that Homestead would allow the structuring of the comments by some simple html tags, like some blogs allow. But I don't know that and I don't dare to try in this environment at the moment.
50. Martin said on 8/8/13 - 03:12PM
I like, what I've heard from Tanaath so far - especially about honesty... I believe I would like her even in the case of honest errors... I'm just reminded of this proverb and I would like to close by telling you about it: "When and honest man discovers he is mistaken he will either cease being mistaken or cease being honest." Anonymous (I found it in the official Thrive movie.)
51. Margi said on 8/8/13 - 04:21PM
@TwoCables. That post was a novel! However, I had a grin on my face and a big belly laugh at some points. Made my morning. Thanx lol Also, I agree with a lot of what you said. :)
52. Holly the Chaos Coach said on 8/8/13 - 04:25PM
Thank you, Sunfire, for keeping your comments about the recent split with Universal Voice so brief, clean, and non-personal. I have purposely kept my distance from this issue as it does not concern me. It is none of my business and plays absolutely no role in my feelings/beliefs about any of the players. I was not involved, it had nothing to do with me, and I refuse to be a party to any of it. I must say however, that I was deeply disappointed that this issue was addressed in more depth by Drake and Tanaath on Cosmic Voice. I don't listen to hear personal problems that people are having with each other (not because I'm not compassionate, but because it's none of my business and is not relevant to the show's purpose) and I, personally, find the need for people to defend themselves in this particular venue inappropriate and unnecessary. NO ONE from either party owes me a thing!! I am not a effected by any of this and quite frankly, don't understand why this issue would be addressed at all in such a public venue. That said, I hope and pray that this is the end of this and that we will not be subjected to listening to this sort of drama in the future. I remain a staunch supporter of Drake, Tanaath, and Sunfire and continue to care about Denise and Gramy J. I wish the very best for all concerned. Now...on to the task at hand.
53. Margi said on 8/8/13 - 07:12PM
Oh and I forgot to mention that the show this week was great, and you're awesome Tannath. :) I think you are a very wise being.
54. Sonara said on 8/9/13 - 02:49AM
Having listened to both parties I can say that everyone said how they felt. And having had the priveledge of listening to people about situations such as this (in a healing/counselling role) I can say that it is quite normal to hear completely different 'stories'. We all have our 'take' and perception of so called 'reality'. What I would say is that the 'bad guys' succeeded in their 'divide and conquer' tactics. However it has brought out the 'be discerning' issue which is a good thing - it is up to each one of us to 'feel' what is right for ourselves. All the people concerned genuinely care about us and our planet - it is up to us to listen to their opinions in openness. We can take on board that which feels right, dismiss that which does not and be open to the rest. We don't need to shoot the messenger. Everyone is putting their hearts and lives on the line - and I commend them all. There are very few people that I listen to who allow themselves to be exposed in this vulnerable way - but it is because of their humanness that I feel that I 'know' them and can 'trust' their integrity. The shows have lost some of the connections as a result of the abrupt change - it no longer feels like a family - I guess that is because trust has been broken and wounds need to heal but hopefully the past will slip away. I wish you all the best - and would be lost if you gave up. Your shows help to keep me uplifted in spirit - and motivated. My Blessings, thanks and love to you all.
55. Sonara said on 8/9/13 - 02:53AM
I just posted a comment - which has apparently gone to spam - but I have no idea why as it was not rude - maybe you could read it and check it out
56. Jill said on 8/9/13 - 10:22AM
Thanks so much for a wonderful radio show the other night. It was very heartwarming and I am so glad I resonate with you all. I love you all so dearly. Someday I hope to give you all a big hug. Thanks for all your hard work by putting this out there and all the other work your all doing. xxoo
57. E.E. said on 8/9/13 - 03:11PM
Great show once again Tanaath! I'm still trying to astral project, but meanwhile I'm going to start compiling notes from the interviews as well as Tolec's information so I can better explain what's going on when the benevolents start openly landing.
58. Viedoklis said on 8/9/13 - 10:52PM
I thought no nukes will be allowed:
59. Aaron said on 8/9/13 - 10:59PM
Believe That Everything Happens For A Reason... People Change So That You Can Learn To let Go.. Things Go Wrong So That You Can Appreciate Them When They Go Right.... You Believe Lies So That Eventually learn to Trust No One But Yourself... And Somehow Good Things Fall Apart So That Better Things Can Fall Together
60. Alex said on 8/10/13 - 11:14AM
What´s up with not asking Tanaath for "final statement/words" during the show? =)
61. Edwin said on 8/10/13 - 12:24PM
Tanaath have you guys tried getting a guest on your show? Tolec hasn't been interviewed since May. Maybe you can persuade him to make an appearance.
62. Sunfire said on 8/10/13 - 12:39PM
Viedoklis, That piece is inaccurate, there weren't any nukes. And, you're right. They wont be permitted, and have't been. Can not always believe what you read specially concerning things like Nukes.
63. Fred said on 8/10/13 - 03:24PM
I agree with Edwin. It would be awesome to have Tolec on the show. He hast said anything for way too long. Tanaath, could you try to contact him ?
64. Crystal said on 8/11/13 - 02:27AM
Everyone sees the world through their own personal filter or experience. We're all in different places in our spiritual development, or what things we've been programmed to believe, or what we already know about the truth of our world. Memories are not perfect as emotions color what we keep or decide what is important to us; the more emotion, the more color. =^) Teachers know that it takes an average of 12 repetitions of something before a student remembers it - homework anyone? In addition, when someone reaches saturation point with information and can't take in any more, they shut down -- some faster than others. Isn't this why the show was started, to trickle out information so we wouldn't get crushed under truths we're not prepared to assimilate in one big gulp? The audience that finds you here is ready for what you have to offer, new listeners added all the time. If it's too much or not enough to satisfy them, they will move on to find what they need, and the most loving thing you can do is wish them well.
65. Sunfire said on 8/11/13 - 08:07AM
Fred, Tolec has been contacted and invited on the show, he said he won't be doing anymore interviews until the time he announces the arrival of the Liaison / Good Will Ambassadors from the AC.
66. Martin said on 8/11/13 - 11:40AM
Talking about Tolec - Lozion has posted a message to Tolec and Tolec's answer at It should start here:
67. Martin said on 8/11/13 - 12:08PM
As I mentioned earlier, the text formatting you put inside your comments is not truly lost, even if it is not normally displayed on the site. Just now, I found a way to get much of the original formatting displayed in the browser - no need to view the source code this time. :-)
68. Martin said on 8/11/13 - 12:31PM
It works with the Style Editor, that comes with Firefox. It can be found in the menu Tools/Web Developer. First you navigate to the page you want to apply it to, then you open the Style Editor. You click "New" to add a style to be applied and enter the following: " .comment { white-space:pre-line; }" - without the quotation marks. Then you click "Save" to save the style you just added in a file - I suggest naming it "pre-line_comments.css". Next time you visit that page, you can simply "Import..." from that file, instead of creating it a new. You should now be able to see the formatting (line breaks) of those comments. Close the Style Editor and look at TwoCables comment (#38) to see the difference. ;-) Explanation: all those comments belong to the class "comment", therefore setting the white-space style for that class (-> .comment) will address the problem.
69. Alsey said on 8/11/13 - 01:29PM
Martin thank you for that link. A few shows back someone asked a question regarding the brown dwarf star Tekoma and the accompanying planet. For those who don't know,I asked Tolec about this a few months back and he replied that both bodies were already safely parked behind Jupiter and will remain there until it's time to move them to their permanent orbits. Just think about that each time you look at Jupiter in the night sky, awesome.
70. TausAmmer said on 8/11/13 - 01:57PM
You all are glass marbles running around wooden floor, shined upon by sun and reflecting rainbows from each other around.
71. Viedoklis said on 8/12/13 - 12:23AM
I think there is a simple way to explain people about transition time line and why it's not possible to tell exact date at exact time but know that transition will happen and at which phase it is. In order to receive an answer to this question as always we have to look for an answer in nature. For example, we know all phases for an apple to ripe and fall from the tree when it's ready. But we can't tell exact date and time when will it happen. It's simply impossible, and if someone is telling you that he/she know when that appel will be ready to drop down from tree - than either he/she is lying or guessing. What has no value at all. What we know is that this apple will ripe eventually and it will happen because it has all necessary condition to happen and there is nothing to stop that from happening. Especially if this apple is guarded in order to remove any worm that would want to eat it. Only thing is that this knowledge of ripping planet Earth have ET's but not us. But either we know it or not doesn't effect in any way this process. Apple will ripe and planet Earth will go to 4th density and we or anyone else can't tell exact date and time it will happen. ET's can tell that our planet is at it's last phases of ripping. In continuation of this allegory Tanaath & Sunfire is saying that apple mostly is aready in "autumn" but Andromenda Council scientists has cauculated some date window (2014. January) for this apple to drop. That is as accurate as it can get. I hope it will be useful for people to understand this concept of timeline for transition of planet Earth. There are many many process in nature you can't tell exact date & time in seconds it will happen. But it will happen.
72. Edwin said on 8/12/13 - 11:29AM
@SUNFIRE well then he won't do another interview for quite some time because he's wrong about January 2014. Alex Collier gave a ton of predictions that were to supposed to happen between 1997 and 2012... NONE of them came true. Tolec's predictions have not been any different. The Andromeda Council SUCKS at prophecy and anyone forwarding their predictions is sure to ruin their reliability.
73. Fred said on 8/12/13 - 04:35PM
Sunfire : You are absolutely right. Tolec did say that. I was just hoping that he would join you guys in one of the shows since some questions have been addressed to him. Anyways, thank you very much for your reply. Kindest regards, Fred ( Ohio )
74. Fred ( Ohio ) said on 8/12/13 - 04:52PM
Tanaath, Sunfire and Drake: I would like to share something with you guys regarding the possible attempt of the reptilians to try anything to fool the people of earth as to being the " good " guys. It would seem obvious that at this point, the reptilians KNOW the Andromeda council and the Silver legion can defeat them,right? So,why would they still even bother ? How many times do they want to get their A**** kicked ??? Another thing real quick...I have been observing the skies for a very long time and have seen the chem-trails also for a very long time here in Ohio...but as of about a month ago, chem-trails have almost disappeared. Nothing like before when anyone could just look up and spot a few of them at any given time...Now, I cant find any. Is anyone seeing the same positive effect ?
75. Beatlejoe said on 8/12/13 - 10:36PM
Fred ( Ohio ) You're right I live in Cleveland Ohio and remember relentless chem spraying its amazing seeing real clouds and blue sky's Ive been buying and making and gifting Orgonite for about 3 years now when they were spraying I could see them break up and clear up around my area
76. Loco said on 8/13/13 - 12:37AM
@EDWIN, I clearly remember, during the time of cleaning up reptilian underground bases, when Tolec said that a big one spotted next to the east coast of China would be destroyed in the next days. Well, a huge earthquake shocked exactly that region in the very next days. For me that was a pretty accurate prediction. If they are right with January 2014 or not, we'll see, but don't come with your hate slogans because one day that same speech may be coming directly towards you.
77. Alsey said on 8/13/13 - 01:17AM
Within one of Mark Kimmel's transcripts of conversations with beings on board the 'Athabantian', a being introduces themselves as one of the celestial's that is helping orchestrate this transformation. As most are aware the term orchestrate means:'To arrange or control the elements of, as to achieve a desired overall effect.' That would indicate that as they have the ability to do so, they can propose a particular time window. So though it appears to be event driven they seem to have a say in it.
78. Fred ( Ohio ) said on 8/14/13 - 08:09AM
BEATLEJOE - That's the ticket my friend. I thanks for confirming my observations and most of all, for helping our planet and us Ohioans to see the clear blue skies again. That's a gift returned to all of us. God bless. Fred ( Ohio )
79. Stephen said on 8/15/13 - 02:11PM
Loco,you are right about what Tolec said about that earthquake near China.I heard that interview with Alfred Webre and that was confirmation for me.Keep the faith and thanks for the updates Taanath.

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