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Religion, the Demiurge, and Gods

by Tanaath on 01/28/16

Hello everyone, I'm back. I'll be going back and forth between my usual residence and a place where I have no time to write and little to no internet access, which will slow down my posting schedule in the weeks when I'm not at home. But here's the latest update.

Religion, The Demiurge, and Gods

The notion of religion is a foreign one to many denizens of a normal universe, since most beings automatically feel a connection to their Source and have no need for an intermediary or authority to control them or force them into the ‘right behaviour,’ ‘right beliefs,’ or moderate their connection with Source. Spirituality is one’s connection to one’s Source, the creator of all beings within a given universe. This is a connection that cannot be broken by force, only by choice. While some beings may prefer a more intensive relationship with Source, no being is lesser or greater than any other in terms of that connection. Just as there are no personifications of a Source within a universe, no being gets to dictate to other beings how they should form their connection to Source or what that connection should be like.

Religion, on the other hand, is a form of mind control. It’s an attempt to mediate one’s spiritual connection with one’s own Source through what someone else feels is ‘the right way to be spiritual’. Whether this is through a requirement for ritual, special behaviours, or a requirement to go through a specific person or group, it imposes a filter between a being and that being’s Source through someone else’s will. It interferes with the fundamental relationship between beings and their creator. In the worst case scenario, religion can be an outright attempt to trick beings into switching their soul connection from Source to another being, which may then further transfer that connection somewhere decidedly bad. This is the case with the religions of Earth, which have all been used as a tool to attempt to sever Terrans from our own Source and our own selves and instead feed our power into the apparatus of the universe destroyers.

On Earth, a special situation occurred. An additional spiritual layer which obscured and made ‘distant’ the Source-connection was overlaid around the planet and tied to the collective consciousness of the people living on that planet (us). This was designed, created, and put into place covertly by hostile ET/ED species who had an exceptionally long-term plan in mind for this planet and its people. This was integrated into the ‘Matrix and Veil’ apparatus that they created to overlay our planet and control our reincarnation and perception of our living reality. This layer made our Source connections obscure to our conscious perceptions, and hard to feel and sense, and easy to confuse for something else. Those connections are still there - as I said, they cannot be broken - but they have been obscured. This overlay was combined with direct manipulation of our genetic code in order to instill in us a prevailing psychological need for belief. This was done deliberately, to aid in the process of getting us to switch our spiritual attachments from our true creator, our Source, to whatever intermediary the invading hostile ETs (who were in turn agents of a long chain of manipulators that go straight back to Alternate) wished to promote. It was passed off as an exceptional challenge which would strengthen the people who took it, leading to some distant future where ultimately they would emerge stronger and more connected to Source than ever before – but the true intent was to sever that connection once and for all, not to challenge us to make us stronger.

The pathological need for belief instilled within us included not only the need itself but the psychological requirement to fix those beliefs as relatively static and to defend - violently if necessary - against challenges to those beliefs. It wouldn’t necessarily matter what that belief was, if it was instilled at the right time in an individual’s stage of development, that individual would likely go throughout their life defending that belief and attempting to co-opt others into it. In that way, it was designed to be self-perpetuating and also to encourage divisiveness and suspicion or aggression to those who were not already part of the individual’s social or cultural ‘tribe’. This divisiveness prevents human beings from ever rallying in large groups to oppose the hostile ET control. We’re thus too busy arguing and killing each other over things that don’t exist to step up and unite against the ones causing the trouble.

In addition to creating social divisiveness and preventing coordinated actions, this alteration also made it easy for hostile ETs to pose as ‘gods’ and be believed, worshipped, and obeyed by a primed, naive humanity. This made it easy to trick, manipulate, and enslave the human population of Earth. It also allowed these hostile ETs to carry out proxy wars against one another (because they are also not unified in intent and have a great deal of infighting) using Terran humans as cannon fodder. It allowed them to live very comfortable lives, with humans as labour slaves, entertainment, and sometimes food.

Unfortunately, this also made human beings very prone to believing that anyone not human was a god. Some unscrupulous beings took advantage of this, while others tried to avoid it and got saddled with the belief whether they wanted it or not. Some of the gods of our mythology were beings that were actively trying to take advantage of our engineered propensity for religion. Some were more friendly visitors, who were ‘deified’ whether they wanted it or not.

Are there actually gods? Yes. Please note I use ‘god’ with a small ‘g’, as opposed to ‘God’, which has been co-opted very firmly by the Abrahamic religions. I’ll talk more about that particular character further in this post. What makes something a god or angel or other ‘divine’ being has to do with how they entered into this universe and the roles they have chosen to play within it.

There are two ways an individual can come into being in a universe, at least for the first time. Most beings within a universe are born for the first time in a particular universe somewhere in the lower densities of existence, and gradually, through many lifetimes of experiences, raise in density as they evolve as an individual. Some of those may choose to stay indefinitely in certain densities because they enjoy it, but for the most part beings will sooner or later choose to go into the ‘top’ triad of densities.

An aside - It’s important to note at this point that a being’s density doesn’t denote its goodness, righteousness, deservingness, or anything like that. Different densities provide a different sort of experiences. When beings get into the 10th, 11th, and 12th densities of our universe, they often take on roles that are more custodial or supportive of life in the lower densities. But, they still have free will, and are still capable of choosing to exercise that free will in a way that causes harm to other beings. It becomes rarer, but it’s still a possibility. Just because someone might be a higher density (often termed ‘dimension’) to you does not make them better than you, and does not mean they automatically have your best interests in mind or are incapable of harming you. It does not make them good! There has been a great deal of propaganda spread on this planet portraying higher density beings as being spiritually superior to Terran humans and as people to be obeyed, worshipped, deferred to, or catered to in some way. That propaganda makes active use of the genetically engineered Terran trait of religiosity. They’re using the control mechanisms they or others like them created in us to their own advantage in order to deceive or control us. Don’t buy into it.

The other way that beings enter a universe is by entering the universe at the point it is born, originating in the upper triad of densities. These beings are always people whom the Source creating the universe knew before the current universe, who have already gone through the business of living countless lifetimes and learning and evolving and raising in densities, and who are ready to do something else. They are usually brought in by that Source by invitation in order to assist in creating the universe. These beings are often referred to as the ‘gods and angels,’ and take on a role within the universe that grants them great power with a corresponding limitation on what they can do. They still have free will, but they are limited in what they can do with their power when it comes to exercising those powers in ways that might violate the free will of the ‘mortal’ beings who originate in the lower densities. The universe is largely ‘here’ for the benefit of that vast quantity of ‘mortals’ - beings who were born in the lower and mid-level densities and who are going through all those varied experiences in those densities. Therefore the powers of the gods and angels are necessarily limited when acting in the lower densities, so as to not interfere with the free will of mortals. If gods wish to act as fully free-willed actors, they must descend into those lower densities and give up (at least as long as they are active in those lower densities) portions of their power; unless those powers are needed for the maintenance of universal balance.

As I mentioned before, everything in this universe is affected to some degree by the fractal virus. This expressed in some of the gods and angels through those beings deciding that creation shouldn’t be for the benefit of the multitudes of beings living out their experiences in the main part of creation, but should be for their own benefit. Some of these gods and angels bought into the pyramidal top-down elite structure created by Alternate. Some decided that they wanted to rule over others and force creation to serve them, instead of serving creation. For many of the ones who ‘fell,’ this was a kind of expression of an innate tendency brought on by the virus itself. Others were actively courted as agents by Alternate, and consciously joined the structure. The consciously, actively involved gods and angels managed to sabotage the society of the gods, causing a civil war, and a kind of scattering or diaspora out of their home in the upper triad of the densities into ‘creation proper’, densities 1 through 9. These renegade gods have continued to fight with other gods and with mortals, always attempting to increase their control over others in support of their ultimate objective to rule over the spoils of a shattered universe. Many gods and angels who did not ‘fall’ have chosen to join efforts with mortals to oppose these tyrannical renegade gods. The ones who choose to oppose tyranny fight from within, lowering their densities and becoming capable of acting, as one of us. They do not hold themselves separate as superior beings, but are your equals.

Our planet’s history is rife with examples of outside entities - gods, angels, ETs, and spirit beings of all varieties - interfering with us. Most of the interference was spurred on by those who were part of Alternate’s extended apparatus. When beings that weren’t part of the apparatus were involved here, they were frequently covertly infiltrated in order to ensure that their works would still contribute to achieving the aims of Alternate. Religion is very much an example of this. All religions contain a kernel of truth, veiled within plenty of falsehoods, control mechanisms, and honest confusions and misconceptions. Positive beings came to Earth with great lessons in an attempt to aid humanity (which, at the time, was believed by those positive visitors to be innocently ignorant rather than purposefully manipulated into what we are), only to have their teachings perverted and transformed into systems of oppression, domination and indoctrination. All organized religions have been affected by the agenda of the tyrants to some extent. Notable are those religions that attempt to encourage human beings to go outside themselves - through other beings - to connect with their creator.

Where the agents of Alternate found traces of original spiritual understanding, they were careful to destroy as much of those ideas as they could, forcing their own dogma on those societies. There is a reason why the imperial and colonial societies of this planet attempted to stamp out indigenous knowledge and societies wherever they encountered them. All empires make use of the fractal structures developed by Alternate (which is what makes them so usurious and so unsustainable in the long term) and their religions are part of that. In particular, the empire termed the ‘Holy Roman Empire’ was extremely virulent, and both it and its successors have been driving factors in the ongoing push to conquer this world and subject it to a singular tyrannical rule. That particular empire (and its successors) had backing from various hostile non-human stakeholders, providing knowledge, technology, and expertise to aid in the conquest. Other empires had backing by other groups, but on this planet, that particular empire (and its successors) was the faction that won out over the other negative factions squabbling for the opportunity to crush us under their boot heels.

Christianity was deliberately developed as a weapon of the Roman empire, in order to quell and take control of competing religious movements. It was based upon the activities of popular higher dimensional teachers, who were condensed into a single composite character, which was then inserted into the popular mind as a kind of early psi-op. More information can be found here: What this article doesn’t address is the more metaphysical reasons for this particular psi-op. The psi-op was particularly effective due to backing and aid by hostile ET groups who assisted the Roman empire. But the creation of the figure of ‘Jesus Christ’ had a second, unspoken goal, which was even greater than the apparent aims of the Romans. ‘Jesus Christ’ was created to be a spiritual intermediary between people and Source. That figure, along with a dogma that teaches that the way to ‘God’ and ‘Heaven’ is through him, was developed to be a silent, stealthy, innocuous way to trick the good, well-meaning people of the world into transferring their Source connection to Jesus. The claims of the Christian church are that the only way to connect with ‘God’ (described as the omnipotent creator of the universe) are to go through the human intermediary slaughtered in a blood sacrifice for our supposed ‘sins’ against creation. The ‘sins’ against creation were never ours in the first place, and Jesus Christ is not Source. Nor is the being behind Jesus Christ Source. That being is a creation of Alternate, sometimes termed the Demiurge. One of that being’s purposes is to slowly transfer the Source connections of creations - through trickery, manipulation, or through somehow gaining their consent or agreement - to itself. If a certain threshold is reached, our Source will no longer be able to sustain itself and this universe will die, and then Alternate will feast upon the remains.

Any religion or spiritual practice that encourages you to go through an intermediary for any kind of ‘salvation’ or other idea is contributing to that death. Anything that has you going outside yourself to ‘find’ ‘God’ or ‘the Light’, or Source is part of that. Sending your prayers outwards, sending your worship outwards, acknowledging gods and other beings as having some kind of ‘right’ to demand your obedience or to submit to their will, is contributing to that. It doesn’t matter what they call themselves - archangels (Archon Angels are what the faction of angels who joined the renegade gods called themselves, in a reflection of what they saw as their right to rule over others), ascended ‘masters’, gods, devas, whatever - if they have you go through them or use their power, they are there to steal your connection from Source and trick you into being part of the Demiurge’s spiritual structure of control, domination, and enslavement. Negative beings will play into this as well, playing a ‘bad cop’ role to harass you into calling out and spiritually attaching yourself to one of the Demiurge’s servants for ‘salvation’. Once you’ve attached yourself to the Demiurge’s servants, their goal is achieved and they can stop attacking, perpetuating the notion that the Demiurge ‘saved’ you, when all a long it was just another ‘good cop, bad cop’ routine to trick you into giving yourself away. Forcing you to make the switch was always the goal of the demonic harassment – their enjoyment of the harassment is their payment for the task.

The Demiurge itself is not a creation of the lower dimensions, as is claimed by some. Nor is it a natural part of this universe, and it is not responsible for the physical universe, as is believed by the Gnostics (who were able to get an inkling of what it was, but not the whole story). The Demiurge is incapable of true creation – it can only copy, alter, and destroy, because it is not a true Source connected to the Tree of Life attempting to explore itself through infinite fractalization. The Demiurge is the consciousness of the fractal virus – and an extension of the consciousness of Alternate’s dead universe. That fractal is inward-facing and inherently entropic, rather than outward-facing as a living universe fractal is. Reflecting its makers as a fractal extension of their own nature, it is a demanding, selfish, and jealous ‘god’; seeking to suborn all beings it can to its own will for its own sole benefit. It is formed out of broken universal rules, and is attempting to legitimize its existence by shoving Source out of the way and assuming control over this universe.

The way to Source is within yourself. Your spiritual connection to Source is always there (unless you deliberately sever it). If you’ve been tricked into separating yourself from Source and attaching to someone else, getting back that connection is easy enough - just send your intention to reconnect with your creator - your TRUE Creator, your Source - into your own self. You may suffer spiritual attacks from angry agents of the Demiurge trying to keep you attached to the impostor. It’s worth it to continue attempting to reconnect with your Source. Because of the Matrix and Veil, you may not vividly feel that connection, but it is there. If you re-establish and consciously re-affirm that connection with your real creator, you simultaneously weaken the Demiurge, strengthen our Source, and contribute in a huge way to the survival of this universe. Nobody else can do this for you. You have to do this for yourself.

The original quote from one of the spiritual teachers who came to try to help humanity was something along the lines of “My way to Source is through me, your way to Source is through yourself.” This was deliberately changed to be “the way to God is through Me” in an effort to encourage that spiritual switching to the composite dummy figure created to be a catch all for the Demiurge.

Remember, any being that demands your veneration, subservience, worship, obedience, or anything along those lines doesn’t deserve any of it. They are part of the problem, and have no natural rights over you of any kind. They are not better than you. Even if they are very powerful beings, even if they are gods, they do not have a right to your obedience and worship. You have your own right to free will, and no being has any right to come between you and your Source. Assert your sovereignty as a free creation, with free will and ruled by no being, in your heart and in your conscious mind.

See you next time with We are All Co-Creators of Our Reality, Right?