News, May 27, 2012 : Silver Legion Announcements
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Silver Legion Updates
I've added this page as of March 27, 2012, to provide a place for people to read updates on Silver Legion news and for announcements. Please note this blog uses an 'invisible scroll bar', so if it appears cut off, click on the blog portion and scroll down. I'm sorry, I didn't develop the tool, it's a widget provided by Homestead. I am limited in how I can modify it. And yes, the Captcha sucks, again, I don't have the ability to modify that.

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News, May 27, 2012

by Tanaath on 05/27/12

Hello all,

By now some of you will have seen the announcement on Tolec's site regarding another mission discussion that's about to go up on YouTube, or visited John Kettler's site and seen mention of the Silver Legion in a post regarding a combat mission there. Yes, we did indeed get something done, and I will be posting a longer, written description of the mission here. I'll also be posting the link to the YouTube interview with Tolec and myself - it will be found on his channel TolecfromDakote, as usual.

Tolec and I still plan to release the second part of our 'introductory' piece, but that will likely wait a bit as we will both be very busy with comments and emails from this work that was just completed. 

I'd like to remind commenters that my preferred form of communication is email, so while you are free to comment and I'll approve most things, if you want an answer back from me, you'd be better off emailing me. If the widget doesn't work for you, let me know in comments - I've had problems with it using iOS devices myself. There's not much I can do if something doesn't work other than to alert the hosting company to the fact that their widgets are not compatible with my devices, unfortunately, but I'll certainly make them aware that it's a problem if it continues to be one.


The interview between me and Tolec is now up at Please feel free to watch and enjoy.

I'll describe the two operations in an additional post, likely tomorrow or the next day.