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by Tanaath on 06/30/17


Ahh, Karma. Karma is a favourite concept of the New Age community. For most people, Karma is the concept that what you do returns on you – i.e., bad people get punished by circumstances that bring about nasty things for them to experience, and good people get rewarded by circumstances that bring about good things for them to experience. Unfortunately, that’s not how Karma works. Nor is Karma some kind of multi-lifetime punishment and reward system that penalizes or rewards you for actions taken in previous lives, as is another popular conception of Karma. Karma isn’t a spiritual petty cash box where you can do something ‘wrong’ and a few things ‘right’ and come out even at the end of the day. 

All of these conceptions, along with many of the other popular framings of Karma as a mechanism for universal revenge and reward, are distortions of the truth intended to disempower us and shift the blame for atrocity and suffering onto the heads of those experiencing the suffering. The notion of Karma is also used to pacify us and keep us from taking action against abusive people, under the assumption that bad people doing evil things will somehow end up punished without anyone having to actively oppose or resist them. Both blaming the sufferer, and assuming that somehow the universe is going to ‘take care of it’ without the effort or input of any other actor, are insidious and destructive effects. They encourage passivity and inaction. They take advantage of our natural desire for justice and the righting of wrongs, and hand-wave those natural desires away as something that will all get taken care of eventually – while permitting those very wrongs and injustices to continue unaltered and unhindered.

It gets worse. Karma sits with the ‘Law of One’ and ‘co-creation of reality’ and a host of other universal laws that have been redefined and explained to us by the controllers of the system in ways intended to get us to sit down and take our suffering without complaint. In fact, the controllers of the system even developed a group of functionaries that call themselves the ‘Lords of Karma’. These beings are responsible for basically putting the souls of anyone who dies on the surface of this planet into a guilt-trip of massive proportions, all intended to get the individual to agree ‘oh, I lived a terrible life, I must go back to correct my mistakes’… at which point they have a pretense to reincarnate that being – after a helpful memory-wipe to ensure a ‘clean slate’, of course. Fixing ones’ ‘Karma’ is the pretext given to the being about to be reincarnated – and if that being doesn’t agree, he or she will be forced. Quite often, the supposed crimes of the individual are made up – they’re presented with a fabrication of how nasty their life was in order to try to trick them into agreeing to fix the ‘mistakes’.

(Unfortunately, at that point, most beings are so traumatized by their own deaths and the hectic conditioning that they’ve been exposed to that they’re off balance and unable to realize what is going on, that they don’t realize they can fight back and break free. Those who do are sometimes overpowered and subdued, but some do break free. It’s possible to break free, but requires immense determination and effort. If you find yourself in this position, don’t be afraid to do whatever it takes to get past the deception. Go into yourself, and don’t let them follow.)

So, what then? If what we’ve been thinking of as Karma is just a fraud designed to trick us into reincarnating on this planet, does that mean there is truly no justice in the universe? Are evil people free to continue being evil and abusing others and benefiting without any end to it? Of course not!

Karma, as a universal law, is more accurately reframed as ‘obligation to balance or correct something’. This doesn’t mean divine punishment. This doesn’t mean living a life of suffering because you did something wrong at some point. Nor does this mean ‘winning the lottery’ or some other stereotypical windfall because you did something good once. What this means is if you mess up big enough, you will be offered opportunity after opportunity to correct your error until you either fix it, or refuse past the point of no return. What the point of ‘no return’ looks like depends on the error and your refusals to address it. It might mean that you are synchronistically ushered into an experience where the only possible actions involve fixing the error somehow. In extreme cases, it might mean that you end up being eroded away, bit by bit, until the part of you that is capable of creating the error is irrevocably removed from you – even if that means all of you has to be destroyed to remove that potential.

What kind of thing, then, incurs Karma? As I mentioned above, it’s not a spiritual petty cash box. Karma really only comes into play when you’re doing something that alters the balance on a large scale. I’m not talking about being reincarnated as a veterinarian because you ate meat in a past life, or becoming a natural healer after working for Monsanto; I’m talking about things that affect entire civilizations, planets, systems, galaxies, that kind of thing. And quite often, Karma is not a personal thing but something entire groups experience. For instance, the various ET races that have interfered with us negatively throughout our history have a massive Karmic ‘debt’ to us specifically – and as long as they keep causing harm, they’re driving that up into the rafters. They are being given the opportunity to discharge that debt by undoing the wrongs that have been done to us. Some are choosing to, but most are trying to dodge their responsibility by doing actions that are being passed off as beneficial but are truly self-serving.

As an example, the Alcyone Pleiadians have accrued a Karmic debt to Terrans by participating willingly in assisting in the creation of the Veil technology and the modification of our genetics to introduce religiosity and other harmful things. Among the New Age set, some of the biggest proponents of so-called ‘DNA activation’ are the Alcyone Pleiadians and their Terran tools. However, what is actually being performed is not a DNA activation of any sort, but an attempt by the Alcyones to destroy the evidence of their tampering in the people who take them up on their ‘offer’ (often paid at the cost of the person getting the ‘DNA activation’, no less). This is not a genuine attempt to rectify a harm done, but a disingenuous, self-serving strategy to attempt to evade consequences for their crimes against us. (Please note, the ones they are trying to hide the evidence from are other members of the intergalactic societies that the Alcyones have voluntarily joined. Their actions here are against many laws in those intergalactic societies. The laws of the intergalactic societies are not what creates the Karmic debt – their oppressive actions towards us are. Hiding the evidence does nothing to relieve that Karmic debt.)

As such, the Alcyone Pleiadians have accrued Karma towards us, and will be given the chance to make genuine efforts to correct their mistakes. If they continue to try to weasel out of it, they will experience bigger and bigger limitations that will synchronistically only be relieved through helping us. In fact, the many beings who have participated in our oppression have Karmically tied their own fates to ours. If they want to survive, they will do it by assisting us and in doing so, will end up assisting themselves in recovering from the impulses and maladaptations that created the need to oppress others in the first place (even if only by having those impulses eliminated in the Darwinian fashion as the knuckleheads kill themselves trying to harass us and all that’s left in the species are the ones who are unwilling to take part of that. Karma doesn’t specify how, only that the debt will be expunged somehow).

There’s another form of Karma that is individual. If a person has unfinished business in a given life – say, for instance, they were separated from a loved one or greatly regretted something – they will be offered the chance to live out what they were missing in another life. Loved ones are reunited, past wrongs and regrets are atoned for, and we get the opportunity to experience what it is we missed so badly. It can take a long time and many lifetimes for some of these reunifications, but it will eventually happen, if the parties involve desire it. In general, at some point in your existence, you will have the opportunity to rectify any lingering regrets or feelings of loss that you may have experienced. In this, Karma can be a very, very good thing.