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I've added this page as of March 27, 2012, to provide a place for people to read updates on Silver Legion news and for announcements. Please note this blog uses an 'invisible scroll bar', so if it appears cut off, click on the blog portion and scroll down. I'm sorry, I didn't develop the tool, it's a widget provided by Homestead. I am limited in how I can modify it. And yes, the Captcha sucks, again, I don't have the ability to modify that.

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Intro To Some Posts

by Tanaath on 12/22/15

I'd like to thank everyone who took part in the two Atlantis meditations on Dec 17 and 21, 2015. They were powerful meditations and we accomplished something important. Long ago, the Atlantean crystals were co-opted and changed from being our helpers to working against us. What we did helped retune them back to the way they were supposed to be, and block them from being misused again by negatives to cause harm. The same thing with the Atlantean stargate - at the time of the fall of Atlantis, it was reprogrammed to only let in negatives. We just took it back. Thanks for all your help.

Ok, now on to what you've been waiting for. I'm sorry to keep this so long, but I've had a rather busy year what with a new job (which is now lost - they downsized our team by 75%), and a lot of stress. But here is the introductory post to what is going to be a series... I've decided not to keep waiting until I have it completed or I might never get it done, and this information is important enough to share. So, before I break for the holidays, here's my introduction.

This is actually going to be a series of posts, since this is really a lot of information and our society has continually been groomed into developing tiny attention spans (I grew up hearing years ago that commercials had reduced us to 30 second attention spans, but apparently now we're down to 8 seconds, according to a study done by Microsoft). I'm breaking this into chunks to reduce the load on you as readers and also for organizational purposes. However, that said, none of the chunks will be all that short, so pull up a chair, grab a glass of water and a snack, and steel yourself into proving Microsoft wrong.

My intention with this post series is to address a number of dangerous misconceptions and outright misinformation that gets repeated endlessly among the 'New Age' set, and also among some religions. I want to preface this by saying I'm not attempting to knock anyone's favourite commentator or slaughter anyone's sacred cows. However, I fully understand that there's going to be people reading this who get offended or upset by something I say. To those individuals I will say that it is not my intent to upset you, and I will remind you that no being, myself included, has all the truth – from any given source of information, take what works and don't feel obliged to swallow what doesn't uncritically. It's alright to feel thankful to others for providing information that you find useful, but don't feel like you have to defend all of their ideas to the death. That's their job, not yours.

Another important point to address is where I 'got' all this information. The stuff I'm going to relate to you doesn't come from a book or a YouTube video. It doesn't come from religious teachings, though in areas of discussion I'll refer to religious understanding of some of these topics. This stuff comes from my own personal experiences, and it comes from within me. I personally consider personal experience and inner insight to be the most valid form of information. That which comes from outside yourself can be tainted by others, who may have varying agendas. That which comes from inside yourself is harder for outside forces to muddy, control, or manipulate. I have encountered plenty of ideas that exist outside myself, and have analyzed these through the filter of myself to see how they fit with my own self-knowledge.

I am no more special than anyone else here. You have this capacity, too. It takes time and effort to cultivate this, and a commitment to free yourself from religious and other programming, but anyone should be able to do it, provided they haven't been subjected to conditioning to the degree where the help of others is required to break it and heal from it.

Some housekeeping – I post this to my blog on the website I don't post this anywhere else. I give a few people outright permission to repost or hotlink to this (Tiffany Fontenot is one of them). If you see this post on someone else's blog, I didn't give them permission to repost it and I'm not posting from their blog. You will not find me there. The Silver Legion website is my website, I do not use a Facebook page or anything like that.

So what am I going to post about? A few things. I’m going to start with How Universes Work, before New Years Eve.