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I've added this page as of March 27, 2012, to provide a place for people to read updates on Silver Legion news and for announcements. Please note this blog uses an 'invisible scroll bar', so if it appears cut off, click on the blog portion and scroll down. I'm sorry, I didn't develop the tool, it's a widget provided by Homestead. I am limited in how I can modify it. And yes, the Captcha sucks, again, I don't have the ability to modify that.

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Holy shit, people

by Tanaath on 01/07/14

I come home from my long day at work to discover my comments section on fire. First off, there were a LOT of duplicate posts. People, please, remember an error does not mean your comment did NOT GO THROUGH, the only comments that don't go through are those that fail the robot check, so ignore the blather about length of the comment... even if you think your comment did not go through, please don't re-post it more than three times, the moderation of the comments is not easy because the page only displays five at a time and once I delete a comment I have to navigate all the way back to where it was to delete any other duplicates or approve comments. This makes it very frustrating and time consuming, and is only feasible on a very very large screen. So not my ancient obsolete old iPhone and my laptop, which is all I will have for the next week as I won't have access to a real computer and may not have internet access at all. That's the other thing - all comments must be approved, by me, which means that you have to wait until I approve them before you will see them. So don't keep posting if you don't see your comment. I'm going to be unavailable for a week or two, so the comments section will likely be unattended. Don't freak out. Please. No, it's nothing UFO related. I'm going fishing. In the Pacific. I, too, like to live dangerously.

Second point of discussion - I do not endorse any commenter on this blog, all comments are the property and opinion of the people leaving the comment. I delete the obvious trolls and the dude I will call Mister Angry Face who seems incapable of anything but frothing abuse, but that's about it. I currently don't endorse any third party other than maybe Drake, and with that, as with all things, use your own discernment. I happen to work closely with him on a number of missions that aren't physical-world, and we've watched each others' backs more than once. I trust him with my life, but that's mine to risk. You need to use your discernment with all sources.

Andrew Bartzis has been in contact with me, so you can stop telling me he's trying to get into contact with me. The train made it to the station. Once again, I don't endorse him. I have my own concerns about him and his material.

Tolec and the Andromeda Council are not something I will be speaking of right now. As I have made it clear in the past, we don't ascribe to special dates. We have been assured that the ascension process is a natural one and cannot be stopped, and our own explorations indicate that this is mostly true. I won't say it's an unqualified truth, because there's always the 'what if possibility'. If there's any way we can reduce that to 'not gonna happen in this timeline' we will. Additionally, we no longer feel comfortable associating with the Andromeda Council, or the other Andromedans who came running into the mess to start interfering and getting involved.

I can't vouch for the identity of this supposed 'Andromedan Representative', but I still would take anything he says with a grain of salt. For one thing, the Liberation Forces higher dimensionals who are involved here in Terra in any role that involves communication with Terrans all get what is called 'the English package'. Anyone who gets this learns English fluently, with excellent spelling and grammar, in about 3 days. They also get other packages, depending on who they're expected to come into contact with, but the English package is one of the non-optional ones. So 'Andromedan Representative', from his terrible grammar and spelling and misuse of words, is not a representative of any group currently associated with the Liberation Forces, or he would have got the package. Again, use your discernment. I don't know who he is with, if he's not just a random person attempting to pass himself off as someone else on the internet (that's never happened before, nope, not ever...), but he's not with the Liberation Forces. If he wants to make comments, he can, as long as he keeps it polite, and as long as everyone remembers that just because I let someone post a comment does not mean I endorse it, agree with it, or anything like that. It is solely the opinion of the person making the posting.

Third - I would like everyone who is going around saying 'they' are 'going to' do anything to take a pause, and rephrase that in your own mind and in your writing into 'they want to'. Don't talk as though the cabal or anyone who wishes humanity ill will succeed, you feed their success. Assume they can fail, not that they can't fail. They're not going to have a hostile alien invasion, fake or otherwise. They're not going to kill off a third of the planet with radiation. They're not going to pull off martial law (it's martial, as in having to do with the military, not marshall, as in having to do with a dude named Marshall, just a little pet peeve of mine). They're not going to pull off any or all of the nefarious schemes they have planned. Don't just put your 'belief' in that, do what you can to make sure of it.

Whatever you feel called to do, find a way to do it. Please refrain from complaining about the lack of action until you have done what you can to contribute to making that action possible. I get it. You're frustrated. We're all frustrated. None of us likes waiting in a big mystery not knowing if this damn illusion will continue on indefinitely or if we'll get a chance to really live these lives we've been stuck with. Believe me, I'm just as frustrated as you. But I'm doing what I can to make the good stuff possible. If it doesn't happen, it won't be for my lack of trying.

And if I and the Silver Legion have bet on the wrong horse here, at least we did so honestly, with the best information we had available. If we find out we have, we won't be shy about rectifying it. And whatever we can't do that we want to do, we will at least try to do what we can, even if that's no more than snatching things that were planned to be used against you, or stopping hostiles ETs from making things more complex so that the Terrans on the ground can take care of Terran matters without worrying about a hostile alien invasion (faked or otherwise).

Trev: The problem with that line of logic is that it is not logic. It's a framework of assumptions, which all fall apart if some of them are disproven, since your 'logic' is all or nothing.

Number one, you are categorically assuming that because Tolec is getting/putting out information that looks incorrect now, that he has always been. That's a very large assumption, and one with evidence against it. In the beginning, Tolec was putting out highly accurate information including exact locations and dates within a few days of 'geological events'. He did at some point have access to accurate, good information. So your logic fails on that point.

Number two, just because Tolec now does not seem to have accurate information does not mean that anyone associated with him in the past is likewise implicated. This is not a matter of contagion. If falsity could spread simply by being associated with someone who is no longer accurate, then you would be just as full of shit for even having come into contact with the material at some point. It doesn't work that way. As has been noted, we are no longer associated with the Andromeda Council, and have publicly noted that Tolec's information is no longer accurate.

Number three, your logic assumes that any of us are knowingly spreading falsities, assumes that there can be no situation where a person could be mistaken or deceived, and assumes that a person's ability to provide accurate information cannot be changed over time. Those three assumptions are pretty big, and pretty false. Both Tolec and myself, and anyone else doing this work for that matter, are capable of being tricked, though some of us have various safeguards to validate the information in other ways (or at least, I try to, I can't speak for everyone else). These assumptions also ignore the possibility of interception or hijacking of signals and messages, something which I have detected going on not only in my interactions with my people but observed among others. 'Tolec is wrong and was always wrong and everyone who ever listened to him is wrong' is not the only logical conclusion or explanation when you consider that there have been attempts to scramble any kind of messages coming through, and that there have been attempts to either discredit people like us or force us to discredit ourselves in some artificially induced fashion.

Finally, your logic is an all-or-nothing proposition, as mentioned before. By that logic, nobody in the world can ever be right about anything, since all of us have no doubt made mistakes at some point in time, been fooled, or gotten some aspect of something wrong. It is possible to have part of the story right and still get other things very very wrong. This is why we stress the need for discernment. Nobody, not even me, knows the whole story. None of us are omniscient. Being wrong on one thing does not invalidate everything we say, think, or do. Consider that the Russians believed in Lysenkoism during the Cold War - that's the notion that heritable traits can be acquired during the lifetime of the organism (think, you lose your foot so your children are born without a foot). Despite the fact that it's utter bunk, the Russians were still very able to develop a large number of arms and armaments, and had very sound science in other spheres. Being dead wrong on one thing doesn't make you dead wrong on everything. And again, it's not contagious. Person A might get information XYZ right, and Person B might also put across XYZ correctly, but if Person A starts announcing that the moon is made of green cheese, it doesn't mean XYZ is wrong or that Person B is automatically wrong on everything they've ever said.

Finally, some things masquerade as publicity stunts or entertainment that may be genuinely passed off as such but may have other, more sinister purposes. If you don't believe me, start watching the Cabal pageantry and ritual in any major public event (like the Olympics opening and closing ceremony, Superbowl halftime shows, the entertainment on awards shows...). Sure, NVIDIA takes responsibility for a crop circle that looks a lot like an NVIDIA chip and probably is an actual man-made crop circle to advertise NVIDIA chips. However, that doesn't mean that there isn't a hidden layer of meaning or symbolism, or additional uses of power at work here. That doesn't mean the only intent of the crop circle was to sell and promote NVIDIA chips. Crop circles are used to affect large fields of energy (not just crops). They often make use of aspects of sacred geometry that are intended to have a much larger effect than simply advertising or causing a stir. It is possible for the crop circle to be both a simple NVIDIA advertisement and something more sinister at the same time. Tommy guns in violin cases, anyone?

Ben_R: I'm actually not defending Tolec. I agree that the NVIDIA crop circle is likely manmade. For one, it has that roughness at all the edges and in the trampled grain that I've come to associate with manmade crop-circles. I consider Tolec to be a bad source of information right now, though he wasn't always. There was more truth to what he was saying when he first started coming out. I was pointing out to Trev the fallacy in assuming that everyone who ever agreed with anything Tolec said at any time was necessarily a liar.