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Breaking The Chains - Important Meditation About The Matrix

by Tanaath on 02/13/16

The second meditation, with the file name "Cleaning and balancing of all chakras" is now up on the downloads page. Due to a request from a reader, this file has been converted into a .pdf file viewable from most browsers and any pdf reader.

The first meditation, with the file name "Exemption understanding of the male-female energy dichotomy" is now up on the downloads page.

As much as I hate to interrupt the series, this is an important post and one that actually fits in well with the latest post, as it concerns the Matrix and how it acts upon us. Our Silver Legion meditation writer Captain X CS and I have been collaborating on a set of meditations. We're thinking of making the first one for February 19th, and the second on the 26th, both at 20:00 GMT, or 15:00 EST. As with the other meditations we do, we understand that not everyone can make it at that time and thus we create these in a kind of 'timeless' state where you can join in from any time. But, before we posted the meditations, we decided that it would be best to give a little bit more information to help underline the intent and purpose of this exercise. Captain X CS's first language is not English, so I've helped with the editing and writing - like I said, this is truly a collaboration - so if this reads differently from my usual style, it is because it was written by two people working together.

The Matrix, electromagnetic and male/female energy. Connections, effects and possible way out…

By now most of us have all heard a lot about the subject of the Matrix. Some have their own personal experiences with it. Personal experiences are very important, and what most important is the correct understanding of what happened, why, and how to deal with this; and how protect yourself from all negative effects.

An explanation is required, and it will be different from the normal theories concerning the above. It is up to everyone how to consider and this, and whether to use this information or not. Terra is a hard ‘school’ for everyone, like most of the prisons; but a lot can be learned here in a very short time, what in normal soul development in other Ds or places will take centuries and maybe many lives.

This picture shows schematically and in a simplified form how the electromagnetic field affects the chakra system of the human body, connected to the system of the Matrix etc.. The chakra system of the human body connects to the spirit realms and the universe star systems, this is why they are blocked by the electromagnetic rings from the moment of birth on Terra. All of the sources of electromagnetic waves, such as HAARP, military tech, phone towers, cell phones, the colliders, satellites, computers, televisions, the electric grid, underground and ground antennas, and the Schumann waves and many many more sources act on this. The human body makes a very good conduit for electricity, to make the control system easy and connect everyone through common chains.

The same tech can send different information and commands to the brain and can make a person believe that he or she is getting ‘real truth’, and cause them to see what is not real. The chakras are a natural system which allow the attachment of the consciousness to a physical body, and are in themselves not harmful but required to experience embodied life. However, this electromagnetic interference is used to block the communication of the higher consciousness with the fragment that is embodied. The illusions and unreality that is imposed on the embodied person cause that person’s consciousness to have difficulties communicating with their own soul and higher self, and instigates local-ego-based control.

Many of us are thus disassociated from themselves, from nature and the planet, from their real homes, and their families. Instead, they are attached to a surrogate reality matrix, made by the controllers for their own benefit here in this ‘zoo’. Things and meanings are encoded by the matrix into the minds of humans, creating specific understandings (tropes, you might say) of things like spirituality. It is something like looking through a distorted mirror through the prism of illusion. This is one of the reasons the Illuminati branch of the Cabal uses the all-seeing-eye in a pyramid symbolism, it represents their ability to see through the distorted prism and their ability to shape what we see through the distorted prism, and their belief that they have the right to control those who cannot.


Let’s take a moment to understand how the chakra systems of the body are influenced by masculine/feminine energy coding, how the energy and colour dichotomies associated with this sex-based energy coding help throw off the balance of the energy system of the body, and how this can be cleaned and balanced.

Particularly in the Western world, humans have connected colours like red, rose, and pink with female concepts, and blues with male concepts. If a girl is born, many people will flood her with pink things and toys representing nurturing like dolls; likewise if a boy is born, he’ll be gifted with blue things and toys representing warfare and inanimate objects. Male energy gets associated with firmness, military prowess, courage, strength, leadership and control, and the masculine energy is associated with a cold, strong blue colour. Female energy gets associated with softness, dreaminess, domestic labour, yieldingness, nurturing, and a warm pink colour.

Of course in our world we have many strong women and caring men, but in this case we are looking at what is encoded in the collective mind. What we must do is separate ourselves from all these artificial meanings and dogmas and connections to encoded gender expectations, as these things are assisting with the connection of the reality matrix to our minds and keeping us in a state of being controlled.

Being a normal man doesn’t mean just pandering to the artificial ‘masculine energy’ trope and playing big boss all the time. Being a normal woman doesn’t mean falling for the ‘feminine energy’ expectation and being a servile doormat. These notions were encoded into the control structures and embedded in our minds and egos, and they are one of the reasons why things are so bad in our physical lives on this planet.

Both energies must stay in balance in every single embodied person here. We need to separate our use of colour (colour is an aspect of light, a frequency, after all) from these encoded meanings. The choice to do this has to come from the individual soul and from the consciousness of the person, not because someone said so. If you wish to do this, you will need to learn to think, see, and hear independently using your own heart and soul as your guide to your own experiences, and your inner voice to help you find the right solutions. The more independently you can think, the more it clears your chakra system, and the less influence all of this crap has not only on you, but on everyone you are connected to. If enough of us can do this, we can weaken the control system itself.

This is personal work; no one can do this for you. Everything here is connected as a fractal, including us, to change the world, we need to start with ourselves. Focus on the notion that by helping put yourself into order, you help put the space around you into order. The more clean your personal energy, the more clean your interface with the world around you, the more you influence others in a positive way. When a person gets strongly connected to their own higher self, gets clean chakras and gets their consciousness controlling themselves rather than their mind and ego, they are ready to help others too.

At this point in time, we are not able to simply cut off the negative influencing tech, but we can start to clean up from the inside with meditations and intent, not just to help clean the chakras, energy channels, crystals, and the human body, but also to help make the mind cleaner, freer, and clear-seeing. This will help regain our lost knowledge and memories, and the things that have been blocked by this control system.

Your physical body, your mind and your ego can be imprisoned and manipulated. Your own consciousness cannot.

Every soul can choose to get experiences as a man or a woman or any other gender type. This just means getting more feelings, knowledge, understand and experience and helps to keep the energy balanced. The basic energy of the multiverse is neutral and only intent changes this.


To help assist in this process, we are offering two meditations to those who would like help – although you are free to devise your own methods of reducing this attachment yourself, and encouraged to do so. We do know that a lot of people like to have a guideline to work from when working in ‘new territory’. So the Silver Legion meditation writer has assisted in creating two meditations:

1.       Exemption from the masculine/feminine energy dichotomy through the colour connection and symbolism, and

2.       Cleaning and balancing of the chakras.

In the next few days we will be posting the meditations on our page, I'll provide links to them here. If these meditations resonate with your spirit and you have the desire to take part in these, please feel free. If you wish to make your own meditation, please also feel free. There are many pathways to the same objective.


A note from Tanaath: As we strive to become more service to others in our work, we reflect upon one of the core traits of positive beings – that of obtaining consent before taking an action that involves another person or persons. For this reason, in our meditations, we always include a portion where we ask permission from the meditation and those involved to join, and ask for the assistance of our higher consciousnesses in doing this.