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Our understanding of the Higher Planes
Many who reach this site will come with previous understanding about what is commonly called the Astral Plane - one of the higher planes; and may also have understanding of the other higher planes. Please understand that what is written here is not necessarily counter to your experiences - there are many levels of the planes and many many different ways to experience them. When it comes to your experiences, and the experiences of other people, it is not up to any one person to say "no, you are wrong, you cannot have experienced what you experienced". Trust in yourself. You are real.

We of the Silver Legion experience the higher planes not as one single plane of existence but as a series of layers. Some of these layers will already be familiar to some of the people reading this. Others may be less so. This page will describe these layers and how we experience them. This is important because when we talk about being located in the higher planes, we are talking about being located on specific layers in this continuum. If you wish to find us, you will need to know where to look.

The "First" Layer - The Ethereal Plane

This layer is closest to the physical earth. It is essentially a fluid, shadow-duplicate of the physical earth. In it, you will see things similar to how they appear in the physical world, only they will be somewhat transparent and insubstantial. Anything that doesn't have a long presence will come and go in flashes - for instance, small items that we move often might appear and disappear, furniture might move around on its own, and places where new buildings have been erected might flash between as they were and as they are. This layer of the Astral Planes is where most ghosts linger - often they are no more than echoes of strong sentiment and not actual conscious entities at all. There are layers below this, but they are harder to access for conscious beings - which is why it's being referred to as the "first" here. Remote viewing utilizes the Ethereal plane.

The Second Layer - The Dreamlands

Most of us know what the Dreamlands are like - whether or not that's what we call them. The Dreamlands are where we all go when we sleep - and dream. Here, everything is highly fluid and malleable. Things change from one instance to the next, often unpredictably and randomly. There are exceptions - as anyone with recurring dreams or shared dreams will be quick to tell you - sometimes there are things that persist in the Dreamlands. Generally, this plane is quite safe for humans - most people will never be harmed in the Dreamlands unless they manage to convince their own psyche that they have truly been harmed. 

​The Third Layer - The Astral Plane

This is what most of us think of when we think about the Astral Plane. Much like the Dreamlands, this layer is infinitely malleable, though here you will begin to encounter entities that have their own existence completely separate from any part of the physical realm. As with the Ethereal and Dreamlands, things come and go here - constructs and places are likely to dissolve away if energy and concentration is not invested into them to keep them  around. The Silver Legion keeps an outpost on this level, with some people there all the time to maintain the outpost as a thoughtform.

Unlike the Dreamlands, this level of the planes can be dangerous to those who have not studied how to protect themselves. However, this plane, as far as planes go, is fairly accessible to most humans who take the time and have the discipline to learn how to reach it. 

The Barrier - Between Astral and Above

There is a barrier between the third level of the planes and those higher. While we do not know exactly who or what created it, from our experiences, not everyone seems equally capable of crossing the barrier. We do not know why this is or how to tell who will be and who won't be. Some of us have theorized that this is the 'line' where 3D ends and 4D begins. 
The Fourth to Sixth Layers - The Paths and Realms of Spirit

Beyond the barrier, you begin to enter the Paths and Realms. Paths are exactly what they sound like - spaces that exist between Realms. Realms are discrete 'areas' that persist over time. Individuals who have attained a certain degree of mastery may be able to influence the Paths and Realms. That is, if they are willing to commit the energy it takes to do something. Manifestation - the bread and butter of the 3rd layer, is still very much possible here. It is, however, more 'costly' in terms of personal energy. 

Out in the Paths and the Realms you begin to discover entire worlds of existence that are not based in the physical and have never been. Entire species and races exist out here, including things that many earth humans consider to be mythical and fictitious. The Realms are infinite, and there are many many different ways for consciousness to express itself. They have existed since consciousness first sparked.

Some earth humans are able to project past the barrier and into the Paths and Realms. Others can be taken from the 3rd level to the Realms (or beyond). Some earth humans are even incarnated from denizens of the Realms. 

The Silver Legion has a Realm of its own here. We consider this our 'home base', as it were. We have modified our realm to suit our purposes, including extensive living quarters, recreational facilities, and training grounds. 

Beyond That - The Outlands

The Paths and Realms are infinite enough that it could almost make one say "what could possibly be beyond that?" However, there are places that exist even beyond the third layer of the Realms. I'm not sure what other people call it, but we in the Silver Legion have taken to calling it the Outlands. This is the area where the lines between this universe and the next begin to blur - where, if you take a step too far, you might end up in a world you thought was fictional, or in an alien place where nothing works as you expect it to. There are pockets of existence here that persist, in fact, my own species of origin has its home here - where we came at the end of a long journey that started when our own physical 3D existence ended. 

The Outlands are not easy for people to go to, unless you come from there or are brought there by someone who lives there. The Silver Legion does not maintain a presence in the Outlands, though we do send talent scouts there.