The Silver Legion
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Our Work
The Silver Legion is mostly made up of positive-oriented warriors, but not entirely. At the moment, we're about 90% positive-oriented warriors, 5% noncombatants (such as healers), and 5% individuals who don't feel the need to affiliate with anything other than the Silver Legion. It's also worth noting that we're not the only organization of positive-oriented warriors - there's bound to be others out there. We're just one. 

Warriors are by their nature very individual, and because of that, the Silver Legion is organized so that any particular person has the right to refuse to do something they don't agree with, and assignments are tailored to the abilities and preferences of each person. Every single one of us is infinitely precious - there is no 'cannon fodder' in the Silver Legion. While a soldier can be a warrior, a warrior is not the same as a soldier. The modern concept of a soldier is based on someone who obeys all (legal) orders. The notion of warriorhood entails more personal choice and personal decision-making (and responsibility)

We are not a democratic organization - it would be difficult to be effective as a force that way - but we do actively solicit the input of all of our members in making big decisions. And one of the decisions we have made is that we will be welcoming to anyone who wishes to join us and 'has what it takes', regardless of what they consider to be their affiliations. If they're willing to do the work and able to do the work, they are welcomed as brothers and sisters in arms. 

Another big decision we've made is choosing to get involved in what's going on here on Earth. Most of us aren't from here. But we love this world and its people enough that we're willing to risk our lives to step in here - at least in the areas where we can influence - and do something to help people out. Getting involved was nearly unanimous.
What we do

The Silver Legion is an organization committed to defense. In other words, we're a peacekeeping force. In some ways we resemble an army - we have a command and a rank structure, and organize by subunits such as squads and companies. In other ways we do not resemble a conventional army, largely because we are made up of individuals working together. 

The kind of work we do varies depending on the situation. Often we are involved in being neutral third-party mediators in disputes between groups. Our presence ensures that hostilities don't break out, and since we are neutral we often see sides of conflicts that are not immediately apparent to those right in the thick of it. Other common work we do involves guarding people and places, and dangerous or sensitive things that could cause problems in the wrong hands. 

Our work on earth is limited to dimensions other than the 3D, as we are for the most part not able to access your physical environment. Some of us can manifest to a limited degree, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Thus, our involvement mostly takes the form of protection from the non-physical - we work to neutralize spiritual or energetic attacks where we can and work to protect sensitive individuals from those who would attempt to co-opt or harm them. In some cases we have been actively involved in removing 4th dimensional and non-physical negative influences from earth. 

Who we are

Members of the Silver Legion come from multiple planets, dimensions, realms, and even universes. Some of us even come from universes that are currently considered to be fictional by earth humans. Everything you can imagine exists somewhere - and you might be surprised to discover that our situation here on earth reaches some of the other universes as exciting stories told by master storytellers. 

Some of our members come from species and races that are typically very dark-oriented; these individuals are usually renegades from their societies. To them, the Silver Legion represents a place where they can feel safety and acceptance for who they are; a place where they are not judged by their origin but by their merits. These are some of our most dedicated members. Others of our ranks come from species and races that earth humanity currently considers mythical. Of course, many of us are humans - some of us from other dimensions and realms - but there are incarnated earth humans who are among our ranks who are able to project to our astral location and work on assignments.

The assignments given to incarnated earth humans usually tend to be along the lines of information gathering and communication, in order to reduce the risk to those individuals. We do sometimes receive assignments that involve risk of injury or death, and we do not know what would happen to an incarnated human who was seriously injured or killed while projecting out of their body. Because most incarnated humans have their own missions to fulfill while incarnated, we generally play it on the safe side and keep them out of harm's way.

Our work with our allies

We no longer actively work with the Andromeda Council, as we have found that our goals and methods differ too much to continue an active alliance. However, we are grateful to them for the help they offered us when we were first getting started on the 'space' scene. From the roots they provided us, we have grown a considerable space navy of our own. 

We still remain heavily involved with other allies. The largest of these is a group of different beings and races from this and other universes who have suffered under the hands of the beings I spoke of in my blog posts - the ones we call the universe killers. This alliance is not a governing body or anything like that - it is an equal collective of individuals and groups with a vested interest in seeing this planet free of the influences that have kept so many beings imprisoned in suffering on this planet. 

Our composition

The Silver Legion is approximately 60% humanoid and 40% ‘exotic’. By exotic I mean anyone who could not easily be mistaken for human. This includes people who resemble anthropomorphic or even non-anthropomorphic animals, dragons of all types, other 'mythical' creatures, some former demons and shadow creatures, angelics, creatures of pure energy, mineral-based life-forms, etc.. There are some that are from arthropod stock, but not many, because for some reason most arthropods never develop higher consciousness as single entities; and also because most of us tend to be at least human-sized, if not larger, and most organic environments don't support arthropods growing very large at all. So they don't tend to develop the same degree of higher consciousness as vertebrates tend to. 

Our humanoids include humans of many varieties, including some that could be easily mistaken for Earth humans, and some who would not. I also include non-human species that have familiar conformation – two eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth, standing upright on two legs and with two arms and a hand on each. I’m not including the ones with tails, wings, horns, or other unfamiliar appendages in this group. 

Organization and Leadership

We are governed by a group of five commanders, under which are eight generals - one for each of the eight divisions (NOTE: we have commissioned a new division recently - that being Spider). The divisions are Breaker, Trollface, Raven, Spider, Wavefront, Coatl, Runner and Destiny. Breaker division is our 'heavy units', who often take part in heated face-to-face combat. Trollface is composed mostly of 'irregulars'. Raven and Spider divisions typically conducts covert activities, information gathering, and very little open combat - with Raven focusing on information gathering and Spider focusing on covert combat. Wavefront division is largely composed of our dedicated healers. Coatl division is composed mostly of energy workers. Runner Division tends to have people dedicated to communication and travel. Destiny is largely psionics oriented. 

​Under each division are a number of groups, which are further divided into regiments, battalions, companies, platoons, squads, and fire teams with each group type smaller in size. Squads and fire teams are the smallest groups, and range in size from three individuals to ten, depending on the division and the type of work they do. The command structure is similar to Earth militaries, but collapsed - and the sizes of our commands are also not strictly analogous to those of Earth militaries. For specific missions, individuals from different divisions will often work together on special teams or squadrons. Those groups will vary in size according to the job at hand, and members retain their original group affiliations. 

Leaders among the Silver Legion tend to be very approachable. Anyone can schedule a meeting with a general or a commander, for instance, and people are free to transfer between groups if things aren't working for them where they are. A core goal of the Silver Legion is to maintain individual sovereignty of its members - no one is ever forced to obey an order they fundamentally disagree with. Instead, those missions or orders are offered to those who would enjoy that particular work. Thus far the system works very well - Destiny and Runner division members have worked very hard at ensuring that Dispatch matches people up with appropriate work that will be fulfilling and enjoyable for them.

 Additionally, leaders in the Silver Legion do not have additional rights or privileges compared to the 'rank and file' - in terms of our status, power and privilege, we are all equal. What the leadership does is serve in an administrative role. Most individuals within the Legion tend to find it more fun to be an active part of operations, missions, and battle, and would prefer not to be stuck in administration. Therefore, 'rank' is not a reflection of the prestige of an individual, but is instead a reflection of their particular administrative skills and preferences. The common joke about a 'promotion' is that the person who didn't step back quick enough is the one who got stuck with it.