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When we use the term 'Warrors', what are we talking about?
Important Note, March 29, 2014. In light of the problematic use of the term 'Lightworker' and the issues surrounding the notion of (false) 'Light', I have re-written this section to be more clear. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, please visit Cameron Day's post 'Why I Am No Longer A Lightworker' for a very detailed explanation of the problem. 

The mission to free this planet from tyranny is a real one, and many of us are on this mission. Many of us incarnated here specifically for this purpose, including myself. Over time, many of us on this mission came to identify with the term 'Lightworker' as a decent description of why we're here and what we're doing. 

The problem with this is that the movement was co-opted. Forms of active resistance and productive action were discouraged and replaced with admonishments for passive 'love' and 'forgiveness' which in actuality achieve nothing. Please note, I am not disparaging love and forgiveness in any way, shape or form. However, these things are not substitutes for action, and action is what is required. 

There are many ways to resist, and there are many ways to be productive and bring about positive change. It's not necessary that everyone picks up a sword and lops off some heads to fix the problem here. Those people who abhor violence and seek non-violent means of change are not bad people, but this also doesn't mean that those people who are willing to utilize force to achieve change are bad or doing it wrong.

​'Warriors' are the people who are willing to use force to counter force.

Force is being used against us. The ones who are attempting to create, maintain, and spread the paradigm of dominance and submission, hierarchy, and tyranny are absolutely not averse to using any means necessary to succeed. Non-violent resistance is certainly warranted where it is possible for it to succeed, but sometimes the only way to prevent tyranny is to force the tyrants to go away, or remove that tyrant from existence altogether. Sometimes, someone who isn't afraid to get bloody is necessary to defend against enemies who know full well how to use violence against good people.

Who would you rather have do that defense? Someone who was born for it and who views it as a natural exercising of their inborn skills, or someone who abhors that duty and would seek any way to avoid it? Warriors exist so that those who prefer non-violence don't have to make that choice - we will step forward and ensure that those who seek peace are free to live in peace. 

Yes, we are good at what we do. That doesn't make us evil, or exclude us as good people who are doing good work. Consider that there are plenty of people who do martial arts for their own pleasure and health, and for the joy of those things; there are people who own bows and shoot paper for the sheer fun of it and because they are good at it; there are strategists who play games that make use of their skills and revel in them - having these skills or the capacity to develop these skills doesn't mean someone is a bad person. What it means is that the cosmos provides. People who enjoy these things and who are good at these things will be much better able to step in when these skills are needed, and it won't be a torment for them to do so.

Being a warrior on Earth has sometimes been an alienating and lonely thing. I have come to realize that much of the criticism and ostracization of warriors is due to the encouragement of passivity and framing of any form of active or effective solution to the problem as 'not loving' or 'not of the light' by the very much co-opted 'Lightworker' movement. That discourse seeks to frame us as violence-seeking warhawks; insisting that we 'couldn't possibly be [good people working towards the success of human freedom]'. We are not trigger-happy warmongers frothing at the mouth and jumping at the chance to kill or hurt. Warriors almost universally value peace deeply and prefer peaceful methods of conflict resolution. However, we also recognize that not all issues can be resolved peacefully - particularly when there is an aggressor that is not of the (actual) light and not interested in discussion or peace. In those cases, the only option is defense. 

We are here to help just as any other worker on the mission of freedom.

Updated March 29, 2014