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How can people help?
Being a warrior definitely isn't for everyone. Chances are, if you don't feel called to it, there's no need for you to assume the role - follow your heart and find your best role in this. There are plenty of things regular people - whether they define themselves as specifically a 'lightworker' or not - can do to help us, help themselves, and help everyone on this planet.

Be an active participant in your own life.

One of the more insidious tactics practiced by the dark on human beings is the societal programming to think of ourselves as passive observers of life, rather than active participants. We are trained from birth to think of change as something done by other people - heroes on TV - rather than something we can do or be involved in. This isn't true. Real change starts with us, as individuals. 

Get involved! Even if it's just in small ways - step forward and start making the world a better place. Don't just watch, be a part of it. You are important! You are also the best one to decide how you should be involved. You know what your strengths, skills, and interests are better than anyone else. Let your inner knowledge guide you to where you can be the most help. 

Start with small things.

No one is asking you to transform from an average, normal person to some super New-Age dynamo - especially not overnight. You can help a lot just by doing little things. Smile at strangers on the street. Help out people in need if the 'cost' to you is little and it doesn't harm you. Do what you can to reduce the harm you do and increase the positive you do. 

Be charitable to others in your thoughts.

We are all in this together and facing many of the same struggles. Try to avoid making assumptions as we don't always know the whole story behind why someone is in the situation they are in. It's easy to judge another - work on perceiving, instead. No one was ever improved by someone passing judgement on them. And believe me, when you change how you think of others, you change how you act towards them, and they notice. And they appreciate it. 

We are all more similar than we are different. Our differences are constantly paraded out and emphasized by the negatives in an effort to control us - as long as we are focused on our differences, we can never unite to create positive change. Choose to see beyond the 20% you disagree on in order to focus on the 80% you have in common. 

You don't have to be a saint.

​It's enough for you to be just a little bit better than you were the day before. Start small and work your way up. Perfection doesn't come in a day - if it ever comes at all. Perfection isn't even necessary. We can create a wonderful world without requiring that everyone in it be perfect. 

Can one join the Silver Legion?

The short answer is Yes, we are accepting new members. 

The long answer is a bit more complex. We do not have a presence in the physical world on 3D earth other than this website. If you want to join us, you will need to be able to astral project. At the very least you will need to be able to reach our outpost on that third level of the Astral Plane. If you are able to locate us in the Paths and Realms, that's even better. In a way, the ability to find us is part of the qualifying process of joining us. If you do find us, you'll work with a number of people to find out where your strengths lie, and what kind of work you enjoy. There will undoubtedly be training. If, after an introductory period, you decide you want to stay with us (and we decide you are a good fit with us), you can join the Silver Legion as a full member. 

Obviously, if you do not believe in higher layers of reality or in out-of-body projection, other dimensions, or other consciousnesses other than what we currently recognize in the mainstream discourse on earth, this might not be the organization for you. Of course, this raises the question of why someone with that outlook would even read past the first few paragraphs of this site. We're not out to change your mind. Your mind is your own. 

Please note that we do not under any circumstances solicit money or material goods from individuals. The Silver Legion has no need for money. We are compensated (quite well) in energy in our own realm, which we use to improve our training and medical facilities for the most part. If you want to contribute financially to the modest costs of the website, you are welcome to discuss it with Tanaath in a private email - the site costs about $21 USD a month to keep alive. Otherwise, if you really wish to make a material donation for the betterment of humankind, our advice would be to seek out a trustworthy humanitarian organization and donate to them. Though, we would argue that getting active as a volunteer would be just as good, if not better. This is your life. You are the ones you have been waiting for!