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Frequently Asked Questions
​Updated April 20, 2014

How do I astral project?

​This is probably our most common question. To tell the truth, I've always been rather poor at teaching this particular technique, but there are a number of very very good resources on the web, some translated into many languages. The works of Robert Monroe are particularly good, from what I have experienced and heard from others who are far better at it than I am. Doing a search for Robert Monroe and Astral Projection will usually turn up several helpful links. As with anything esoteric, everyone's experiences will differ. Try to dismiss your expectations of the experience and just accept what comes. Suppress your fear, because nothing will halt your progress faster! Also, what works for one person may not work for another - feel free to experiment and try different things! There is no right or wrong way to do it. 

​​Have you met So and So? Are they members of the Legion?

​Possibly! The Legion is a very large organization now, we are truly a Legion, with thousands of members. Some very amazing individuals are members. However, because we are rather large, it's long since reached past the point where it's possible for every Legionnaire to know every other Legionnaire. Yes, we do have some members who are heroes from myth and legend, or even 'fiction'. We also have many members who you will have never heard of. As to individuals, if you are looking for that individual, try searching for them. If they exist (and most of them do, somewhere), you can find them - although some places and people are harder to locate than others. I am not always the best person to ask, as I am terrible with faces and names and tend to remember people more by their energy or description of their species. 

What do you do, Tanaath?

My role in the Legion involves a lot of administrative work, coordinating at a high level with the other members of the command and with our allies and those who wish to utilize our services. I also teach classes (at Legion HQ) on specific skills - mostly how to tap into energy sources other than yourself, how to travel through various kinds of barriers, the basics of energy use and manifestation, and some higher level manifestation. I also teach the usage of elemental energy (think the traditional esoteric elements, not the periodic table; that is, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Spirit, etc.). I can teach some of this in the physical world - I can teach some of those energy use basics (though manifestation is very difficult here), and I can teach how to tap into and use natural energy sources that are all around us. 

​I gather operational information and 'intelligence', partly because I have an ability that is very useful - I walk through walls and barriers with ease, and am able to travel quite widely, and I also tend to find what I'm looking for. This makes me an annoying pest to those we fight against, but I am not so concerned about their sensibilities. =D

How do I figure out what I'm supposed to do?​

Many people have written to us with questions about their personal missions and how to gain guidance and clarity in understanding what they are here to do. The answer to that question is typically inside you - someone else isn't going to be able to tell you what you are here to do, because only you know that! However, knowing that you have a mission, and truly consciously being aware of what your mission is are two different things.

There's a technique that I use and that I have sent to some of the people who have written me (yes, I answer your emails - unless you give me a bad email address). The feedback I have gotten on this tells me that it's very helpful for a lot of people. I would like to provide it to you. This technique will be familiar to some readers who have long familiarity with energy work. It did not originate with me. I don't think any one person can claim to 'own' this technique - so I provide it to everyone to use as they see fit.


First, centre yourself. To do this, find a comfortable, quiet place where you will not be interrupted for a period of time. You'll want to sit or lie down - this will be difficult to do standing up at least until you get more practiced at it. Get comfortable. Focus on yourself, on your body, and on aligning all the little stray bits of your energy and yourself that get scattered all around you as you go about your every day business. I imagine myself as composed of multiple silhouettes with a red dot in the centre - sometimes there'll be one or two flying all over the place - and I pull them back into myself and line up the dots until they all click together. Another person I know envisions herself as tangled yarn which she re-winds up into a neat ball at her core. However you do it is up to you, and whether or not you are centered depends on whether or not you feel centered. 

Centering is important because it is the foundation upon which you build all other energy work. If you are centered, you are harder for outside forces to interfere with. This is because you have a distinct feeling of Self/Not Self, and outsiders cannot impose something upon your Self and make you think that it's part of you. This kind of trickery is often used by dark-oriented beings. Centering is thus essential for learning and actively using discernment. 


The next thing you should do is ground yourself. You can ground without centering, but as I said, centering is vital to your strength and stability in energy work. Grounding builds on that. To ground, visualize your energy extending like a root from you into Mother Earth, and linking with her. This is a two-way conduit; if you are hit with more energy than you can take, it will go through the grounding link and dissipate harmlessly in Mother Earth. If you are drained, you can call upon her strength. And if you call the Light to you, you call it to Mother Earth and thus help with raising her consciousness too! You can ground from wherever you are - it doesn't matter if you're sitting in the grass or 30,000 feet up in a plane. As long as you are within the atmosphere, you are within reach of Mother Earth. Many of us like to be touching stone or ground when we do this, but it isn't necessary.

Calling the Light

Once you are centered and grounded, call upon your Light. Envision a field of light flowing from within you, through the crown of your head, throughout your body, pooling between your hands, and surrounding you totally. Bask in the Light if you like and call it to you. Radiating the Light like this is a powerful form of protection. (Please note: any kind of work like this is a learning process. I have learned much since first writing this FAQ. One of the things I have learned is not to rely on emanations from outside myself, but instead use what I have within myself.)

While you are centered, grounded, and in the Light, it is a good time to make any requests or ask for any help that you need. Your intent and the strength of your desire is what matters here. Also, don't expect an answer right away, and try not to anticipate what the answer will feel or look like. The universe often surprises us, and when we try to force it to act in the way we expect, it usually refuses. What you can and should do is ask that the answer come to you in a form that is undeniable and understandable to you. It doesn't need to be something that would convince a jury in a court of law, only something meaningful to you.

So make your request by sending it within yourself, and then let the energy go. Get up and go do something else and try not to dwell on whatever it is you've asked about or for. Let that energy go do its work. Don't expect a timeframe and try to clear yourself of expectations, but do expect an answer. 

Keeping Yourself SAFE

Additionally, if you have contact with spirit entities, it is entirely within your right to ask them, point blank, if they are of the Light and are there to serve your best interests. Ask each three times. An entity that IS will answer you unambiguously and without taking offense. Anything that gets evasive or gives you answers like "of course I am, don't ask me again" and doesn't give you a clear, unambiguous answer three times - be suspicious. Those that serve the Light know what's at stake here, and usually understand how difficult it is for those of us incarnated in the 3D to operate and discern and will not take offense to this. Those who are trying to deceive you will typically get falsely affronted or try to divert you.

​I can't Astral Project. Can I still visit or join the Silver Legion?

​Yes. I suggest astral projection to people because it permits the human consciousness to remember, direct, and perceive the experience. It is not the only way to reach us. If you go to bed intending to reach us, you will. Your non-physical self – of which your human self is only a fragment – will reach us and interact with us.

The reason I don’t suggest this to everyone is because the sleep-time work is hard to remember when you wake up. You will have to sit down and focus on remembering, and the memories that come through will be dim and distant as though from childhood, not clear like what you did the day before. They may be so fantastic that you have trouble believing that you actually experienced what you remember, and thus they are easy to dismiss as ‘just your imagination’. 

Since most of us aren’t at the level where we have a high degree of personal confidence in our own memories and perceptions of the non-physical world, I suggest astral projection. A successful OOBE will usually leave no doubt in the person’s mind that they had the experiences they perceived themselves to have. The sleep method (note, not just dreams – these aren’t always dreams you remember but vague memories of having done something) is not so obvious.

I'm not going to believe anything positive is happening until I see the Chemtrails stop! What about the Chemtrails?

Yes, chemtrails and the like are real, are harmful, and are have been responsible for illness and deaths. However, there are so many important things going on here, it is good to remember that we shouldn't focus on one thing to the exclusion of all else. The Silver Legion doesn't have a lot of ability to interact with the physical world. We're limited in what we can do about the chemtrails. That doesn't mean that there won't be someone else with the exact expertise and ability to do something about them.

All the poisoning can be reversed, and will be once Earth is free and we are able to choose for ourselves. As horrible as things are now, think of it as one of the dark's last 'F. U.' before they are ushered out.

You may have noticed an accelerated schedule of sprayings. This is not because they are trying to get even more poison into us, this is because the chemtrails are dissipating and becoming harmless faster than they anticipated, and they are sending up more flights to compensate. This is a reaction response. Something is being done about chemtrails. Just because they can still get planes up there and dump stuff from them doesn’t mean that stuff is sticking around. 

You can help dissipate chemtrails. Focus your energy on those chemtrails and order them to dissipate and harm nothing. Order them to plague only the ones who dreamed them up. Tell those chemtrails if they really want somewhere to go, it should be the homes of those who created them. Putting your energy into their dispersal and harmlessness works – I have done this myself and seen it in action. Orgone generators may also work, though I can’t confirm this as I’ve never run one.

How can I get the Dark Ones to stop hurting me and my family?

You have the right to demand to be left alone. When you are face-to-face with these beings, when you sense their presence and their direct interference in your life, you may demand to be left alone, state that they are not allowed to harm you or interfere with you, and that only those with your best interests in mind who come in the light are permitted to interact with you. It works. There is a law that must be obeyed, and when you exercise your sovereignty in that fashion, you force them to obey it. 

The thing is, the way the system is set up, it's 'no harm, no foul'. That is, if you don't exercise your sovereignty and kick them out, there is assumed consent for them to do whatever they want to you. So they will do everything they can to people to try to keep them from realizing they can exercise their sovereignty - including trying to trick them into thinking they don't have sovereignty (saying "you belong to me, you are a slave, you are mine to do with as I please"), or keeping them in a mental state where they are not fully aware of what's going on and thus can't consciously object. 

I've been harmed in some way. What can I do? Can the Silver Legion heal me?

​Unfortunately, we're probably not going to be able to heal you. Healing isn't a thing we specialize in. We do have healers in the Silver Legion, but they may not be effective for your particular issue. Consider that we are a military force. Asking us to heal you is like going down to an army base and asking for medical help - your first visit should be to a hospital or clinic, not to a military. You're going to get more results by contacting someone who specializes in healing. 

There are a number of really talented people running around on the planet that do psionic/psychic/energetic healing, and there are beings that are very good at this kind of thing. I don't know enough of them personally to be able to make good recommendations, but I do know one I can recommend. That is Anthony Kane, his site is He lives solely off donations, so please do not attack him for having a donation button. In the case of an actual service which is granted to you, this involves work on his part, it is entirely appropriate to have a donation button. 

How can I stay safe on the Astral Plane?

When it comes to astral safety, there's a number of things going on. Part of the problem is the fact that we just aren't taught anything about it unless we seek that information ourselves, and even then it's not always accurate. If we taught this stuff in schools... well, the world would be a different place if that kind of thing was permitted. There's a reason this information has been kept away from the average human being, and it's not a reason that is good for all of us. It's been suppressed by the very ones who have a stake in keeping their bootheels on our faces. 

One thing that governs everything on the astral plane is consent. If you do not specifically withdraw your consent, consent is implied. So something negative can come and cause trouble for you -unless you have the presence of mind to tell them to get lost and not to harm you ever again. Most of us don't know about that consent rule. And the negatives will do what they can to make you think you can't tell them to go away - there is a reason why most abduction phenomena occurs in a trance-like state, and that is because if you are not fully aware of what's going on, you can't tell the people who are doing it to you to stop. Additionally, the moment you engage in interaction with anyone - positive or negative - you are giving implied consent to at least some interaction. What I mean by this is if you start attacking a negative, you are automatically consenting to whatever they do to you in retaliation and it becomes a contest of wills. 

In some cases, there are complicating factors, such as the presence of a soul contract permitting negative interaction. In cases like these, withdrawing the consent may not work, because the negative interaction has previously been agreed upon. The problem with this is that the negatives rarely keep to the letter or spirit of the contract, and they will attempt to convince the person that they consented to much much more than they actually did. Why would anyone draw up a contract for something like that? Sometimes we don't gain access to our greatest strength except under duress, and we know this. Sometimes we allow ourselves to be forced to perform. The dark cooperates because they see an opportunity to neutralize or recruit someone who could be a powerful enemy. But you are not obligated to honour a contract that has gotten further than what you anticipated, and they will try to prevent you from asserting your right to cancel that 'contract' when the abuse goes too far. Sever the contract. It is your right to do so.

Your best weapons as a neophyte is the three-times test and the ability to say "Go away, do not disturb me or interact with me, and do not harm me - only those who walk in the Light may interact with me". We also recommend asking your guardians for help before you go out of your body - whether or not you can sense them or hear them, they're well able to hear you, particularly when you direct anything to them in specific. They will help protect you from interactions that you can't fend off - stuff snuck in before you can withdraw consent, or negative contract interactions that you are just plain not ready for yet. 

Even if you are harmed - you will never be destroyed or truly killed. They cannot hurt your 3D body, though if your non-physical self is injured you might be sore for a day or two in surprising places. 

Never assume that a non-embodied being (whether extra-dimensional or spirit being) is good or reliable or truthful just because it's not a physical human on the planet with you. These beings are capable of lying and harming. Don't fall into the trap that many fall into in assuming that because a spirit told something to you, that must be true.

Is it true that there is bestiality in the Silver Legion?​

No. There are no animal members of the Silver Legion. All members are fully sentient, sapient, and capable of clear communication and consent. All members are also adults, according to the maturation of their individual species. 

There are interspecies relationships that occur - these are not bestiality. No animals are involved. They are analogous to interracial relationships, only there are far more races to choose from. Some individuals come from cultures that have taboos against out-group relationships, and these individuals have their choices and preferences respected - no one pressures them into relationships against their will or their beliefs. Some members are strictly monoamorous, others are polyamorous. The only hard rules pertaining to relationships within the Silver Legion is to respect the preferences of the individual, and to not permit relationships to interfere negatively with Legion operations and missions. 

Some members have families and children, and there are living quarters available for them and educational services for children. Children are given whatever training they desire and are loved by all. Children are not permitted to join and take part of Silver Legion missions until they reach appropriate maturation to be considered an adult.