The Silver Legion
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Welcome to the terrestrial home of the Silver Legion
What is the Silver Legion? 

We are an organization of mostly-non-physical Lightwarriors, based out of a higher-layered realm. We are dedicated to helping further the cause of freedom across the multiverse, and dedicated to defending and protecting others so that they can follow their own paths free of those who would dominate or control them.

Please note, we are not associated with or affiliated with any terrestrial organization known as the Silver Legion, including gaming guilds or political organizations. The Silver Legion has no terrestrial, physical headquarters and does not perform its operations on the current, 3-dimensional Earth.

​The Silver Legion was founded by a being who spent many lives incarnated as a human on Earth, and who wished to become involved in the Ascension process. Our founder discovered that humanity on Earth was not free, that the people of Earth were unknowingly being dominated by non-human forces that were manipulating human society for their own purposes. She was by no means the only person aware of this situation, nor was she the only person who decided to do something about it. Humanity's allies are many.

Our founder was not a rich or powerful person, nor was she a channel, nor did she have contact with extraterrestrial allies in other dimensions. Nevertheless, she wanted to help humanity free itself from the hidden masters. One area she did have expertise in was the higher-layered realms and a good knowledge of how the multiverse works. She was also a Lightwarrior - a subset of Lightworker devoted to protection and guardianship. She put that knowledge and expertise to use by recruiting other Lightwarriors into an organized society, which took the Silver Legion as their name. 

Most of the members of the Silver Legion have been recruited from various levels of higher-layered realities, and even some from neighbouring universes in our multiverse. Some have been recruited from the ranks of embodied, spiritually aware Lightwarriors currently alive on Earth. However, because the Silver Legion has not advertised its presence, there are not as many humans as we would like. 

Earth is not the only realm in which we have been active. The Silver Legion has been actively working against tyranny and oppression experienced by other races and cultures in other places - on various levels of the other planes and in other dimensions. We come in under request and perform a variety of functions from peacekeeping and mediation between warring factions to defense and protection of noncombatants and the innocent. In the years before we were ready to contribute to the defense of Earth, we strengthened and trained ourselves by helping out elsewhere. Long after Earth is free, we will continue to help others throughout the multiverse in the same way. There are many other peoples in the same situation that Earth humans have been in. 

The Silver Legion is a sovereign entity in itself and is not organized under any nation, planet, species, or other political or racial lines. We do not accept the authority of any entity over our collective organization - whether that authority derives from a claim to divinity or stems from another source. Remember that authority is only valid over you if you accept it. 

Due to differences in approach and opinion, we are no longer willing to count on the Andromeda Council as allies. That said, we remain committed to helping liberate this planet and do maintain a number of allies who are similarly united in this intent.
NO, this does not mean the Silver Legion no longer exists, nor does it mean we have given up the fight. It means that I feel the website has served its duty, and my household needs the monthly fee much more than the three or so people a month that still visit. Please archive anything you want to keep.
By this time, anyway, it basically takes an act of will not to be aware that something is wrong in the world, and I've done the best I can to prepare others for the very turbulent times to come. 
Thanks for your kind thoughts over the years!